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Re: .hack//LINK Unofficial Fan Translation Project

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Gonna give this a bump since a buncha progress has been made on my crash hunting journey! I've been keeping my previous post frequently updated and will keep at it until this playthrough of mines over! Even if these bugs can't be fixed at least having 'em identified'll help players to avoid 'em!

edit!! an just a day after posting this the 1.0.1 patch dropped! And I immediately noticed a strange new error it intro'd o.o;

Mac Anu now has the symbols for Delta and Sigma and Carmina Gadelica / Breg Epona now have the Delta symbol. This isn't just displayed at the Chaos Gate, but also when you receive an Area Word as part of the story, and these wrong symbols are also displayed when you've loaded into an Area. This def wasn't a thing in past versions.
Posts: 371
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Re: .hack//LINK Unofficial Fan Translation Project

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Please consider Ver. 1.0.1 the final version for the time being. However, please continue to point out errors I may have missed and perhaps another minor fixes patch could be released, but I will not be seeking out these issues proactively.
I'm on it! An don't feel obligated ta go back an make some/any of these suggested changes. More then enough hard works been done on this project as-is!

edit: btw this list has been based on the v1.0.2 patch since that came out. so the comments below are like still applicable.

-> Story
• Link 02:
https://i.imgur.com/9LUhxG7.jpg - "you" should be changed to "I" else this line doesn't make sense
https://i.imgur.com/CDGYU3o.jpg - I still don't understand this
https://i.imgur.com/yhlajYq.jpg - "courage" is misspelled
• SIGN 01:
https://i.imgur.com/5ZxGaWQ.jpg - "wasn't" should be changed to "was" or "it's a cheat"
https://i.imgur.com/BPvYNSJ.jpg - who's "acquainted with Chrono Cores"? did she mean "those acquainted with the Chrono Cores holder"?
• SIGN 03:
https://i.imgur.com/pWFNjuH.jpg - this kinda comes off as giberish
• SIGN 04:
https://i.imgur.com/HnqqMaX.jpg - reads like it should be something like "It would be easier for people of the same age to befriend him."
https://i.imgur.com/sp6U2MW.jpg - a better fit might be "...Tokio? Where do you think you're going?"
• SIGN 05:
https://i.imgur.com/0f4jpKO.jpg - sounds alil strange to me.
• SIGN 06:
https://i.imgur.com/4DMg4lE.jpg - where'd the Lambda server symbol come from? its not even used in Link normally as Carmina Gadelica got changed to Sigma.
https://i.imgur.com/nz7bSQR.jpg - think a better fit'd be "Ah... we've returned to our previous location?"
• SIGN 08:
https://i.imgur.com/95yslLg.jpg - wasn't Subaru the one persuading Tsukasa to go along at that point?
• SIGN 09:
https://i.imgur.com/voaOGPm.jpg - Crims fighting against Sora not alongside him
https://i.imgur.com/OSioJ9x.jpg - what?
https://i.imgur.com/SD3kCet.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/yrw55wy.jpg - "original location" will never not sound too literal to me
• SIGN 11:
https://i.imgur.com/6CLYlOE.jpg - shouldn't this say "Silver Knights" and not Crimson? cause the Database even lists 'em as the Silver Knights.
https://i.imgur.com/5nBlCk0.jpg - Tokio had just noted the place was empty save for Silver Knight.
• Link 03:
https://i.imgur.com/FykTmYM.jpg - idk this just reads oddly to me.
https://i.imgur.com/CNcZyYp.jpg - same for this.
• .hack// 01:
https://i.imgur.com/jdFFC0r.jpg - umm wha?
https://i.imgur.com/yhau4Jz.jpg - err, isn't he the one with the so-called evidence?
• .hack// 02:
https://i.imgur.com/KkQkASf.jpg - this is alil backwards.
• .hack// 03:
https://i.imgur.com/RWAb8iZ.jpg - monsters were witnesses?
https://i.imgur.com/BFUOxU1.jpg - this feels like it should say something like "I got praised by the brave Kite."
• .hack// 04:
https://i.imgur.com/y4e5inD.jpg - huh?
https://i.imgur.com/kIlozSJ.jpg - that second line just sounds off.
• .hack// 05:
https://i.imgur.com/KqXy87Q.jpg - coming from her this doesn't seem right at all!
https://i.imgur.com/tF9ayXP.jpg - let him who? if the "let him" is removed this sentence makes much more sense
https://i.imgur.com/7KPJ3t5.jpg - feel like the "has" could be replaced with "can"
https://i.imgur.com/sLQSARL.jpg - 4649? is this some pun/wordplay going on?
https://i.imgur.com/iyANMCV.jpg - that "of" shouldn't be there
https://i.imgur.com/FD2uEVB.jpg - given how the conversation flows that "I'm" should be a "you're"
https://i.imgur.com/v8uCIhA.jpg - he didn't fight Mia so wha?
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/BDF2LzH.jpg - this oughta be "last Phase" or "Eighth Phase" not "last Eighth Phase"
• .hack// 06:
https://i.imgur.com/bM5chrK.jpg - I'd replace "The" with "Your"
https://i.imgur.com/HOkFQ9M.jpg - not understanding this one
https://i.imgur.com/F649sNk.jpg - some serious future tense going on here. I'd change it to "...We'll win this fight and save Orca! We'll save everyone!"
https://i.imgur.com/4UdwjjZ.jpg - Kite just got turned to stone (again) he's not coming to help anyone
• .hack// 07:
https://i.imgur.com/xkbigri.jpg - what is she talking about?
https://i.imgur.com/kw57P4I.jpg - that first one seems like it should be "...You're going to help Kite?"
https://i.imgur.com/WeCBI1F.jpg - is it supposed to be "enemy" or "statue" here? honestly not sure since both could kinda be true
https://i.imgur.com/DtveqfM.jpg - suggest replacing "They" with "We've"
https://i.imgur.com/65xmwEK.jpg - spotted "Blackrose" here while other times her name was displayed it read "BlackRose"
https://i.imgur.com/Nx0bcpf.jpg - this sentence is kinda jumbled
https://i.imgur.com/ND2eRh8.jpg - whaaaaat? Helba caused nothing!
https://i.imgur.com/MUfT1Tf.jpg - saying "we can do something" is kinda the opposite of the point she's trying to make
https://i.imgur.com/VWJ4lI5.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/HUhOYnW.jpg - the first picture seems fine but how the conversation flows into the second sentence of picture two is weird.
https://i.imgur.com/m0q1i0l.jpg - it feels like "you know" should instead be "you've decided"
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/l0S1J4f.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/syqt8L4.jpg - they're refering to Kite who hasn't been saved so this he/him stuffs sounds off
• ZERO 03:
https://i.imgur.com/Txnfg6c.jpg - the v in vanished is randomly capitalized!
• Link 04:
https://i.imgur.com/eiiR5FU.jpg - prolly just me but something about this feels off
• Roots 01:
https://i.imgur.com/bh1n02o.jpg - this doesn't seem right. Saika's supposed to be nudging Tokio into saying he'd like to join Shino's guild
https://i.imgur.com/nR69eVF.jpg - given the way the conversations going this feels like it should be "Tokio, what's on your mind?"
https://i.imgur.com/Q2NjWYh.jpg - "This is Tokio. He's applied to join the Twilight Brigade."
https://i.imgur.com/hUmoRMI.jpg - the second line really don't sound right
https://i.imgur.com/6xS7Flj.jpg - I'd give "I'll somehow become" the boot an changed it to "I managed to become"
• Roots 02:
https://i.imgur.com/XlllEyv.jpg - since he's talking about Shino, I think it should say "she takes" instead of "we take"?
https://i.imgur.com/zJvsG4D.jpg - not a Virus Core?
https://i.imgur.com/hgVzjCF.jpg - "This one and ther others have different colors" might sound more natural
https://i.imgur.com/0hiV5hw.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/31lnDBV.jpg - these two really go together cause he can't say one moment he doesn't know if theres more, then in the next they need to find the rest. also the "become" in the second pic might instead work better as "lead to"
• Roots 03:
https://i.imgur.com/N0xITLe.jpg - really confused by the second sentence here
https://i.imgur.com/gDwkcqy.jpg - he'll be touched?
• Roots 04:
https://i.imgur.com/NCalttK.jpg - "on" oughta be "in"
https://i.imgur.com/2MHJKtt.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/KyEaD9O.jpg - okay if we're going with "sacred stone" instead of virus core... then shouldn't Tokio be saying sacred stone an not stone monument?
https://i.imgur.com/vrhVuJW.jpg - ...and Haseo should be calling it sacred stone and not tablet
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/tJjJKAB.jpg - just incase we're not set on "stone" instead of virus core
• .hack// 08:
https://i.imgur.com/pcpnRUc.jpg - "I'm not interested Nuke..."?
https://i.imgur.com/4BU3GSP.jpg - think there should maybe be an "if" right before the "I"
https://i.imgur.com/7QHxUBC.jpg - here's an inconsistency with pun labeling. 1-30 have "Round" before each number. 31-60 changes to "Number". 63-70 just shows the number, nothing else before it. 71-100 goes back to saying "Number"
https://i.imgur.com/BIN4vwd.jpg - also, puns 61 & 62 are invisible! ack!
https://i.imgur.com/6jYGS7r.jpg - she'll lick it?
https://i.imgur.com/7hXyExa.jpg - think her "angers subsiding" would be a better fit
https://i.imgur.com/sh6t6oh.jpg - theres no space between Title & Obtained!
• Roots 05:
https://i.imgur.com/hnzgGFC.jpg - there's an extra "n" in Dol Dona here
https://i.imgur.com/56Lwduq.jpg - more sacred stone stuff but this time neithers capitalized
https://i.imgur.com/GIWLbbu.jpg - think these lines need another lookover
https://i.imgur.com/CTp1qsB.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/h4XyXuK.jpg - now they are capitalized!
• ZERO 05:
https://i.imgur.com/6BAS7Ua.jpg - believe that "he" should be an "I"
• Roots 06:
https://i.imgur.com/xBHmfyY.jpg - its the brigade that got ambushed not Tawaraya
https://i.imgur.com/L87qcM0.jpg - ?
https://i.imgur.com/zrkTK42.jpg - think this oughta be "you're" not "we're"
https://i.imgur.com/1kRiOKJ.jpg - since Tokio's the one telling her to be careful I believe the "you" and "I" should switch places
https://i.imgur.com/4sVHFkl.jpg - this is another ? to me
https://i.imgur.com/0J7wwPC.jpg - that whole first line is what
• Roots 07:
https://i.imgur.com/uZuDwfX.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/aW9T9Ci.jpg - since I mentioned in the Database part about the Illusionist/Magician thing well its come back around. the first picture is his original introduction from .hack// 05 and the second is the flashback to it in Roots 07. which is the right term?
• Roots 08:
https://i.imgur.com/kO6Lkx2.jpg - oughta be "her" and not "his" since its Shino's PC thats changed colors
https://i.imgur.com/qEjDKyr.jpg - theres gotta be a better way of wording this
https://i.imgur.com/4r08Tyy.jpg - who escaped o.o?
https://i.imgur.com/zwHUv0p.jpg - newbie??
https://i.imgur.com/SVZCGtL.jpg - he's telling Tabby to mail Haseo so that "I'll" can be cut
https://i.imgur.com/422CZCk.jpg - think this is in reference to the Schicksal barrier failing/fading so maybe it should say "The... the barrier?!"
https://i.imgur.com/js4psyK.jpg - "...Haseo rushed inside." could be more suitable for the first line
https://i.imgur.com/uLlJdwt.jpg - Saika's still heartless lol. umm I mean "owners" and "Cores" dun need ta be pluralized here. I think?
https://i.imgur.com/i2lJyyl.jpg - looks like alil typo here where "be" should instead say "we"
