Favorite .hack sign character

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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by Oxidizer »

...that's //GU. This thread is for favourite //SIGN characters.
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by TrueNeptune »

My favorite character was Tsukasa until i found out he was a girl...bleh i was so used to him as a guy when i found out that he wasnt i just still see him as a guy. After that, my favorite became Mimiru.
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by Sadivinedevil »

I'd say it's between Crim, Sora, and Silver Knight. I like a lot of the other cast members, but I basically see them every episode, and some of the charm wears off halfway through the show with them. Crim is a hero who lives and dies by his morals, Sora is a childish backstabber, and Silver Knight is the soldier who overreaches his authority but has good intentions as to why he does so.

I also really like Macha because she is a great portrayal of a silent character. Actions speak more than words. :cry:
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by JxVengeance »

my favorite //SIGN character is definately Crim he is like a manlier .hack version of Benimaru (King of Fighters) lol
And of course there is always Sora, i just loved that he robbed ppl for there contact information!
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Graceful Redemption
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by Graceful Redemption »

I don't really have a favorite,I liked everyone except Sora and BT.Sora was such a nuisance in my opinion,and BT..well...betrayer much?But if I really HAD to choose,it would be between Tsukasa and Mimiru o3o
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by DarkChaplain »

Bear and Tsukasa.

A protagonist I could actually care about because they were relatively fragile and I have a soft spot for fatherly characters.
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by Wellrod »

Would have to be Bear. Probably the same as most really but he seems the most down to earth and generally keeps everyone together.
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by HISTORY »

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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by VIZGIX »


Sora, obviously.

I really like him for his upbeat attitude and because he is so spontaneous, he never takes anything seriously. Bamyon!
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by .hack-fan7 »

i hate sora.... lol.
i doubt my opinion will ever change as well.

B.T is definitely my fave character even tho she is a b*itch. Har.
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by Haseo_Dude »

Sora.....turns into Skeith and Haseo. Because he becomes the main character for
G.U. ultimate badass
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Re: Favorite .hack sign character

Post by Chimney »

My favorite character is Mimiru. I like her personality and she's pretty cool. She was the first dothack character that I like. ^.^
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