Do not ask for anime downloads

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Do not ask for anime downloads

Post by Beowulf »

Do not ever ask for links to licensed anime/cartoon series, or movies. If you have seen the anime or cartoon on TV, in the movies, at the store, etc, it has been licensed in the United States. It is illegal to download licensed material, and it is against the rules of this board to even ask for links to a licensed anime, cartoon, song, etc. Asking for a link will most likely warrant an immediate ban, no questions asked. So, if you value your membership here, do not ask for links or post links to a licensed anime, or song.

I would also be very hesitant to asking for or posting links to anime that has not been licensed in the United States, since there is the possibility that it could be eventually licensed here. If you did post a link to the anime and does become licensed, you must delete that post or topic immediately. If you don't you risk the chance of getting banned for having that link still up, even if it may not be active anymore.

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