• Grand Whale:
https://i.imgur.com/ZeCyx6d.jpg - another lil typo. "he" prolly is meant to be "the"
• Roots 09:
https://i.imgur.com/mxy4Asn.jpg - Tabby was with Tokio at the time so he told her to send the mail in person so the first sentence is off
https://i.imgur.com/IIX6M1L.jpg - if theres no reaction why's she sending him there?
https://i.imgur.com/UCp3YDX.jpg - confused as to what the first sentence means
https://i.imgur.com/7U59E6f.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/3HQP9kO.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/1cAp2C0.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/KxohORY.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/3ifhtcO.jpg - this whole conversation seems backwards unless each "I" is replaced with "you". and in the first pic those two would switch places
• Link 05:
https://i.imgur.com/QeD6bP4.jpg - Labyrinth of Regret? in all other mentions its just called the Final Labyrinth
https://i.imgur.com/XhjQRcv.jpg - not understanding this
https://i.imgur.com/3tuWZFY.jpg - or this
https://i.imgur.com/fTqlBPh.jpg - same as the last two
https://i.imgur.com/siu2LXw.jpg - think that "you" oughta be a "me"
• Mac Anu
https://i.imgur.com/XS3IfsU.jpg - wouldn't he know he's back in 2020?
• Liminality 01:
https://i.imgur.com/bunGVvD.jpg - the top and bottom lines should swap places maybe?
https://i.imgur.com/vQmupPO.jpg - this "You're" should maybe be a "She's"
https://i.imgur.com/j3kokFb.jpg - doesn't make a whole lotta sense no matter which way I try an interpret it
https://i.imgur.com/O2OXcqh.jpg - same with this also
https://i.imgur.com/mHn2a02.jpg - basically it seems they're talking about Minase in a roundabout way that comes off like they're speaking of Alph instead
• LotT 01:
https://i.imgur.com/LxHDO5n.jpg - "later-upa" would sound more accurate than "ago-upa"
https://i.imgur.com/Vsa0qGO.jpg - just like with those titles, a space is missing here
• Another Birth 01:
https://i.imgur.com/oTZyjGc.jpg - Chimney is BlackRose's friend so shouldn't that "his" be a "my"?
• LotT 02:
https://i.imgur.com/EtiSnyk.jpg - "This is four years after Tokio met the .hackers-upa." is my take on this
https://i.imgur.com/ZvrzaPU.jpg - what's he on about?
https://i.imgur.com/eiOpY0A.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/MNtSxJ4.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/C6QBuYn.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/EEE6xpp.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/hjmRNNE.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/j56CFlq.jpg - Delta Wide Grace's Ground became Delta Wide Graceful Earth (ignoring the Sigma since thats messed up across all areas) o.o;
https://i.imgur.com/OVlENNa.jpg - again whats he on about? calling Shugo a nice guy is ooc for Komiyan and this circumstance
• Link 06:
https://i.imgur.com/VOUthQB.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/66IfqEb.jpg - I think "detour" and "step back" should switch places with the other
https://i.imgur.com/4F6zFGD.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/jKf5sza.jpg - not quite following what he's talking about
https://i.imgur.com/rg94YFg.jpg - typo alert! that first "it" should be "is"
https://i.imgur.com/VCNv8ii.jpg - extremely minor but on the "how to fight Orgel LO" message before the battle begins it says "Orgel-LO" while in battle theres no hyphen
https://i.imgur.com/u1o1xfP.jpg - shouldn't it be "So we can't afford to lose to you here."?
https://i.imgur.com/EGBjJcF.jpg - ...???
https://i.imgur.com/2GKa7XR.jpg - idk if this is right or wrong in the flashback to this scene shortly after this episode ends (which I sadly didn't screencap) she says something to the affect of her brother being monitored by them. so if nothing else theres some more disparity between something someone said in the present vs. in a flashback
https://i.imgur.com/2LxvukN.jpg - this could be another case where an "I" should be in place of a "you"
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/kJuNTfP.jpg - dun think her math adds up since theres only 4 chrono cores!
• G.U. 01:
https://i.imgur.com/tMMGvIm.jpg - the first e in Tri-Edge isn't capitalized here!
https://i.imgur.com/8ba9Ds5.jpg - suggest replacing "doesn't" with "didn't"
https://i.imgur.com/pV776cI.jpg - sounds odd to me
https://i.imgur.com/IuzLaOp.jpg - think this is in need of a small re-write
https://i.imgur.com/7HKsvAe.jpg - I'd understand the "Is she" if he were thinking to himself but thats not the case. should most likely be "Are you" instead
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/slHUrmT.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/jxd1SSe.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/MGoI9P3.jpg - lower cased edge mania!!
• G.U. 02:
https://i.imgur.com/F0zdfpV.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/14rSUYl.jpg - there's the E in Tri-Edge capitalized then not all in the same scene o.o;
https://i.imgur.com/OfQoGin.jpg - question: is this to be taken as Saika was also eating for reals food at this point?
https://i.imgur.com/uStAKS2.jpg - really thinking this oughta be "That man... how does he know that I'm acquainted with Haseo?"
https://i.imgur.com/YqRvGtO.jpg - did this happen offscreen or is the line supposed to be read more like "But, information about your PC body was leaked." ? can't see why she'd have reason to blame Tokio...
https://i.imgur.com/EXdgfVY.jpg - ...cause as seen here she doesn't seem to know
• AI buster 01:
https://i.imgur.com/a37RxnJ.jpg - "They" maybe ought be "We've"
• Chup Chop Case 01
https://i.imgur.com/yj9Bdy9.jpg - "This period is five years after Tokio met the .hackers-upa." I feel this'd be more fitting
https://i.imgur.com/7QetIEn.jpg - hmm think the "hear" should actually be "say"
https://i.imgur.com/NTFxbxy.jpg - this is pretty iffy sounding to me
• LotT 03
https://i.imgur.com/AJ68xmy.jpg - "This is where Tokio met the .hackers four years ago-upa." another one of these
https://i.imgur.com/XQpCVKK.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/tBVb0Dx.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/lrciPNI.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/9vZqJkj.jpg - I get that Zefie's doing her insult thing but whats a painting got to do with Tokio for him to be offended by her trash talk?
https://i.imgur.com/XJ6x9qp.jpg - unless there is actually an event going on "This child is not an event NPC." would sound more fitting
https://i.imgur.com/28nQVSO.jpg - Zefie's not there so "is" oughta be "was"
https://i.imgur.com/dd6Ng8u.jpg - seems like there's a word missing there. should go like "I don't know what we should do."
• Chup Chop Case 02
https://i.imgur.com/JYNCKoa.jpg - "This era is five years after you met the .hackers-upa."
https://i.imgur.com/uKca09r.jpg - is she speaking to herself here? if not the "it," needn't be there
• Roots 10
https://i.imgur.com/r52fetm.jpg - we're looking for Antares, not a fire!
https://i.imgur.com/iZvK14f.jpg - this is a typo of Taiga which oughta say Antares anyhow
• G.U. 03
https://i.imgur.com/DskKoSb.jpg - not sure about this one
https://i.imgur.com/PIkXaWD.jpg - wha?
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/kon9UaE.jpg - Final Labyrinth under another name?
• AI buster 02
https://i.imgur.com/EexASC8.jpg - "This is the period before Tokio met the leaders of the era-upa."
• LotT 04
https://i.imgur.com/6cxQOI3.jpg - "This is four years after Tokio met the .hackers-upa."
https://i.imgur.com/u1YAAHb.jpg - "...It doesn't seem like the Cobalt Knights are here."
https://i.imgur.com/oVJFKzl.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/nmzMo3B.jpg - think this conversation is due some rephrasing
https://i.imgur.com/6aaxmKH.jpg - Zefie!!
https://i.imgur.com/Ds3g0fu.jpg - aside from Zefie being mispelled again this sounds odd
• G.U. 04
https://i.imgur.com/J0f6cVY.jpg - pretty sure the "I" here should be a "you"
https://i.imgur.com/rrd7aqi.jpg - an perhaps "I'll" oughta be "They'll" since Tokio's not there to fight but to watch
https://i.imgur.com/6jGT5Cm.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/BkpbhlY.jpg - heres another bit of conversation I gots trouble following -.-;
https://i.imgur.com/sjtwbUf.jpg - hows about knocking the d offa that And at the start
https://i.imgur.com/bb7OwOP.jpg - hey now Haseo's not a champ yet
https://i.imgur.com/cJBpQf9.jpg - still not a champ yet!
https://i.imgur.com/vfWnUeB.jpg - this is abit backwards since he's in Lumina Cloth an is heading to Mac Anu
https://i.imgur.com/tneVlXW.jpg - think I get the gist of what she's saying but it could be written more clearly
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/i9SGe5u.jpg - I think this is him being concerned over AIKA not being able to track Haseo so maybe it'd look better as "...AIKA doesn't know when Haseo's logged in..."
https://i.imgur.com/gYDKw96.jpg - both "you" should be "we"
• G.U. 05
https://i.imgur.com/YXD1mf2.jpg - "Why does this name... worry me?" could replace the first line
https://i.imgur.com/cFGu6Vy.jpg - "...she definitely knows the name..."
https://i.imgur.com/ChHUs4n.jpg - "Ahh?! I told you?!"
• AI buster 03
https://i.imgur.com/vGDP9lk.jpg - "This is the period before you met the leaders of the previous era-upa."
https://i.imgur.com/v9ureJi.jpg - I dunno, that explanation of Lyco's alil weird sounding to me
https://i.imgur.com/BndN9Aj.jpg - also weird sounding
https://i.imgur.com/PECA2ki.jpg - whys he calling it Albireo's spear?
• G.U. 07
https://i.imgur.com/vRAH6Xk.jpg - Dol Dona's been typo'd once more
https://i.imgur.com/Ei9N0jA.jpg - and Tri-Edge is lower cased again
https://i.imgur.com/pPeZ28Z.jpg - Skeiths also been typo'd
https://i.imgur.com/Siaelm9.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/kr9EpZg.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/NufSHnh.jpg - this is another that may be correct an I'm simply misreading, but I figured Atoli is talking about Haseo in which case "I" should be "you"
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/DEoxliu.jpg - errr... dun think this is quite right
https://i.imgur.com/l104Fl0.jpg - should at least one of the "I" here actually be a "she"?
https://i.imgur.com/CRrIQzb.jpg - Tokio didn't get angry so isn't this him more being thankful she didn't get upset/angry?
https://i.imgur.com/XCxf0CE.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/oz7ys7N.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/b6drE4t.jpg - seems like whomevers being talked about has gotten mixed up again
• AI buster 04
https://i.imgur.com/zNQIP6R.jpg - "This is before Tokio met the leaders of the previous era-upa."
https://i.imgur.com/7MNMJdn.jpg - slight consistency issue, up until now Vagrant AI has been used so it being Wandering here may warrant a change?
• LotT 05
https://i.imgur.com/JcmRYMV.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/lEBZir4.jpg - I'm still not getting this bit
• G.U. 08
https://i.imgur.com/M8rAOb4.jpg - I dun get it
https://i.imgur.com/TnZF8Ch.jpg - no announcer, you didn't be anybody lol. "I' should be "He"
https://i.imgur.com/etBFRUu.jpg - I remember a line like this from Rebirth but it was clearer than this
https://i.imgur.com/UHCcwSS.jpg - is this supposed to be "noisy"? cause I could also see it being "nosey"
