We need a whole new slew of moderators to fight off AIDA!

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We need a whole new slew of moderators to fight off AIDA!

Post by d5t »

Since a lot of mods have gone inactive for 2+ months, we need some fresh faces to help the community out, especially with the spam recently... since phpBB's (our message board software) anti-spam Captcha has been all but broken until an update is out. Although, the spam messages are getting funnier and funnier!

Here's the low-down to apply for a moderator position:
  • 1. You need to be a long time member, 2.5+ years minimum (with possible exceptions if you're super awesome)
    2. You need to be mature and free of trollish postings (*cough* a background check will be preformed, a la post history :D)
    3. phpBB's moderating tools are very simple to use, so the learning curve is very small, technical knowledge isn't really necessary!

    This is a "whenever you feel like moderating position" - very relaxed. What you get is a custom title as a moderator (if you don't have one already). I usually just PM people who I think are fit for positions, but I decided to do it this way for a change.

    Please PM me if you're interested! 8)