G.U. Vol 4 Novel Released

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Re: G.U. Vol 4 Novel Released

Post by Ralene »

Yep, lemme spoiler them for those who haven't gotten the book yet.

(Now note, the book's not in front of me atm, so I may be slightly off on things.)

And a final warning - there are SPOILERS for the 4th GU Novel BELOW!!

 In this adaption (which is noticeably different from the game and manga adaptions), Aina (the first victim of AIDA) is actually Ovan's daughter. Yeah, not sure how that got lost in translation. (unless it was part of the original Japanese novels...but it seems extremely off-base to assume so, considering that she's always been his sister in all other adaptions) Aina's picture in the beginning of the novel's character introduction actually has the text for YATA underneath (or vise-versa, again it's not in front of me atm to double-check) The latter half of the book goes into...what I can only vaguely summarize as a summary of Buddist philosophy and history. Along with Yata turning into a sentient scroll, Haseo travelling the World's background images and honestly, the longest most drawn out boring battle of the series.(And this is coming from someone who loves .hack in its many forms.)

We do get a bit more background on Haseo than I thought we would but the book in general seems way too rushed and a good chunk of it (namely Haseo and Ovan going over the previously-mentioned philosophy) could have been cut for a longer look at the final battle.)

Again, please take the above with a grain of salt, I probably should do a second-read through to make sure I've gotten the main points across above.
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Re: G.U. Vol 4 Novel Released

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I'm pretty sure thats the way it was in the Japanese novels as well, I'd have to go through to double-check tho. I just noticed the English printing has AFK's portrait above Ainas blurb :lol: and yes, the last half of the book was pretty complex considering its supposed to be a light novel... I felt the same way I did reading through the middle part of 1984, honestly :?

Seekbooks just emailed me again that its being delayed again until the end of next month, so I guess they dont have any. I'm not going to leave that order open anymore

EDIT: okay, if I'm in the right place in the Japanese book, then  yes, Aina is Ovan's daughter in this story
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