https://i.imgur.com/WCIWOHL.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/nUvzldn.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/fcpn1GM.jpg - also the rest of that conversation is wtf material
• G.U. 09
https://i.imgur.com/EFujPR3.jpg - Haseo's already there so maybe the lines more like "Why has Haseo gone to Moon Tree at a time like this?"
https://i.imgur.com/5KPgzxN.jpg - is this supposed ta be what Ovan said in Reminisce that "epitaphs are drawn to aida and aida to epitaphs"?
https://i.imgur.com/Kp7aSKW.jpg - "I want you to rush to the scene with Pi to suppress AIDA and restrain Haseo."
https://i.imgur.com/lgVbVBb.jpg - "know" should be "knew"
https://i.imgur.com/xVFy5UU.jpg - what'd she give him? her trust?
https://i.imgur.com/yFdna2c.jpg - this'd make more sense if "from" was changed to "of"
https://i.imgur.com/2c5wy7n.jpg - unless I'm misunderstanding this doesn't really fit with the trashtalking Atoli stuff
https://i.imgur.com/w7wLSXY.jpg - oughta change "We" to "I"
https://i.imgur.com/7cp3U91.jpg - should the second part here be something like "Those two are being eroded by AIDA." ?
https://i.imgur.com/USoamD4.jpg - another "we" to be switched with an "I"
• G.U. 10
https://i.imgur.com/zPCif1v.jpg - I'd change "is meeting" to "wants to meet"
https://i.imgur.com/y2gwnpa.jpg - an here "I will make" to "I made"
https://i.imgur.com/mywIpsb.jpg - Tri-edge makes another return
https://i.imgur.com/ryThm52.jpg - I'm not following
https://i.imgur.com/C2md1XS.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/VAmKu99.jpg - "Stuffed Chim" or "Chim Plush Doll" ?
https://i.imgur.com/GZE3knq.jpg - ya can't just suggest something then say its forbidden!
• G.U. 11
https://i.imgur.com/Gn2GNNx.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/6ZR5VmE.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/TvzYSKn.jpg - sorry but this all sounds mangled
https://i.imgur.com/ZzBYYaM.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/zrLkp3N.jpg - ??
https://i.imgur.com/bB8B3xD.jpg - the previous two times "tournament" was used but here and another time after its "Tournament" as if it matters
https://i.imgur.com/q1xrR79.jpg - thats a strange name. no biggie just wanted to put it out there
https://i.imgur.com/HhECOJ1.jpg - looks like a stray + sign found its way into some dialogue
https://i.imgur.com/EU2kgo1.jpg- what
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/RFJVCr6.jpg - "he" instead of "I"
• G.U. 12
https://i.imgur.com/uzCxeHI.jpg - "Where have you been until now?!" or "Why haven't you been seen until now?!" would be suitable fixes for the second sentence
https://i.imgur.com/hp6aY8S.jpg - isn't this the famous "Do you not wish to finally know the truth?" line?
https://i.imgur.com/hpAYoOY.jpg - still pointing out lowercased edge
https://i.imgur.com/DLU83Jg.jpg - I dun think this comes across at all
https://i.imgur.com/IvVo6KC.jpg - the only "guy" theres Tokio that oughta be changed to "woman"
https://i.imgur.com/lu60eAT.jpg - is the second sentence supposed to be a question? isn't she warning/advising him to scram?
https://i.imgur.com/ZjCR2zH.jpg - gonna request "network" be added in between "entire will"
• Cell 01
https://i.imgur.com/p5IHmIu.jpg - ack! her dialogue box is busted! what'd she say??
https://i.imgur.com/Rius9FT.jpg - "Professional Victim" is now "Assault Dealer" ? Professional Victim is used in Cell 02 and other places for the record so only this'd need to be changed. also "must not have said to strike" ?
https://i.imgur.com/WgruTt6.jpg - ???
https://i.imgur.com/YT5cZcS.jpg - not following this bit of the conversation
• G.U. 13
https://i.imgur.com/KySbRAK.jpg - "Stuffed Chim" was displayed in G.U. 10, "Chim Plush Doll" is in the inventory, an now here we gots "Chim Doll" o.o
• Cell 02
https://i.imgur.com/BZE6tCR.jpg - Nala is very much not a girl so o.o?
https://i.imgur.com/EOP6GUO.jpg - should "I" be "it" ?
• Roots 13
https://i.imgur.com/075Hph4.jpg - wonder if "guildmaster" should be "in the guild" since Kuhn was never the direct GM
https://i.imgur.com/NWavmNv.jpg - "I don't think to fight" ?
• Link 07
https://i.imgur.com/whO4SAw.jpg - this is perplexing
https://i.imgur.com/cqLS7kY.jpg - so's this!
https://i.imgur.com/J2qIbnZ.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/LWjavQL.jpg - tbh I think this whoooole conversation accessible from where the first pic shows needs to be looked over. especially so when its got a gem as seen in the second pic!
https://i.imgur.com/m2rP6Ub.jpg - is he talking to himself? he's the one been asking questions?
https://i.imgur.com/uo5ThYa.jpg - I dun think Aura invoked the virus? a line soon after says it was invoked upon her
https://i.imgur.com/eYMkPk6.jpg - Geist ya didn't do crap. should the first bits be "You Real Digitalized" ?
https://i.imgur.com/kXaHTw2.jpg - okay??
https://i.imgur.com/oFx4tYn.jpg - "The Dancer and the Beast. And you're both in good health above all else." is best I can make outta this
https://i.imgur.com/687Kmgs.jpg - since the mails from her should "their" be "my" instead?
https://i.imgur.com/OjlGsvy.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/gY5XTPv.jpg - also... EOL!! from here out the conversation between Tokio and AIKA falls outta sync with them saying one anothers lines an ends as the second pic shows. this for reals needs a fix!
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/D769bLr.jpg - this comes across as sounding very literal
https://i.imgur.com/M59PSvm.jpg - I think the "a" oughta be "the"
https://i.imgur.com/K81ISo5.jpg - "...and these anomalies are occuring in The World R:X." since he's talking about such things going down
https://i.imgur.com/krElbyu.jpg - "we"? is Tokio deciding this as leader of the Twilight Knights?
• Alcor 01
https://i.imgur.com/VR4svge.jpg - Silabus says they're the support group so was Tokio just confused over his role here?
https://i.imgur.com/X1p75y8.jpg - oh ya something def confusing here. he wants to help Nanase behind the scenes as secret support so its her he doesn't wanna be seen by
https://i.imgur.com/YiSQiF3.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/JFbsv9Q.jpg - ya, more backwards ideas here
• Link 08
https://i.imgur.com/BZAz7Qr.jpg - what time and woman?
https://i.imgur.com/31EKm7b.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/2qWIUYo.jpg - I dun get it
https://i.imgur.com/qKRwjKO.jpg - "Uh... Cello you're not coming to the Grand Whale?"
https://i.imgur.com/v07pAPA.jpg - "I" not "you"
• Link 08 / Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/HEC2PRv.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/rMGvcBF.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/GOWN2SQ.jpg - "Twilight Omen", "Corrupted Twilight Data", "Evil Omen Twilight Data" which is it??
https://i.imgur.com/PRuHvYi.jpg - this bit needs some shortening, somehow
https://i.imgur.com/7I6Lotn.jpg - um did he? it didn't come across the way.
• G.U. 15
https://i.imgur.com/rKBrx8A.jpg - isn't the problem that Yata felt he wasn't blessed?
• Link 09
https://i.imgur.com/uJ7iKwB.jpg - alil confused by this one since Geist hasn't implied he was related to Jyotaro as of yet. if she's thinking Geist is her brother then the "his" should be a "my" I believe?
https://i.imgur.com/PoxvPGd.jpg - which is it o.o? weird ta be certain of something then immediately uncertain
https://i.imgur.com/gomLels.jpg - kind of a strange thought here
https://i.imgur.com/QSlJEjh.jpg - should "life" instead be "flesh"? cause otherwise thats a uhhh real bonkers thing to say
https://i.imgur.com/3eZLpxm.jpg - huh?
https://i.imgur.com/pVeyJw0.jpg - also huh? other than "you" prolly being "us" the "the man with the knife" part is a weird way to put it
https://i.imgur.com/fki6rpN.jpg - wouldn't "I'm" be "It's"?
https://i.imgur.com/oZDjjNd.jpg - an here "A" oughta be "I"
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/LedcAkS.jpg - "Klarinette was really pleased with you." is what I'm getting here
• G.U. 14
https://i.imgur.com/kvXvB6s.jpg - that sentence ends abruptly
https://i.imgur.com/awHWEvW.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/IbX55KJ.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/BgJiKo3.jpg - the heck is this conversation?
• Roots 14
https://i.imgur.com/tjhhcuW.jpg - EOL strikes again! doesn't cause any probs here since its the last line of the conversation but hey
https://i.imgur.com/bt1zEbL.jpg - "come to us for help" since beginners helping Canard dun make alot of sense. also they're being targetted by chaotic pks an as beginners they wouldn't be much help
https://i.imgur.com/kvIGrku.jpg - who's the "you" here?
• Link 10
https://i.imgur.com/BQamk1g.jpg - "This is the area we learned about from Klarinette! Tokio, are you ready?"
https://i.imgur.com/UTsS5EP.jpg - he's doing what?!
https://i.imgur.com/cebwEDK.jpg - should "unstable" be "destabilized"?
https://i.imgur.com/cSGO99G.jpg - "...Geist was crushed by Jyotaro Amagi..."
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/iUgqiGZ.jpg - ?
• Roots 15
https://i.imgur.com/fM4Wgpi.jpg - that Area descriptions silly O.o "It seems to be a place with terrible lag." is that how it should go?
https://i.imgur.com/9mZKhL7.jpg - isn't this one of those situations where he usually says something like "for now, lets go to the end of the area"? sounds like he's saying go back to town despite having just gotten to the Area
https://i.imgur.com/9ngLdbz.jpg - the naming of this bugged monster strays from their normal naming scheme. is it umm actually bugged o.o?
• G.U. 19
https://i.imgur.com/ywSUu2h.jpg - Gaspards supposed to be telling Tokio the Area Words
https://i.imgur.com/Pc8o3fx.jpg - "Tokio, the person Haseo's meeting... By any chance, could it be..." is my take on this line cause Tokio sure doesn't know who Haseo's meeting with
https://i.imgur.com/hIeaYzA.jpg - is this some 4th wall breaking?
• G.U. Returner
https://i.imgur.com/umBmi77.jpg - got a Gord typo here. this is the only spot I noticed "Gordo" being used fwiw
https://i.imgur.com/Bgon8FW.jpg - this line seem weird to anyone else?
• Link 11
https://i.imgur.com/A5nn7Wo.jpg - the from has now become "Discount Ticket"?
https://i.imgur.com/ULsEs1p.jpg - typo here. that "I" should be "A"
https://i.imgur.com/agRRcn1.jpg - "...It's settled down..." would be more appropriate
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/KpHfezs.jpg - o.O Tokio no you're not the villian!!
https://i.imgur.com/yIGqR6Q.jpg - I don't get this weak insult regarding Flugel
https://i.imgur.com/vCD3lfk.jpg - he's not being sincere right??
https://i.imgur.com/Cbf9ZRS.jpg - again with the weak thing
• Link 12
https://i.imgur.com/hhNZGeu.jpg - this sentence is kinda borked sounding so hows about "I've come to return Kite to normal. Where's his statue?"
https://i.imgur.com/j23KPLv.jpg - I think "we've" should be changed either to "he's" or "it's" since its in reference to Kites statue
https://i.imgur.com/brbLWI4.jpg - I'm not really sure what thats supposed ta mean
https://i.imgur.com/q64gadp.jpg - recommend a change to "The stone statue of Kite should be somewhere in this area... Waaaah!!" cause as-is it sounds like theres more than one Kite statue
https://i.imgur.com/ovhO637.jpg - this is wonky sounding
