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So, I recently finished watching the .hack//LIVE event as it is included on the Extension Disc to The World Edition of .hack//Beyond the World + VERSUS.

I didn't see a summary of the events in the forums, so I will explain them here.

There are no subtitles and Japanese is not my first language, so I didn't pick up on everything, but this should help those who wish to know what .hack//LIVE is all about.

.hack//LIVE was a, you guessed it, live event that took place in July of 2010 where the voice actors to the main characters of .hack//LINK acted out several new scenes with a screen in the background showing appropriate game footage.

On the disc are included .hack//LIVE - After 2021, Long Horn and Arena.

After 2021 is the only one that can be considered canon and it tells the story of what happens after the events of .hack//LINK.

Basically, while travelling to areas with Flugel and Saika, Tokio somehows gets wrongly transported to 2010 where he comes again across Kite and Blackrose. They all wonder what's going on, and as they try to correct the situation, they are transported to 2017 where they come across Haseo and Alkaid. Together the group tries to go back to their correct timelines, but are now transported to an endless expanse of what seems to be data packets. Their bodies are slowed down and they can barely move. Nothing seems to work to get them out, but soon they are released from this area and The World returns to normal. As Tokio collects himself back in 2021, he sees a shape that appears to be Aura, but the shape disappears before he can get a closer look. Saika is not sure what to make of it.

It appears to me that this data expanse was possibly a reset state of The World and Aura, of course, has returned to the game once the game loaded again.

The next two cannot be considered Canon as they break the fourth-wall and poke fun at not only themselves, but the .hack franchise in general.

Long Horn was hard for me to understand, but it seems that it's just a bunch of the characters talking near a chaos gate, unable to decide what to do together. Flugel shows up late, and then everyone takes off without him. There are a lot of jokes about .hack and the characters' personalities.

Arena is probably my favourite. In Arena an impromptu Tournament is held in the Arena at Lumina Cloth. Flugel doesn't seem interested in participating, but wishes everyone luck. Kite and Haseo are pitted against each other, and Haseo initially thinks Kite is Tri-Edge, but Kite corrects him and Haseo feels stupid for confusing the two. They fight and Kite data drains Haseo, but Haseo calls Skeith and defeats Kite (or rather, it seems that Kite realizes that he can't defeat Haseo). Haseo apparently makes a joke that involves talking about his appearances in .hack manga, anime, games, and the like (supposedly that he's had more screen time than Kite, or something. The audience laughs a lot at this). Next, Blackrose and Alkaid fight, and it ends in both being knocked out at the same time, ending the match in a draw. This part is also funny because the two characters have the same voice actor in Japan, so it involves her switching between voices frequently and slightly running out of breath as she yells attacks. Tokio and Flugel provide comedic commentary to the fights. Finally, Haseo has to flight AIKA, but because of her squeeky voice and her apparently wanting to eat a hamburger, he cannot take her seriously. She apparently thinks there should be hamburgers at the Arena, but Haseo says that it's a place where people fight and die. AIKA decides that it doesn't matter and she will look in the town for hamburgers, and this annoys Haseo who wants her to take the fight seriously. Finally, she is led to believe she will get a hamburger after the fight, so she attacks with all her might for the sake of a hamburger. Haseo is left weak from being data drained, so he cannot defend against AIKA as well as he'd like. Fearing being defeated, Haseo lies and tells AIKA that Gaspard is having a hamburger sale at his shop. AIKA runs off excitedly and Haseo wins by default. Tokio congratulates Haseo, and, despite cheating, Haseo acts like he's still the best by saying something like "Were you expecting a different outcome/anything less?" Endrance shows up and is so impressed with Haseo's battle skills, that he confesses his undying love to Haseo. Haseo, of course, doesn't want that. Endrance doesn't get the clue, of course, and apparently Flugel and Tokio grab him and take him away, but I'm not sure for what. Haseo screams out for the location of Tri-Edge as he's being dragged away.

And there you have it! That's what I was able to pick out from it. So, if you get a chance, watch it for yourselves and enjoy the hilarity.
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Re: .hack//LIVE

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So that what happens after those events?

Errm... now I want to buy .hack//Versus, but sadly, their [The World] edition was sold out on Play-Asia.

I want it very much!!
I want the collection of it!! (TAT)
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Re: .hack//LIVE

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Long Horn involved a special cognitive device from Cyber Connect. But that about summarizes the story and my understanding of .hack//Live. More than that however can someone explain to me what happened to the Twilight Knights near the end of after 2021?
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Re: .hack//LIVE

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^o^ Thanks for the summary of the events,would be awesome if this was translated~

^^' thought yesasia still had "The World" edition of Versus in but not anymore
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Re: .hack//LIVE

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Here's the After 2021 video that Kazetrigger was referring to.

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