Dark Infection (Corbenik battle theme)

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Dark Infection (Corbenik battle theme)

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I am a newbie here (please don't PK me ><), I am an amateur musician from Youtube (its unlikely, but some of you may remember me as catmaster0116 - my works were primarily of Kingdom Hearts in nature). Other than that I am a big fan of .HACK old and new - recently I have done arrangements of music from .HACK series including root town themes (Dol Dona, Mac Anu R:1), songs sung by Mitani (I.e. Hitohira, Namida no omoi, Gentle Hands, Liar's smile) as well as lost grounds. But most are still works in progress and will be uploaded ASAP.

Today I present to you a song by Fukada which I have recently redone


Most of you who have played G.U. should know this piece.
I hope you've enjoyed what I have to share
and I apologise sincerely if this was posted in the wrong section
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