https://i.imgur.com/zZbKZOZ.jpg - the "was freed by" part would be better if it were "will be free from"
https://i.imgur.com/0EXvH0v.jpg - not quite getting this
https://i.imgur.com/iZgbDnE.jpg - would maybe change "I'm" into "its"
https://i.imgur.com/nBAQ5AL.jpg - ??
https://i.imgur.com/6vwGwO5.jpg - "disciple"? thought the azures were always refered to as her knights
https://i.imgur.com/1nZF9Q0.jpg - "Don't worry, I'll buy some time. If I do it right, you can escape." is how I'd read this
https://i.imgur.com/7VjhUM8.jpg - Flugel went on the attack so wouldn't "attacked" be "defeated" instead?
https://i.imgur.com/JKOSig3.jpg - ??????
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/2dX9sus.jpg - lost the starting word of both lines, plus "check" seems like it oughta be "assume" in this context
https://i.imgur.com/ckbh9CS.jpg - this whole conversation around Saika's guilt & trustworthiness & the vaccine plan needs a lookover. alot of iffy parts in there
https://i.imgur.com/wyCoBSY.jpg - what even is that second sentence supposed to mean?
• Alcor 02
https://i.imgur.com/CdrQR3X.jpg - Tokio had previously referred to Sophora as she/her so that "He's" seems outta place
https://i.imgur.com/TcMdc7h.jpg - should "the other" be "another"?
https://i.imgur.com/bQRagGJ.jpg - okay? this is not clear to me at all
https://i.imgur.com/BqubO7R.jpg - "his"? by this point both Tokio and Alkaid had use she/her for Sophora
• G.U. 16
https://i.imgur.com/lcMF3dZ.jpg - the "h" in "how" should be capitalized no?
https://i.imgur.com/wwIkJz1.jpg - this sentence isn't alright
https://i.imgur.com/0Yt9pnY.jpg - an this coming after isn't quite adding up for me
• G.U. 17
https://i.imgur.com/sNarjp8.jpg - what a strange an bold thing to say!
• Link 21
https://i.imgur.com/ZpRwEU6.jpg - the items called "Resurrection Symbol" in the inventory, prompt for obtaining it, and prompt for using it to unlock this episode
• Link 13
https://i.imgur.com/1qE61iG.jpg - Toki-runtys the one thats gonna let Tokio know here
https://i.imgur.com/K866cxi.jpg - wait I thought Jyotaro had made the Akashic Records many years prior?
https://i.imgur.com/oHNdQlA.jpg - should the "had" be a "were"?
https://i.imgur.com/NpzvYVe.jpg - sounds like he's praising her O.o; and I guess if he is than thats perfectly fine dialogue-wise! although its not helping with morale lol!
https://i.imgur.com/dnDcA0u.jpg - the "hear" could use a slight change to "heard" I feel
• G.U. 18
https://i.imgur.com/4hki9ZG.jpg - whoaaa big glitching out here. the text in the dialogue box was flickering an looking like it was cycling letters/numbers like mad as if it were struggling to load the text! in the end no matter how long I waited, it did not load and what little on display I can make out is gibberish! "Savp/ネ p/ネ ⬛"
• Roots 12
https://i.imgur.com/IdPlfzZ.jpg - the area names kinda not fitting into its space
https://i.imgur.com/p4maAry.jpg - "Say" should be "Says"? alternatively "You say he prays" would be a good start of that sentence
https://i.imgur.com/fK0hk1a.jpg - "are you okay with that?" not getting the meaning here. infact those words pop up a bunch an usually leave me wondering why its being said
• G.U. 20
https://i.imgur.com/2VJgeo1.jpg - hows it useless? its how ya get there afterall
https://i.imgur.com/kVxj5q0.jpg - "Area that garnered a smile" is this supposed to be a pun? cause it is pretty amusing!
https://i.imgur.com/7LEr1OE.jpg - I'm not getting this, also "called out" is another frequently used line which doesn't come across right to me
• Link 14
https://i.imgur.com/hOxG26c.jpg - what in the hecks this supposed ta mean?
• Link 15
https://i.imgur.com/H04A5hD.jpg - "Akasha"?
https://i.imgur.com/G5uhxsd.jpg - bomb?! I thought it was a bullet!
https://i.imgur.com/8tt5nBR.jpg - think the "you" would sound better as a "we"
https://i.imgur.com/Vlhz6SB.jpg - similarly, "you've" could be switched to 'we've" perhaps?
https://i.imgur.com/wdqzF3S.jpg - an here "this" may be "the"
https://i.imgur.com/QukzGGy.jpg - dunno why but "Aura's core" sounds weird to me
https://i.imgur.com/I9V4lYG.jpg - I'd say "came" would be better as "is"
https://i.imgur.com/QbrnMW3.jpg - is this 4th wall breaking? if not who's he talking to I wonder?
https://i.imgur.com/p3h5DuV.jpg - ok the "source" of Aura's even weirder sounding than core
https://i.imgur.com/fxMdPoZ.jpg - should "they're" be "we're"?
https://i.imgur.com/HaZKyFN.jpg - I think this could use a re-write
https://i.imgur.com/pACKiwB.jpg - black curse? why not just use brainwashing? no need to throw in some random new term at the very end here
https://i.imgur.com/74fIMih.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/pkVSizP.jpg - yeahhh in all honesty I feel this entire converstation should be looked over an it can conveniently be found where the second pics showing!
https://i.imgur.com/9gxMMMW.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/FTM5CEy.jpg - ditto for this convo. no good ending the game having to read between some strangely written lines!
https://i.imgur.com/TuQoWlb.jpg - .hack//T??? okay I super LOL'd at this. last screen of the game/credits and we got text overflowing out of bounds. really the only way it could've ended hehe!
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/5AoRcfC.jpg - gotta switch that he and is around!
https://i.imgur.com/qFmAwcE.jpg - an once again Tokio's got weird words towards Flugel. you'd think he'd be angry not sorry
• Link 19
https://i.imgur.com/691nYdR.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/AZsxuMy.jpg - on the acquisition prompt and inventory its "Queen Symbol" but here its "Symbol of the Queen"
https://i.imgur.com/to6qI9e.jpg - ack! garbled text!
• G.U.+ 01
https://i.imgur.com/FSqhVA0.jpg - not sure "the" is needed in there
https://i.imgur.com/XyMSx6t.jpg - at the start of the mission we were told Kazumi was in a coma. if they knew that then they knew where he was at so them having "found" him afterwards seems odd? that whole second sentence is also odd!
• G.U. Trilogy 01
https://i.imgur.com/JIkqgj0.jpg - thats a strange line to end the episode on or I'm just not getting it
https://i.imgur.com/y7VJwh6.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/CDKK4cG.jpg - in the story bits it was called a "vagrant AI" but here its "wandering"?
• XXXX 01
https://i.imgur.com/2dx7WK0.jpg - dude Kites right there o.o;
https://i.imgur.com/rntIPBK.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/uUjNDkI.jpg - whats this "anti-Cubia presence" business about?
https://i.imgur.com/LiaNSn6.jpg - I'm not getting the second sentence here
https://i.imgur.com/9kXKRQx.jpg - the "Come" feels like it oughta be a "Go"
• Link 16
https://i.imgur.com/jeSSAOD.jpg - was the "Mother Data" we were seeking a codename or something for "Amagi's Files"? if so then this can easily be disregarded!
• Link 17
https://i.imgur.com/4uK7mh5.jpg - similar to G.U. 18 we've got some bugged out text here!
https://i.imgur.com/3WzJQFH.jpg - think that "an" needs ta drop its n
https://i.imgur.com/fhessBT.jpg - got that reversal thing going on here. Flugels asking to look over the items that Tokio found so the "you" and first "I' should swap places
https://i.imgur.com/Ue6QIbz.jpg- an after the items handed over the rest of the scene ends abruptly despite there being alil more dialogue left
• Link 18
https://i.imgur.com/2vS4raW.jpg - whats that second sentence mean?
• Epitaph of Twilight 01
https://i.imgur.com/gm0tv1R.jpg - ??
https://i.imgur.com/59P4AKR.jpg - at this point Gram was more than ready to quit so I'm left wondering what he means here
https://i.imgur.com/AlpE68o.jpg - walked by what? they hadn't discovered the sword yet?
• X'over 01
https://i.imgur.com/c7Jqk5j.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/PVvGIff.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/sZP0u1v.jpg - the third word of the area name wasn't translated
https://i.imgur.com/FJkIBLH.jpg - the Toki and Al nicknames not being used seems weird!
https://i.imgur.com/6YirD19.jpg - "Sele@ネ冓 @蚕" = ??? fwiw I prolly didn't get the correct characters but given how far I had to zoom in on the image those were as close as I could find
• X'over 02
https://i.imgur.com/Azp9Au5.jpg - that area names just abit to long
https://i.imgur.com/qQKLb0k.jpg - this line can't be right since its Atoli who was speaking an being cagey about her desires ontop of that
• X'over 03
https://i.imgur.com/JWhVkVC.jpg - couple more long area names. in fact the story ones so long it reaches over into the server spot!
https://i.imgur.com/MKU4h7d.jpg - I'm thinking that "You" should be "I" since she was seeming to succeed in her goal
https://i.imgur.com/PaSwrg4.jpg - no clue what she means by this
• X'over 04
https://i.imgur.com/SVlOL9j.jpg - "Ah, he ran off on his own." may be more fitting since its Bo who just up an bolted
https://i.imgur.com/PGNqEfA.jpg - like this may not be wrong but going by the context of the scenario and conversation it could be slightly off an meaning something else?
https://i.imgur.com/WLEPiOi.jpg - that Skull Blades an ordinary boss monster not a bugged one!
https://i.imgur.com/MpxI4Vo.jpg - ? Tsukasa was invited
• X'over 07
https://i.imgur.com/W5gl321.jpg - gots another slightly to long area name
https://i.imgur.com/BClYWTT.jpg - that is not making sense to me
• X'over 08
https://i.imgur.com/FyYUXqw.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/qn5ZMCo.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/NsYNhPh.jpg - this whole conversations bugged out!
https://i.imgur.com/CfKNdSk.jpg - this ones alil suspect
• X'over 09
https://i.imgur.com/i6mYqIR.jpg - should the "we" be an "I"?
https://i.imgur.com/u8seM3R.jpg - also trying to circumvent this missed scene by using the replay feature also makes the game crash!
• X'over 10
https://i.imgur.com/u9jxw72.jpg - another name gone to long
https://i.imgur.com/aUxfDzd.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/vGtRqLS.jpg - the opening conversation has me lost
• X'over 11
https://i.imgur.com/e8q1xHk.jpg - a super late last minute return of "Dol Donna"!
https://i.imgur.com/80phjHR.jpg - "Don't worry about it!" first sentence is missing the it!
https://i.imgur.com/xmaBwO7.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/GxNYRs9.jpg - their dialogue seems to be reversed o.o;
• X'over 12
https://i.imgur.com/S5mqHge.jpg - I think the "If" starting the first sentence is making this come across differently than it should
• Grand Whale
https://i.imgur.com/hguU8FI.jpg - the invitation was from Helba and yes Saika was invited
https://i.imgur.com/9dV2xe1.jpg - bwuh?
• Integration 01
https://i.imgur.com/tt7E03z.jpg - accepted when he was invited? maybe that would be better as "sign in"
https://i.imgur.com/F0E2tRj.jpg - think this is meant to be "along" since they're planning a picnic an asking if they'll come
https://i.imgur.com/GQRervv.jpg - pretty sure thats not exactly what she says in the original scene?
https://i.imgur.com/muLsASO.jpg - thats a weird way to talk about Kamui
https://i.imgur.com/fTt3if2.jpg - callback to G.U. 10 & 13 its "Chim Doll" here but "Chim Plush Doll" in the inventory
https://i.imgur.com/nHs9E1p.jpg - could not follow this whole scene well at all

