Question to Funimation

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Question to Funimation

Post by Adaramance »

Hi all,

Because I am still hoping, one day, we will have a translation of The movie, I have asked on funimation forum if they have the rights for The movie and if the release of this is one of their projects.

Below, the answer of one moderator of the forum (I haven't written or made anything for the moment):
Are you referring to the film ".hack//Sekai no Mukou ni" that was released in 2012, by chance? If so, then unfortunately no, it hasn't been licensed. Time will only tell at this point if FUNimation will ever go back and acquire it. Maybe if their re-releases of the various .hack series sell well, perhaps?

At any case, if you'd like to see FUNimation pick up the rights to the film, then the best things to do would be:

1. Post in the official "Anime Title Suggestions" forum thread requesting the film:

2. Send a message to FUNimation's Facebook and Twitter accounts regarding the film (please be polite about it, though).

3. Support the .hack series by purchasing all the series re-releases as they come out, and recommend others to do the same.

That's not a guarantee of anything, but if they see enough people supporting the franchise, they might look into getting the film rights as well.

Here, the topic: ... -the-movie
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Re: Question to Funimation

Post by SSJScygoku »

^_^ Thanks for lettung us know, thats some good advise though I was assuming if the re-releases did well enough they would pick up more. Seeing as a movie is more viable option compared to specials/OVAs unless several were licensed and bundled into one set @.@

Surely if they are going through the effort of re-releasing not one but three .hack// series (implying depend/popularity?) I'd imagine they'd consider more since they also released .hack//Quantum not too long ago ^_^

I see alot of fans recently wanting (well more like demanding) blu-ray versions however I doubt thats possible because 1) Copies don't exist in Japan and I doubt they'd allow an initial international release and 2) From what I hear trying to make a blu-ray versions wouldn't result in much of a difference given when the series was made.

I was sharing the post then read a comment on FUNimation's FB .hack//SIGN release post that someone sold their limited edition bandai .hack//SIGN boxset (~$100+) so they could buy the re-release ($30). o-0 madness, but atleast it helps support the new release ^^'
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Re: Question to Funimation

Post by Ajaysis »

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