What are the odds?

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What are the odds?

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So I am currently doing a level 144 dungeon to try and get B-S rank to unlock another second keyword (Going for 100% game and trophy list)

I'm not sure what type of dungeon this is called (it goes upward in a spiral and at certain points a trap is triggered and giant boulders start rolling down)

But there was a room with multiple chim statues.

I broke one and nothing but rare chims came out, like 8 of them.
I thought wow, crazy, I've never had that happen for me before.

I go to the next one and break it...and the same exact thing!
Nothing but Rare Chims came out.

What are the odds...?
Has this ever happened to anyone before?
(I'm sure it has but, that was pretty cool to experience)
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