-> Mail
https://i.imgur.com/wQh0hg0.jpg - accidentally called Carl a him
https://i.imgur.com/g6EenK9.jpg - the K in Kite is lower case! Oh no!
https://i.imgur.com/xkjG6kT.jpg - got some text flowing offscreen here.
https://i.imgur.com/X1Qc3ZL.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/0M8SGJA.jpg - offscreen text in these as well
https://i.imgur.com/AHzxIr5.jpg - offscreen text and unless Posaune speaks in third person some of this reads strangely
https://i.imgur.com/wWzzbTo.jpg - mail names to long, maybe "Help my older brother" would fit more?
https://i.imgur.com/lQOH625.jpg - thinking making the second reply be "I'll look forward to the abilities of Kite's partner!" would sound more natural
https://i.imgur.com/qAezZMs.jpg - the "your" in the first reply should prolly be a "my" or even just an "a"
https://i.imgur.com/bz4jkGP.jpg - the first "I' here should be "I'll"
https://i.imgur.com/Eyi2zsL.jpg - this reply made sense up until these last two sentences O.o?
https://i.imgur.com/Rc8wQgk.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/QdXWuvr.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/t6RPVam.jpg - they assembled a monument? "tower"? "I think you believe there's a place to use the monument." ??? also "Coite-Bodher" is misspelled here
https://i.imgur.com/kAmRlaO.jpg - I'd add a "was" to the first line to make it "It seems I was used by him"
https://i.imgur.com/ZqwSoaZ.jpg - scared or scary? could go either way but I thought I'd put it out there
https://i.imgur.com/WEHkRRO.jpg - whats that last line mean?
https://i.imgur.com/MFiJIT3.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/tcNRVSx.jpg - that subject goes waaaay offscreen in both instances
https://i.imgur.com/4MLRUdX.jpg - this reply to one of Tabby's friendship mails still has some jp text left in it
https://i.imgur.com/U9Tewjd.jpg - the subjects wrong since she is asking Tokio out on an adventure
https://i.imgur.com/9120mBY.jpg - the last bit of the first reply option may be better off changing "your" to "a"
https://i.imgur.com/Do9aAD0.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/mVkQgbL.jpg - this mail and the replies dun feel like they belong together
https://i.imgur.com/XQ4gUbq.jpg - got some more offscreen text here
https://i.imgur.com/zfPHGs1.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/JbIWJ44.jpg - we've gots some offscreen text again, plus "The Machinator" has an extra quote mark at the start. also I think the "and Haseo... I intended to" needs a "him" after intended
https://i.imgur.com/yroym8t.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/lNbjEzv.jpg - the subjects too long again!
https://i.imgur.com/Lciaabt.jpg - the first reply choice is... huh?
https://i.imgur.com/dwGNH1K.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/G8wJd7B.jpg - I think this mails abit on the rigid sounding side. the replies to it as well
https://i.imgur.com/jIzitoI.jpg - more wandering セ@. these are a very recurring thing an I'm curious if they gots more ta do with code than text?
https://i.imgur.com/aXNF9qO.jpg - "The door blocking Aura is known in cyberspace" huh?
https://i.imgur.com/576zdRz.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/6IUEQbZ.jpg - a new case of a subject being to long but realistically what could it even be condensed to?
https://i.imgur.com/abuoojN.jpg - as with all things Cell this comes across strangely like she's talking about her two different selves but not?
https://i.imgur.com/YL5bNx2.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/ixjzcnB.jpg - to long! to long!
https://i.imgur.com/iA9xV7B.jpg - think the first "I" in the second reply is supposed to be a "You"
https://i.imgur.com/qutRKOJ.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/7nydlCG.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/Re1l0HN.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/Qun6oo7.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/Xx8j476.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/3532wqY.jpg - theres sooo much offscreening going on here
https://i.imgur.com/6xKRLa9.jpg - oops. some of that upper reply went outta the box.
https://i.imgur.com/kCiP5TA.jpg - that first sentence is abit backwards given their goal
https://i.imgur.com/2uRmcI4.jpg - this entire mail is long and full of some not so great wording. whole thing could use a lookover
https://i.imgur.com/QzHZyUd.jpg - dun get the second sentence here
https://i.imgur.com/V9hlRVX.jpg - there a random period after other and "forgot" should be "forget" maybe?
https://i.imgur.com/4a5YGtn.jpg - I'm really not following those first two sentences. also the subject is "Trust him" but idk who he's talking about
https://i.imgur.com/uc9k2dr.jpg - the subject gets cutoff abit inside the mail itself an this is happening alot. I'm wondering if subject, request, or both could be abbreviated in someway that'd make sense
https://i.imgur.com/7BSZi54.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/n8tuMcp.jpg - one of the replies to Kaede's first mails results in a subject thats out of bounds in a completely different way!
https://i.imgur.com/5Z2nSjn.jpg - in the subject whys 2 of the 3 words start with a capitalize letter? also theres a typo in the body "thonk" should be "think" right?
https://i.imgur.com/xYvJeLB.jpg - in the first reply "I" should be "you" and "my" should be "your"
https://i.imgur.com/oQLSoiu.jpg - did Ovan find Ovan?
https://i.imgur.com/hpi3dis.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/3md9Qam.jpg - another subject too long
https://i.imgur.com/rso2In4.jpg - to long here as well. also "Fluegel" has appaeared! whole rest of the game it had steadily been "Flugel". guess this mail got missed in one of the later editting passes
https://i.imgur.com/Q0gQ1JH.jpg - I read that first sentence as "Discipline is lacking on the Grand Whale, is it not, Tokio?" since the rest of its about implimenting rules an stuffs
https://i.imgur.com/am8DSqK.jpg - this things names just to long to fit!
https://i.imgur.com/K6NBMu0.jpg - think that first reply oughta start with "A" instead of "An"
https://i.imgur.com/UijKxIv.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/BvMXlH6.jpg - the #2 in the title gets cutoff here and "Fluegel" is back!
https://i.imgur.com/eQTV1gS.jpg - that first replys just alil to long
https://i.imgur.com/yQ5u9jY.jpg - "they" should maybe be "you"
https://i.imgur.com/xsLVKCg.jpg - I'm alil confused by his reply here
https://i.imgur.com/aZL5HIy.jpg - "An" should be "A"
https://i.imgur.com/RPPn4nB.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/XHOPaAc.jpg - "bone-field"? all throughout that episode they were calling it the "White Plain". also as seen in the second pic here, elsewhere in the Database its called the "Bone Prairie" o.o
https://i.imgur.com/SZ6DWoa.jpg - Silver lowercase knight!
https://i.imgur.com/eO2hrWY.jpg - huuuuhh??
https://i.imgur.com/nqGAwSq.jpg - Harald is misspelled

