Link is now 5 years old!

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Re: Link is now 5 years old!

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Kuukai wrote:There's a Haseo pony? O.o
There is now >:D I made it myself using the pony generator. I did it in a rushed lazy kind of way but it was amusing to me haha
Lindz wrote:On the strange subject of Haseo's 3rd form I think it looks pretty crappy in the G.U. games. Looked alright in Roots, good in G.U. cutscenes, and great in Versus, but G.U. gameplay? Blech! It just doesn't work in motion, standing still, from any angle!
True, I did think the Steampunk Frill thing was kind of....awkward XD But even on paper, I think there's too much detail in like the boots, and like the vertical stripes aren't really that necessary haha..
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