Origin of names

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Re: Origin of names

Post by Aru »

Satoh wrote:Ovan is means Ram, in some language I forgot...
It's Croatian.

Also, the Swedish etymology of "ovan" can mean inexperienced or unaccustomed to, but can mean "at some unspecified point of higher altitude" when used as a preposition.

via wiktionary.org
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Re: Origin of names

Post by Eclipse »

I like Lunar Eclipses. inb4 someone thought I was a Twilight-obsessed dude :l
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Re: Origin of names

Post by poet of time »

Poet of Time - Hokuto on the time whale from (Dot)Hack//Link writing poems about time travel
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Re: Origin of names

Post by Kuukai »

Oops, when did this become a thread about usernames? This is for in-series names...
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Re: Origin of names

Post by TheSorrow »

Yeah, this topic is for discussing about the origins of the .Hack character's names, such like "Ovan", "Endrance", "Skeith", etc. For talking about the origins of your chosen usernames, this is the topic to go to:
http://www.dothackers.net/forums/viewto ... 4&start=80
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Re: Origin of names

Post by VirusCoreS »

I'll take someone with coolest name in .hack history! (personal opinion, of course) and I find it interesting.

He is.... Tokio Kuryuu (yeah, that lovable idiot)

Kuryuu [九竜] means Nine Dragons (in Chinese can be spelled Gau Lung) while Tokio [トキオ] since it's written in katakana I don't know for sure but, generally, Toki means "Time" and the "-o" MIGHT means "string" or "cord" or "band" (which make sense to Link)

because in Black Lagoon there was someone named Yukio [雪緒] which she explained her name means "Snow" [雪] and "String" [緒]


since I look at Tokio's name meaning, might as well analyze about 9 too.

9 isn't very loveable number is Japanese, cause it was pronounced "ku", related to Kurushi, which means agony, torture, or suffering.

 Maybe, soon, 9 will got a company named 4, lol
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Re: Origin of names

Post by Onytgvx »

I always though "Mia" came from the verb "miar" (meowing, in Portuguese and a few more languages).
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Re: Origin of names

Post by Azure-Haseo »

believe Kamui is literally translated to "Hand of God," but I guess Power of God works fine.
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Re: Origin of names

Post by AZURE-KITE »

Azure-Haseo wrote:believe Kamui is literally translated to "Hand of God," but I guess Power of God works fine.
Correct me if i'm wrong but... Wasn't Kamui related to Ice, Snow or Cold...???
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Re: Origin of names

Post by asmaria »

Hello! So after reading through this whole thread (man, it's really interesting!), I didn't see this, so I thought I'd drop something I noticed myself (and revive a dead thread...).

I was looking up the symbol for Delta (Δ) so I could type it, and ended up on the wiki page here:

In turn... when I got the pronunciation, while the reading of Delta in Greek is completely off from his name, I noticed a REALLY freaky similarity in the shape of the letters:

δύση • ‎(dýsi) f ‎(plural δύσεις)

sunset, sundown
decline, end

Doesn't δύση look a lot like the western letters Ovan?

Does anyone else think this might be on purpose? And with the definitions, decline, end and sundown sounds a lot like fitting words to me.
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Re: Origin of names

Post by Custat »

Oh that is a really neat discovery! It does seem really fitting both in the sense of rebirth and the twilight brigade.
No idea if that's on purpose or not but since they incorporate all sorts of different cultures and languages it could be
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Re: Origin of names

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I didn't see a post from my original account, so....
xeno refers to xenogears, or foreigner. kuriatsu is just me being a kid. but I've used it for.....like....ever....
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