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You mean when he gave Haseo his power? No idea, acually... Didn't really seem to affect Skeith....
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hmmmm... after a closer look at the guns they seem to be in between the blades so X-form unlocks a special twin blade class. I'll say twin gunner which makes sense in a way.

Now as for his stage 3 class - Flicker That class really gives him the name terror of death as he gets a scythe and that he wanted to regain what he lost which in the 3rd vol will become a hindrance as Ovan and Boradux want him to become a PKK again so 1 he can kill Ovan like Ovan wants him too, and 2nd Boradux wants to kill him as he killed her and took her chances away from becoming an ultimate PK'er.

4th Stage - X-form
I guess you can say that this is the light side form of the flicker, and my guess are that Haseo must go through some harsh ordeal over his 3rd form and when the people turn on him. Wanting to find a way to change that he gains the X-form which will help end this war against the AIDA/Avatars started by the Lunar Tree.
(well at least thats what I think)
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Post by pekerman »

Kuukai wrote:You mean when he gave Haseo his power? No idea, acually... Didn't really seem to affect Skeith....
maybe a power-up to fight AIDA Oswalt, but the real change came when Haseo gets his 3rd form.
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Post by Haseo_Dude »

Marioshinobi wrote:Well there are two pieces of metal running down the maybe it's a dagger type weapon? it would fit his first form since he can swing the guns and then blast the enemy XD

They are energy blades from in front of the guns' clips, sure, they are revolvers, but in the Returner anime and vol. 3 gameplay Haseo X fires rapid shots.

And I've seen the screenshot on google, google search: .hack roots skeith.
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