Hex Editing

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Hex Editing

Post by Shuichiamy »

Hello everyone!
I have looked for an active community to discuss this amazing game with, and failed in various attempts.
I'm so happy this game got an HD remaster and that extra episode, I played the 7 episodes back when they were released for ps2 but I was 13 so I didn't get much of the story.
Now I get to enjoy it from a completely different perspective.

I like hex editing game saves to access unreleased content, hidden items/characters, things ahead of their time. I'm not interested in power creeping.

Hex editing in PS4 is possible thanks to save wizard, and I tried using as reference all the findings made for the ps2 games back in the day.

Some things were kept the same, like character values (once in party), item digits/values, etc... But offsets have been completely changed and switched from original places.

So what I'm most interested in finding is a way to edit member ADDRESSES. Yes, I currently know the way to edit the party member, but that's temporal and also that party will be dismissed when logging out.

So, I saw that there were ARMAX and codebreaker codes back in the day for ps2 to have all party member addresses (and all members be online) but I also know these work as memory editing codes, not fixed save editing codes...
And, by trial and error, I was able to find out member addresses are actually tied to story progression, and just to have a member address (not to talk about if that member will be online or what) a lot of flags need to be activated.

So, my question is:

Is anyone here into hex editing PS4 Last Recode version? Does anyone know the offsets or values I could search inside the save to get near the place were member addresses are stored?
I'm not into quick codes, but knowing where stuff is located (offsets) and creating values libraries (mapping IDs).

I really hope I get some answers cause I don't know where else to look.
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Re: Hex Editing

Post by Flagon_15 »

Wait, there are .hack GAMES?
And there are being PUBLISHED ON PS4??

... I knew I was right to create an account here, I came in wanting to discuss an anime I watched recently and took a dive into a huge universe with enough content for me to last until next year.
I'm sorry I can't help you with your specific request, but I'm too busy rolling around in joyful surprise, it feels like I've dug up gold while trying to plant some flowers and berries.
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