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.hack//legend of the twilight

Japanese airdate: 1/8/03
American airdate: 8/18/04

.hack//legend of the twilight takes place after the events of //sign and the 4 series .hack video games. The main characters Rena and Shugo, mysteriously win a contest to use illegal character modifications of the infamous .hackers, Kite and Blackrose (the main characters from the games.)

Shugo acquires Kite's Bracelet from a myserious A.I. in "The World", Aura. The bracelet holds the power of data drain, which can bring peace or destruction. Although legend of the twilight is 14 episodes shorter than its predecessor, the anime series does not take itself as serious as .hack//sign did.

Episode list:
  1. The legendary Hero
  2. Kite's Braclet
  3. The Phoenix Feather
  4. Tanabata Night
  5. Mansion of Terror
  6. Trap of the Hot Steaming Water
  7. Twilight Moon
  8. The Solitary Knight
  9. Footsteps of Collapse
  10. Phantom City
  11. End of the World
  12. Beginning of a Legend