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Menu Summary

Post by ULFRIC » Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:03 am

So, from trial and error and a bit of using my mates knowledge of the language, this is the menu system for Guilty Dragon:

((starting from left to right at the bottom of the screen))

Brings you to the home screen that shows your character and the Adventure, Dual, Compound, Equip options.

All things to do with friends ((mostly strangers)) and you.
  • Collect AP - For adding friends, having friends add you, and helping people ((the person icon in quests)) you get points. This button lets you collect those points and you can use them to buy card packs.
  • Friend List - These are your friends. You can do something at this screen with them but I don't know what...
  • Friend Log - Who you added and who added you listed in chronological order. Might be more stuff here...not sure...
  • Add - This is where you type in peoples Member Addresses ((friend code)) to find them and then add them.
  • Confirmation - Shows pending sent requests.
All things to do with your cards ((units?)).
  • Deck - This is where you can view and edit your equipped deck.
    • Left Button - Use the strongest cards for each group.
    • Right Button - Manually choose which cards to use for each group.
  • Compound - Level Up or Strip cards.
    • Top Button - LEVEL UP! Pick a card to level up, then pick a cards to use as experience points and make the first card stronger. ((I think the max lvl of a card is 10.))
    • Bottom Button - SKILL UP! Combine multiples of the same card to increase it's skill level.
  • Sell - Sell off cards for GP.
  • List - Shows cards in listed picture form. Can't remember what the sub-list is at this moment.
  • Image Gallery - Pictures of the Cards. ((Similar to the Crimson Vs. Gallery)) Will give you card info when you pick a picture.
All things to do with you.
  • Items - Items you acquire. (e.g. Dasha Tickets)
  • Quests - Status of quests. Check mark means done, otherwise it'll show you how many pieces you have and how many you need.
  • Profile - Shows your profile as others will see it.
    • First Button - Let's you pick a card to display. Will be seen when people duel you.
    • Second Button - Let's set your page message. This message also get's displayed when you add a friend. ((Default is: "Pleasure to meet you." in Japanese))
The clockwork buttons.
  • News - Generally news about card packs...I think...
  • Volume - Let's you set Music and SFX volume.
  • Q+A - A glossary of terms.
  • Help - I think this is the player manual.
  • Software Info? - Not entirely sure. But I saw "Android" and "Google Play" a few times so this might be version/software news.
  • Quit Game - Shuts down the game.

And yup, that's all I've got. I'll update this list as I figure out more menu options and of course if you know anything and post it, I'll put the info here so anyone who's trying to figure out the menu system can figure it out. Best of luck out there~

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Re: Menu Summary

Post by Tsukaseo » Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:43 am

I'll help clear up some things:

[*]??? - No idea what this one does...sometimes I see people in it sometimes it's empty. No clue...[/list]
This is the friend request confirmation page. It shows pending sent requests.

[*]Bottom Button - STRIP CARD. I'm not sure...but I think this undoes Leveling? Possibly returning the cards you merged. I didn't test this theory though. But the card I picked did get weaker...I think...[/list]
This actually says SKILL UP. It allows you to combine two of the same card to increase it's skill's level (separate from the "power" level)

[*]??? - Wasn't sure what this button did and was too scared to press it in case it reset the game and made me start over...[/list]
This just says "Quit Game". It exits the game fully, and doesn't leave it running in the background.

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Re: Menu Summary

Post by ULFRIC » Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:18 am

Updated! Thanks for the info Tsukaseo. That actually helped a ton.
The skill up feature is awesome. Powered up my power ups and now my Skill Cards are beastly.

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