//Versus Character Roster

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Re: //Versus Character Roster

Post by Tolby »

Kite's alt color is green pre-bracelet Kite.

Tsukasa alt colors make him Elk (Thank you. I never been so happy). Well, he still has Tsukasa's face mark, but thats obviously what they're going for.

Blackrose Alt color is Mimiru armor.

DAmmit, Im loving Haseo's playstyle..

You can give each character their own special bgm. From the game, or your ps3 harddrive. Sex. This is what this game is.
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Re: //Versus Character Roster

Post by ataraxia »

So I noticed that there weren't any complete or accurate translations for the character's Exceeds and such. So here, I've translated all of the playable characters' Exceeds, Ultimate Skills and BGMs.

「そら」 (SORA)
EXCEED: 「レベルアップ」 [”LEVEL UP”]
BGM: 次代の勇者 (”Hero of the New Era")

「ハセヲ」 [HASEO]
EXCEED: 「Xthフォーム」 ["Xth FORM"]
ULTIMATE SKILL: 「死の恐怖スケィス」 ("SKEITH The Terror of Death")
BGM: 「黒衣の復讐者」 ("Avenger in Black")

EXCEED: 「重複時間」 ["DOUBLE TIME"] -- #Lit. "Replicated Time"
ULTIMATE SKILL: 「覇奥義・神竜拳」 (Lit. "Supreme Secret Arts: Dragon God Fist")
BGM: 「その名は9」 ("The Name is 9")

「サクヤ」 [SAKUYA]
EXCEED: 「ソニックステップ」 ["SONIC STEP"]
ULTIMATE SKILL: 「黒牢樹の片鱗」 ("Glimpse of the Black Prison Tree")
BGM: 「二人は絶対☆無敵!」 ("The Two of Us Are Completely☆Invincible!")

EXCEED: 「守護者召喚」 ("Summon Guardian")
ULTIMATE SKILL: 「戒めの砲台」 ("Cannon of Punishment")
BGM: 「彷徨う魂」 ("Wandering Spirit")

「オーヴァン」 [OVAN]
EXCEED: 「AIDA解放」 ("AIDA Release")
ULTIMATE SKILL: 「再誕コルベニク」 ("CORBENIK The Rebirth")
BGM: 「再誕の求道者」 ("One Who Seeks the Rebirth")
* EXCEED SKILL: -No name given-

「カイト」 [KITE]
EXCEED: 「蒼炎のカイト」 ("KITE of the Azure Flame")**
BGM: 「伝説の蒼炎」 ("Legendary Azure Flame")
* EXCEED SKILL: 「三爪炎痕」 ("Tri Azure Flame Sign")
** I went with "Kite of the Azure Flame" rather than the more "Azure Flame Kite" in order to keep with the theme originated from the Descendents of Fianna. No one calls Balmung "Azure Sky Balmung", right? I'm not really sure why they chose "Azure Flame Kite" in the first place.

「ブラックローズ」 [BLACKROSE]
BGM: 「黒薔薇の戦士」 (”Warrior of the Black Rose")
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Re: //Versus Character Roster

Post by VirusCoreS »

is BlackRose Ultimate Skill Meteor Strike?

wow, cool!
Now how about their regular skills?
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Re: //Versus Character Roster

Post by ataraxia »

VirusCoreS wrote:is BlackRose Ultimate Skill Meteor Strike?

wow, cool!
Now how about their regular skills?
Dunno. I translated these directly off the official site, which only lists their special skills and abilities.

Well, it's pretty easy to tell what their normal attacks are.

Most of Kite's normal attacks are basically variations of standard Twin Blade Skills from R:1, such and Tiger Claws or Staccato. BlackRose should be the same, only with Heavy Blade skills. Tsukasa's attacks are just basic magic skills, like Gan Bolg, Lei Zas, as well as the basic Lanceor summon from R:1. Most of Haseo's skills are also Skills from R:2, specifically for Twin Blade, Brandish and Flicker classes. Ovan uses Steam Gunner skills from R:2, such as Dust Bullet. I thiiiink Sakuya's basic attacks are based off of Twin Blade skills from .hack//Link (since they both take place in The World R:X), but don't hold me to that. 9's are mostly new stuff, but a lot of his skills are callbacks to stuff from Link as well, such as the "Go To Heaven" Unison finisher. Half of Sora's attacks aren't even real skills, since they're just using items or calling Baldur or Gonta.
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Re: //Versus Character Roster

Post by Zavvano »

I kinda wish Balming or Sanjuro were available :/ show people who use bigger blades some love lol
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Re: //Versus Character Roster

Post by Tsuki-44 »

I loved the alternate colour schemes for the characters. when ever i play as Tsukasa, i have to have his Elk colour scheme on xD;
Hmm...I agree, i think Balmung should have been a playable character. That would have been so fun ;w; Another great character to be playable would have to be Natsume and or Piros.
It would be great if they managed to put in extra characters via DLC. I would be so happy ;w;
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