Polygraphia translation in progress

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Polygraphia translation in progress

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I have decided to take up the momentous task of translating the oldest known book about cryptography. Written by Johanne Trithemius in Latin, the Polygraphia is a very long work to undertake all at once. I have just gotten started transcribing the first Letter to Saint Maximilian Caesar in English. I reckon that I will finish translating this letter before the day is through, it is only 4 pages in a 700 page tome.

Interestingly, my name Paracels is a reference to a doctor who had studied under Trithemius. Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim who is more simply knows as Paracelsus had studied natural medicine in great detail, preserving important medical science that had at the time been in danger of becoming a lost art. The trio is completed by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa who had also studied with Trithemius and is associated with traditional magic of the witchcraft sort.

I've participated in manga fan translation before, but this is my first time undertaking any kind of serious intensive scribing.
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