-> Database
• in general there seems ta be room for 40 characters (spaces included) within the borders here. and room for 7 lines total below the term names. so for instance:
https://i.imgur.com/X1IGoxp.jpg - adding a line break after "The World." would make this fit in all the more naturally

• theres abit of a recurring issue with some database entries: the term name is repeated twice which eats up one of the available lines.
https://i.imgur.com/6PDQZSo.jpg - here, "Saika Amagi." could be removed and free up that line.
[Saika Amagi]
A domineering girl who transferred to
Tokio's class. Age 14. Excellent grades
and reflexes. In order to return the
Akashic Records to normal, she sends
Tokio into The World and guides him in
a quest for Chrono Cores.
also restructuring each lines 40 character cut-off point allows it all to fit!

[The World R:X]
An online game published by CC Corp in
2020. Its previous fame was high and
accounts were drawn by lottery with
previous subscribers given priority.
Many users wanted accounts long after
service started and wait lists were as
long as six months.
I changed "It" to "Its" here btw.

[CC Corp.]
Its official name is CyberConnect, but
this abbreviation is commonly used. It
grew in size due to the popularity of
The World and became a large
international company.
changed some wording here since "usually called by its short form" sounded strange.

An occupation.
Each time a version changes, new jobs
are added and various play-styles can
be used depending on the
characteristics of each job.
changed "a new job is added" to "new jobs are added"

A place that serves as a base of
operations. When a players logs in or
returns from a field, they're always
transferred to a town. Towns have
facilities like quest shops and item
[Network Crisis]
A digital disaster.
A worldwide network problem that occurred
due to a virus. It caused damage to many
types of infastructure including finance,
communications, transportation and the
again we have redundancy here with "Network Crisis" used back to back

The mobile computer popularized by
students in 2019. It has versatility
comparable to that of a PC and
convenience similar to a game system.
Abundant color choices and custom skins
caught the hearts of users, selling about
110 million units worldwide.
had to shorten an re-write the heck outta this one but I feel that all the points are gotten across!

