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Yuri Lowenthal "Haseo"

Dothackers brings you a one-on-one exclusive interview with the man behind our beloved badass PKKer, Haseo (aka Yuri Lowenthal). For more information on Yuri, visit his official website at

Most people probably know you as Sasuke Uchiha from the hit anime series, Naruto. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

"Well, I'll start out by saying that I'm not quite as moody as Sasuke in real life (sorry, girls...). I grew up all over the place, all over the place being Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, West Africa, North Africa, Europe and Japan. After 3 years in Japan and 6 years in NYC, I moved to L.A., where I dove into voice acting, after having been a stage and screen actor and now I do all three! Oh, and I write."

How did you become involved with the .hack media?

"I auditioned for the project at a studio that I have worked at before. I guess they felt I was a good fit."

Haseo doesn't have the clichéd hero personality from what we've seen. How would you best describe him, and how has voice acting as Haseo been different from your other works?

"No, you're right. He's not really the cliche hero, is he? As a matter of fact, the acting note I kept getting as we were working was, "Okay, could you try it a little jerkier this time?" Let's just say he's got very little bedside manner, this hero. And mostly I get hired to play spunky 15-year-old heroes who wouldn't know how to be mean if you tied them up in a sack with 7 rattlesnakes."

How far along is the VO work for .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth? Are you signed on to be Haseo's VO actor for all three games?

"I'm really not sure. They're keeping a tight lid on this one, but I think they're done recording all the VO. As far "as I know, I've only been hired for this one game. Let's see how you guys like it!"

Can you tell us if there's been any word on a definite U.S. release date for the first game?

"If there is, they haven't told me."

Aside from being Haseo's VO actor in the .hack//G.U. games, will you also be the VO of Haseo in the upcoming .hack//Roots anime?

"I haven't been contacted about anything else .hack//-related. But if they do, I'd love to explore Haseo on the anime. That'd be fun."

If yes, has VO work for .hack//Roots started? Do you know of any air date for .hack//Roots?

"Like I said, I don't know anything about the show. I wish I had more info on any of this for you guys, but they're keeping it under wraps, I guess. Can't wait to hear what you think of the game, though. We had a blast working on it!"