The Chrono Cores

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The Chrono Cores

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(Damn its been a long while since I made a thread here)

Stupid question, well aware, but inspite of the Translation project I'm still in the dark of many things with //Link.

One thing in particular is the Chrono Cores.

We know their presence in the Manga but what about in the game? I have the suspicion Tokio needs them in order to go deeper in to the Akashic Records. But I'm not sure.
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Re: The Chrono Cores

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Kuukai wrote:Greetings reader! I also just got back from a vacation in Japan! I hope you got the chance to go to some of the places in Link's opening.

If there's anything confusing about the two story videos, I'd love feedback about what specifically is missing. I tried to make sure everything was explained but I've been knee-deep in the plot for years so I might have missed something.
MTXlink wrote:So, i don't understand anything about this chrono core stuff and travelling back in time.
The Chrono Cores are basically "keys" to get further in the Akashic Records. Kind of block out anything you heard from the manga, since it's similar but different in places. Resolving distortions at key points in the timeline causes them to manifest from certain characters.

The "timeline" itself is just The World's log data. It doesn't affect the real world or real people, but altering it alters The World itself and by extension the internet. CC Corp built the Akashic Records as a new way to control the internet.

The different things they do using the Akashic Records have different effects on the "timeline" of The World. Fluegel's gun, for example, uses the Akashic Records to "freeze" the Twilight Knights. This is done by screwing up their timeline, causing them to be stone in the present.

Tokio is just traveling through the time data to re-manipulate it, not going back in time.
MTXlink wrote:Oh, and maybe it's because i haven't played far enough, but i don't understand what Saika wants with the cores. but again, i currently just beat the IMOQ timeline.
Oh, if you haven't actually played very far then stop reading. Every question you could have is eventually explained in the game. Be sure to follow along in the video as you play:
MTXlink wrote:Tokio meets Kite (is he the actual Kite player from 2010?)
 No, the Twilight Knights are guardians created by Aura to stop Schicksal's plan.
MTXlink wrote:Finally, my biggest quirk is why schiksal is screwing up the .hack timeline. why do they exist again?
 They're a research organization studying soul and real digitalization in an effort to improve human lives. Their research is sponsored by the CEO of CyberConnect, and in return they accept a contract to capture Aura and help construct the Akashic Records using her as an unwilling power source.
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