Only Tokio has this special ability to
synchronize with the spirit of friends
who adventure with him. During Unison,
Tokio can use the abilities of his Unison
partner and certain parameters will
swapped an "or" for an "and" here.

Creatures that can be raised on the ranch
of a Root Town, first appearing in R:1.
They grow by being fed various grunty
foods. With different foods, they can
grow into different kinds of adults.
Did alil rewriting here.

[.hack Works 3]
.hack//SIGN (Anime)
The story of the birth of the Ultimate AI
Aura. The awakening of The World's
Goddess begins as the hero - who cannot
log out - and his colleagues confront the
mysteries of The World.
removed an extra "the" that was in there and moved the "who cannot log out" part since otherwise it looks to imply that none of them can log out when its just the hero who can't.

[Data Drain]
The ability to modify and overwrite game
data. It is a powerful technique mainly
used by the owner of the Twilight
Bracelet. It is effective against non-spec
entities such as Data Bugs.
just making it all fit.

[Eight Phases]
Derived from the eight phases of the
Cursed Wave which appears in the Epitaph
of Twilight. They chased Aura as
Morganna's incarnations, and fought the
same as above.

Schicksal's No. 8. The Illusionist.
He hides his face behind a mask and acts
mysteriously. He is the only Schicksal
member to join on CC Corp's
since in a story scene Geist introduces himself as an Illusionist I replaced Magician. bumped recommendation down a line so it fits nice an proper to.

https://i.imgur.com/82T0pqB.jpg - nothing wrong here aside from "Operation Tetrapod." being redundant text

[Eight Phases Corbenik
Blocked by members of Operation Tetrapod
as the last of the Eight Phases.
While overwhelming Kite and the others
with its immense power, Lost Ones, led
by Aura, came to the rescue and
defeated Corbenik.
the first sentence is weird imo. I changed "his" to "its" and then just made the rest fit. also suggesting removing the "Eight Phases" part infront of Corbenik and Skeith's entries

The generic name for a normally impossible
phenomenon that occurs in The World.
Sentient data with the form of black
bubbles that amplifies a player's
emotions and makes them go crazy.
changed "foam" into "bubbles" here an made the rest fit

https://i.imgur.com/578v3r6.jpg - "Though she was linked with Tsukasa's mind in order to awaken, she awakened normally with Tsukasa's mind." can't make heads or tails of this but all the rest of this entry reads fine

https://i.imgur.com/e0RG33c.jpg - Orgels a fire-breather? who uses no weapons? an then theres all the rest of it. is this really talking about the same guy?

https://i.imgur.com/KQst86m.jpg - "Signs of the End" is that another name for the "Final Symbol"?

[Key of the Twilight]
A phantom item that is regarded as a
key that can grant desires. It is said
to exist in The World to lead it in
a better direction.
just took out the redundant first line. could also shorten it to "Key of Twilight" as the Roots/G.U. localizations did so it'd fit within the column on the left

[Stone Monument]
A non-spec item that should not exist in
The World. Haseo discovered that is
resonates with the pillars in the Lost
Ground, Coite-Bodher Battlefield.
shouldn't this be "Sacred Stone" (if not Virus Core)? anyways this fixes the spacing and I added "the Lost Ground" for alil more detail

[Mai Minase]
The former girlfriend of Tomonari Kasumi,
Sieg's player. She formed a relationship
with him and they were attacked together
in The World by Skeith Zero. Although
Tomonari became comatose, Mai
regained consciousness and unraveled
the truth in the real world.
more box fitting. plus I question the use of "relationship" over "party"

A guild run inside CC Corp. as the base of
the Serpent of Lore. The guildmaster is
Yata. The main members are Pi and Kuhn.
It was set up as a secret organization in
The World in order to investigate the
AIDA phenomenon among the general
PC population.
[Lost Grounds]
In the fragment era, these were created
based on the Epitaph of Twilight's
worldview, but were hidden after the
update to R:1. After they were
discovered one by one in R:2, they
became a hot topic among users, were
given official backstories by CC Corp.
had to shorten this abit so it'd all fit

https://i.imgur.com/MoBsUx1.jpg - wouldn't know how to abbreviate this any but wanted to point out how far outta bounds this entry name goes!

A guild composed only of Emporers. It
was founded by the first Demon Palace
Emporer, Antares. There is a strict no
non-Emporer policy and the members'
pride causes a lot of friction. The current
guildmaster is Taihaku. The core members
are Antares, Taihaku, Sirius, and Alkaid.
removed two mentions of Palace an renamed Taika to Antares to fix this one up!

https://i.imgur.com/xQDR20Q.jpg - that first sentence is just huh?? also shouldn't sickle be scythe going by G.U. terminology?

With this, an Epitaph User will be able
to call upon an Avatar's power. An
Avatar cannot be used right from the
start, but is mentally pursued. Each
person must fulfill certain conditions
before awakening as an Epitaph User
for the first time.
removed redundant word and rewrote just alil bit

[Seven Counsel]
A meeting of the seven captains of
Moon Tree. Zelkova, Sakaki and other
five other captains each lead a faction
within within the guild.
heavily rewrote this one cause that one really dun come across right to me

[Vagrant AI]
An experimental being produced by
trial and error in order to create the
Ultimate AI. The official opinion of
CC Corp., is that they're simply bugs
or have been put into the server by
hackers and are subject to deletion.
changed just alil bit and made it fit

A place in Warring City Lumina Cloth
where players can compete against each
other. There are three palaces: the
Demon Palace, the Holy Palace, and the
Sage Palace. The strongest player in
each reigns as the Palace Emporer.
see? Warring City! anyways this oughta fit now

[Lumina Cloth]
A Town made during the update to R:2,
known as the Warring City. As its name
suggests, it contains the Arena, a
public facility were adventurers compete
for power and fame.
the first bit sounded redundant so I rewrote it

[Real Digitalize]
A technology that sends humans into a
game alive. Those who enter the game,
will, in theory, be able to live forever
as a pure mental form without a physical
body. However, there are no successful
cases except for those who are
booted that first line an got the to fit

[.hack Works 10]
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet
(Manga/Anime). A story that takes place
four years after .hack (Game). A new
legend begins in The World when Shugo
and Rena are selected to receive Kite
and BlackRose PCs.
made this fit!

https://i.imgur.com/n8IAVi8.jpg - that first sentence is just huh?? last ones also alil ?

https://i.imgur.com/I02KLuM.jpg - Tri-edge returns!

[.hack Works 12]
.hack//CELL (Novel)
It follows Midori, a player who works as
a Professional Victim alongside Adamas.
In time, she realizes that her
perceptions of her real self and her PC
self are misaligned.
that'll do

A Lord Partizan in Moon Tree. He leads
the fourth division which conducts
information gathering. He is another PC
used by Yata.
changed the second line a little

[Forest of Pain]
A limited time solo quest published
in 2016 as a dungeon in which a player
must overcome harsh conditions in order
to obtain a mighy power in a short
amount of time.
changed abit an made it fit!

https://i.imgur.com/0lSQsL8.jpg - at this point I think "Tri-edge" has been used far more times than "Tri-Edge" e.e;

Has the nickname Kaochin in the Shadows
as a Chaotic PK. Dislikes the Crimson
Knights and stalked its leader, Subaru.
He has the same PC type as Subaru and
this seems to be why he bares ill will
towards her.
changes "stands alone" to "in the Shadows", "surveilled" to "stalked", and "central figure" to "leader"

[Immortal Dusk]
Immortal Dusk, which Jyotaro Amagi
advocated and Geist carried out, was a
plan to forcibly apply Real
Digitalization to all humans using the
ultimate AI, Aura.
fixed the forcibly typo an made the rest fit

Outer Dependency Syndrome. A dangerous
condition that develops in those who have
been Real Digitalized for too long.
After causing headaches, dizziness, and
coma, finally it breaks down the mind.
think this'd be a good way of making it all fit cleanly

https://i.imgur.com/YFOr7gD.jpg - everythings fine aside from the pointless first line "Terminal Disc".

An informant with a monkey-like beast PC.
His fees are somewhat high, but he uses
these funds as Gord's errand-runner.
However, this does not mean obeying
against his will. Rather he did it of his
own free will.
gotta say that last sentence doesn't make alot of sense to me but it fits now in any case

[.hack Works 17]
.hack//G.U. Returner (Anime)
An OVA that is included on the DVD of the
.hack//G.U. (Game) Rebirth Special
Edition. A story that takes place after
the games. Haseo, Shino and others
appear together.
the first sentence is kinda inaccurate since Returner came way after Rebirth not with it

https://i.imgur.com/BL2RyJ5.jpg - I'd cut out that redundant "Ayaka Amaki." part but thats just me

https://i.imgur.com/t2lJ5N8.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/dx63bMB.jpg - I dun get why theres 2 entries for the same thing but zombies?? also, could prolly cut the "Three" part cause it doesn't add anything an causes outta bounds to happen

https://i.imgur.com/wHrzMiq.jpg - could prolly drop "Aura" from the entry name. I think by this point we get its refering to her anyways

https://i.imgur.com/UsXUsBY.jpg - got another of those redundant first lines in there

[Avatar Space]
A name for a special space that
exists outside of the specifications of
The World.
bumped down the last bit just ta make it cleanly fit. also dumped the "Data space." part

[Akashic Line]
A closed-beta net game started in 2014
that lasted for 3 months. It was invented
by Jyotaro Amagi in order to test
Real Digitalization. Through this
experiment, Jyotaro succeeded in
Real Digitalizing the then 8-year-old
Tokio for a few seconds.
added a couple extra words to line 3 and got all the rest fitting in

CC Corp's second president. He is the
owner of Schicksal and gives orders
through a monitor. Although he seems
rather arrogant and calls himself a
genius, he shows respect and humility
to those who are competent.
no outta bounds now!

