[WIP] Grunty Food Farming

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[WIP] Grunty Food Farming

Post by GMO »

I like to propose a community collective to make an FAQ on Grunty Foods, locations and farming them. This is one project I am currently working on since the only guide i have seen remotely on Grunty Foods in based on locations during the story line and they aren't even complete.

The goal is to do as little run throughs as possible but to get the most items as possible. Here is what I started.

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.hack//Vol1 Infection
Grunty Food Farming
By: GMO/GameMasterZer0
Version 1.0

//Sites that are Authorized to use this guide:

All information in this guide is based actualy gameplay in Infection,
locations in Mutation, Outbreak, and Quantine have not been tested.

// [HIST] History
09/14/2016 - Started the guide, added Bursting Passed Over ## dungeons

// [GFOOD] Grunty Foods
Here is a list of the known GruntyFoods in .hack//Vol1 Infection
There are 16 in total.
NOTE: * means these eggs can only be found in dungeons

- Bear Cat Egg*
- Bloody Egg*
- Cordyceps
- Golden Egg*
- Grunt Mints
- Immature Egg*
- Invisible Egg*
- La Pumpkin
- Mandragora
- Mushroom
- Oh No Melon
- Piney Apple
- Root Vegetable
- Snaky Cactus
- Twilight Onion
- White Cherry

// [FARM] Farming locations
NOTE: All locations are in the fields, not in the dungeons
All locations were completed on Delta serve unless noted

Bursting Passed Over Sea of Sand
Grunty Food: Oh No Melon x15-24

Bursting Passed Over Paradise
Grunty Food: La Pumpkin x15-24

Bursting Passed Over Sands
Grunty Food: Grunt Mints x15

Bursting Passed Over Melody
Grunty Food: Twilight Onion x15

Bursting Passed Over Remnant
Bursting Passed Over Messenger
Grunty Food: White Cherry x15

Bursting Passed Over Giant
Grunty Food: Mushroom x15-24

Bursting Passed Over Far Thunder
Grunty Food: Piney Apple x3
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Re: [WIP] Grunty Food Farming

Post by SSJScygoku »

Odd I thought there was a guide though this was years back which told you what field to find any of the food in,then again they may not offer the most than perhaps another field.
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