A Stray Child Instrumental Version

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A Stray Child Instrumental Version

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Hello guys,

I am in search of a particular piece, but I couldn't find it. It plays in episode 17 where Subaru talks with Mimiru and Bear, then meets Tsukasa. The timestamp is around 12:10 and it plays till 14:30. It's a different version of A Stray Child, and has no vocals.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: A Stray Child Instrumental Version

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I believe some release of the SIGN dvds had a music only audio mix for all episodes.
Literally, no voices, no sfx... just music. FOR ALL EPISODES. I think it was an english release.
If you can find it, then it would be simple to just cut out the part you want (or more) in audacity or other such program.
Hope this helps.

btw. I am absolutely sure the music only track exists, as I once had a chance to hear it... and I was surprised too.
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