Question about Action Replay MAX Codes for Rebirth

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Question about Action Replay MAX Codes for Rebirth

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I know these boards are fairly dead, and that there are many threads about the Action Replay codes, but I didn't want to revive such old topics.

My question is less about the codes, and more about the Action Replay MAX. I've used a Gameshark on my GU games before, but I've since lost or sold it. I bought an Action Replay MAX recently to use it, but I can't seem to get the codes from the FAQ at GameFAQs to work. The ARMAX came preloaded with codes for Rebirth, but none of them work on my copy, and the Master Code is different than the one from the FAQ (it's the one from it would seem). I've tried changing the Master Code on the preloaded Rebirth section, but it just immediately reverts back to the original one. I then tried to add a new game using the Master Code from the FAQ and the ARMAX said something along the lines of "A Game with the Name Already Exists." I'd tried with all sorts of names (including random things like 1PABLO2), but it always says the same thing. I have since entered new games with no hassle, so I assume it has something do with the fact that the Master Code is meant for a game that already exists within the ARMAX. I've tried to just delete the preloaded one, but I can't. It isn't a huge deal, because I mostly just use to either play around as other characters and to have max Chim Spheres so I don't need to worry about them, but I'd really like for it to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? Or should I just go buy a Codebreaker/Gameshark (Bonus points is you specify a version)?

Source for codes: ... faqs/45577

EDIT: If it matters, I'm using a slim PS2 (I don't know the model number, but it's EXTREMELY small, so I can only assume it is a fairly recent model).
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