SIGN - 10 years later (US)

Discuss the anime series that started it all, .hack//SIGN and //LIMINALITY

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SIGN - 10 years later (US)

Post by Lindz »

Date: November 21st, 2002

posted on 2002-11-21 17:39:56

While not yet officially confirmed, a reliable source has informed ANN that .hack//SIGN is due to air on Cartoon Network in February, to coincide with the video game release. Another reliable source has indicated that Ghost in the Shell TV will be airing on North American television, although the exact channel has not yet been announced.
That source indeed did turn out to be reliable!

February 1st, 2003 is when episode 1 aired on Cartoon Network for the first time. On this saturday 10 years later what occupied SIGNs old timeslot? A live action series. WTG Cartoon Network! But anyhow the first episode drew me in like few others before it. If not for this airing I woulda never touched the games and prolly miss out on the series as a whole. Tsukasa was a real unusual lead, the occasional glimpses into the real world were cool, and as most would agree the music is fantastic! I rewatched it last year and it still very much stood the test of time. Here's to you .hack//SIGN!
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Re: SIGN - 10 years later (US)

Post by kamisama »

I remember watching an episode (not sure which) when i was at a friends house around this time.

I didn't have cable TV at home so i never watched the rest, but I always kept a faint memory of how intriguing this anime was.
Then last month i was bored with no more anime to watch and decided to give .hack//sign a go, seeing the name in a long list of anime. And so i watched the whole thing 10 years after I watched one episode as a kid, and I was not disappointed :p

Re: SIGN - 10 years later (US)

Post by SCP-173 »

I wish I had seen .hack sign.
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Re: SIGN - 10 years later (US)

Post by .hack-fan7 »

surprisingly i found out a bit ago that I first saw .hack//sign after finding the first few subbed eps in 2002 or 2003 right after it's release...
actually a thing that annoyed me afterwards was what plagues all who hear jap voices before they hear the english ones... i hated them...
well B.T's and subaru's were okay but i preferred the jap voices alot of the time.. ehh.
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