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Publisher: Bandai | Studio: Bee Train | Air date: DVD

The new .hack anime series is 26 episodes long, like it's predecessor .hack//sign. .hack//Roots timeline takes place before the new //G.U. video games, manga, and AFTER all the previous .hack media. "The World" as we remembered it has been destroyed. Roots introduces a whole new set of characters in "The World R:2."

Set in the year 2017, "The World" is now infested with many PKers (Player Killers). As a result of this, "The World R:2" has become unstable and segregated into many opposing guilds. Roots introduces Haseo, a newbie in The World, and The Twilight Brigade guild.
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Screenplay supervisors: Kazunori Itou, Miu Kawasaki; Character designer: Satoshi Oosawa; Designer: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto; Opening theme: "Silly-Go-Round" by FictionJunction YUUKA; Ending theme: "National Awakening- Catharsis" by Ali Project.