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About dothackers:
Dothackers started off as a small side project in 2003 and has quickly grown into the largest .hack community on the Internet! Dothackers strives to bring information to fans around the world on all of .hack's media.


Basis of all .hack media:
"Released in December 2007 after the regulation of the internet, "The World" is the first online game released since "Pluto's Kiss," an event at the height of an internet hacking maelstrom that led to millions of computers across the globe shutting down. Running under ALTIMIT, a secure network operating system, "The World" has grown rapidly in popularity with millions having downloaded the game in the first month alone."

Summary of .hack multi-media:
.hack (pronounced 'dot' hack) is Bandai and CyberConnect 2's biggest project to date. .hack consists of three anime series, 9 video games, multiple mangas, novels and one CG movie; all of which are interconnected. Dubbed project .hack and .hack comglomerate, .hack//sign (Kouichi Mashimo) is an anime about a online MMORPG called "The World." Tsukasa, a player in The World goes into a coma while playing the game and is unable to "logout."

.hack//infection, mutation, outbreak, and quarantine are the original four Playstation 2 video games. The games take place shortly after .hack//sign's ending and in conjunction with .hack//liminaliy OVA. The main characters in the games are Kite and Blackrose. Kite obtains an illegal skill called 'Data Drain.' Kite's friend, who's named Orca in "The World", goes into a coma after getting Data Drained by a mysterious NPC (Non Playable Character). The .hack//liminality OVA takes place outside "The World." Mai, (one of the main characters in liminality) while playing "The World", falls unconscious along with her boyfriend. Mai wakes up in a hospital to find out her boyfriend is in a coma. .hack//legend of the twilight anime and manga take place after the events of the .hack games, .hack//sign, and liminality. Shugo and Rena (brother and sister) win character mods to look as the infamous .hackers (Kite and Blackrose from the video games). Shugo obtains the Data Drain technique by Aura, an A.I. anomaly in The World. .hack//AI buster volumes one and two are novels based on the beta version of "The World", Fragment. .hack//Another Birth is a novelization of the four original .hack video games based on Blackrose's point of view.

.hack//G.U. is a three part video game series developed again by CyberConnect 2."Since the events of the previous games, a cataclysmic event has caused "The World" to begin to evolve on its own. PKs (Player Killers) are now roaming "The World," though it is not sure how they have come to be. Essentially, "The World" has become more unstable and uncontrollable." .hack//Roots is a new anime series that takes place 8 months before the .hack//G.U. game trilogy.

.hack//Link is a newly announced manga, anime, and soon-to-be released PSP video game developed by CyberConnect 2. .hack//Link picks up a few years after .hack//G.U., after the unexpected closing down of "The World." Link introduces "The World R:X," a newly revamped version of the game which allows users to play via portable devices.