Belongs to CC Corp's 2nd Security Admin.
Dept. Due to a fire at CC Corp in 2015,
the temporarily stopped RA Plan was
resumed with the plan of reproducing
the Ultimate AI.
I made this all fit but I think it needs a rewrite? sure the RA Plan was stopped in 2015, but this makes it sound like thats when it was resumed, when actually Kazumi resumed it in 2017

[.hack Works 1]
.hack//Epitaph of Twilight (Novel)
A work that focuses on the online epic
poem the Epitaph of Twilight. Harald's
niece, Lara, logs into The World of the
Epitaph of Twilight and plays as the
little witch Saya.
no more going slightly outta bounds now!

-> F-Skits
I know these are super low priority so instead of posting tons of pics I'm just gonna note ones I feel should have a look over should anyone feel like delving back into 'em to fix 'em up. These include things like random japanese characters, typos/grammar issues, and lines coming from one character that feel like they should have been coming from another. Basically these can be either a little hard to follow or nearly incomprehensible.

- Grunty's Room
Tsukasa & Bear [Counsel]
Tsukasa, Mimiru & Subaru [Support]
Tsukasa, Mimiru & Bear [Appearance and Substance]
Shugo & Hotaru [Not Enough]
Shugo, Rena & Hotaru [The Secret to Popularity]

- Crimson Knights @HOME
Mimiru & Subaru [FRIENDS]
Tsukasa & Silver Knight [Bounds of the Heart]
Silver Knight & Crim [The Way of the Knights]
Subaru & BT [A Woman's Pride]
Subaru & Bear [There Is No Love Like A Parent's]

- Net Slum
Kite & Blackrose [I Want a Nickname!]
Kite & Mistral [A Housewife's Pleading]
Kite & Orca [Real Final Boss]
Kite & Balmung [Secret of the Birth]
Kite & Helba [The Strongest Combo Formation?]
Kite & Elk [Incorrect Knowledge]
Kite & Mia [Cat Toy?]
Kite & Terajima Ryoko [A Lady's Request]
Kite & Sanjuro [New Hero]
Kite & Rachel [A Hero's Intuition]
Kite & Marlo [Right of Self-defense]
Balmung & Wiseman [The Old Belief is the Sa (??)]
Kite, Blackrose & Balmung [A Brave Player]
Kite, Blackrose & Orca [A Meeting of Stars]
Kite, Blackrose & Terajima Ryoko [Fickle Hearts]
Helba, Wiseman & Lios [Cornered]
Kite, Blackrose, Orca & Balmung [Two Nicknames]
Helba & Cubia [The Servant's House]

- Among Thorns
Kite & Tri-Edge [Telepathy] ****
Midori & Tri-Edge [Lending and Borrowing] ****
Haseo & Tri-Edge [Companion of Fate]
Phyllo & Tri-Edge [Former Marauder]
Azure Balmung & Azure Orca [Indecipherable] (broken, after Azure Balmung's first line)

- Twilight Brigade's @HOME
Haseo & Shino [No Match]
Haseo & Tabby [A Convenient Man]
Haseo & Midori [Provocation and Defiance]
Haseo & Phyllo [A Slow Time]
Atoli & Shino [Black and White]
Shino & Phyllo [The Place I Want To Be]
Phyllo & Sakisaka [Two Eloquent People]
Tabby, Phyllo & Sakisaka [After the Affair]
Haseo, Shino & Tabby [In Contrast to Words]
Haseo, Tabby & Phyllo [A Soft-spoken Man]
Haseo, Sakisaka & Ender [Critical Situation]
Haseo & Ovan [Returner]
Ovan & Phyllo [A Red Gift]
Ovan & Bset [A Shrewd Woman]
Ovan & Gord [Rematch]

- Canard's @HOME
Silabus & Atoli [The Person Behind the Rumors]
Silabus & Gaspard [Rumors and Truth]
Kuhn & Atoli [Because He's Popular]
Kuhn & Gaspard [Tears of Joy
Haseo & Atoli [Like Spring Lambs]
Haseo & Bo [Presents Were a Huge Success]
Haseo & Pi [Cheeky Kid]
Haseo & Kuhn [High-pressure Salesmanship]
Haseo & Gaspard [Winner's Privileges]
Haseo, Silabus & Gaspard [Established Reputation]
Haseo, Silabus & Bo [A Past That Won't Die?]
Haseo & Endrance [Popular Nuisance]

- Moon Tree's @HOME
Pi & Zelkova [Charging Up the Mood]
Haseo & Sakaki [Water and Oil]
Haseo & Kaede [The One Who Always Needs Help]
Haseo & Hiiragi [The Flames of Jealousy]
Zelkova & Hiiragi [I'm Not Interested!]
Matsu & Hiiragi [A Lady's Boundaries]
Matsu & Sophora [The State of Management?]
Hiiragi & Sophora [Beautiful Investigator]
Sakaki, Zelkova & Kaede [Erroneous Result]
Zelkova, Matsu & Hiiragi [Title Mania]
Sakaki & Kazubolo [Contrarian]

- Kestrel's @HOME
Kuhn & Gabi [Epicureanセ@]
Ovan & Gabi [Sworn Brother]
Nanase & Gabi [How Everyone Passes]
Gabi & Bordeaux [Fleeting Beauty]
Negimaru & Grein [Unusual]
Kuhn, Gabi & Bordeaux [If You Become Leader]
Gabi, Bordeaux & Grein [A Mundane Man]
Bordeaux, Negimaru & Grein [Negimaru's Misunderstanding]
Gabi, Bordeaux, Negimaru & Grein [Who's the Deputy?]

- Icolo's @HOME
Haseo & Antares [Surpass Your Master!!]
Alkaid & Taihaku [A Popular Person's Mission]
Haseo, Alkaid & Antares [Proper Palace Conditions]
Haseo, Alkaid & Sirius [Why You Chose It]
Haseo, Phyllo & Antares [If You Open the Lid]
Alkaid, Taihaku & Sirius [Emporer Throne's Glory]
Alkaid, Antares, Taihaku & Sirius [Achieve!]
Endrance & Taihaku [Careful Preparation]
Endrance & Sirius [Reason for Declining]
Endrance, Alkaid, Taihaku & Sirius [Cause of Defeat]

- Aina's Room
Shino & Ovan [A World For Two]
Haseo & Haseo B-st [Self-Council]
Ovan & Haseo B-st [How to Train Beasts]
Ovan & Tri-Edge [Scapegoat]
Ovan & Azure Balmung [The Reason for Leeway]
Ovan & Azure Orca [For You]
Cubia, Ovan, Tri-Edge & Flugel [A Gathering of Worthy Opponents] ****

Balmung & Sanjuro [A Lovable Performance]
Balmung & Seig [End of a Legend]
Blackrose & Kazu [Apprentice Becomes Master]
Blackrose & Chimney [An Unusual Hobby]
Carl, Alph & Seig [The Heart of a Rumor]
Orca & Balmung [I Don't Want to Imagine]
Balmung & Ouka [A Fight in Common!]
Balmung & Shugo [Aiming to Overthrow the Master!]
Shugo & Rena [Ideals and Reality]
Shugo & Mireille [2nd-Gen Hunter]
Shugo & Komiyan III [Bad Influence = New Friend]
Balmung & Rena [The Truth Behind Reality]
Sanjuro & Rena [A Sister's Concern]
Rena & Komiyan III [Law & Order]
Shugo, Rena & Ouka [Puberty]
Shugo, Rena & Komiyan III [A Troublesome Combo]
Albireo & Balmung [A Private Talk]
Albireo & Orca [A Partner Your Can Trust]
Midori & Adamas [Fateful Transaction]
Haseo & Ender [Paying It Back Twofold]
Naobi & Ender [Next Target]
Tabby & Seisaku (h) [Impact is Important]
Seisaku (h) & Hideyo (h) [You Won't Serve Me!]
Tabby & Cashmere [Nothing Venture, Nothing Gained セ@]
Wool & Cashmere [Cocky Little Brother]
Silabus & Midori [Under Such A Star]
Kuhn & Cashmere [Beginner Course + α]
Haseo, Pi, Kuhn & Yata [Uncertain About the Future?]
Midori & Gaspard [Awakened Beast]
Pi & Gord [ I Want to Fight Someone Strong]
Phyllo & Gord [Dreams and Reality]
Kite & Shugo [The Difference Between Two People]
Pi & Saburou [It's Not Your Concern]
Haseo & Saburou [A Bystander]
Endrance & Alkaid [Hope For Revenge!]
Tohto & Saburou [A Fresh Start]
Tabby, Seisaku (b) & Hideyo (b) [Soothing Colors]
Haseo, Saku & Endrance [Fate's Outcome]

- Schicksal's @HOME
Tabby & Klarinette [The Big Serving the Small?)
Pi & Klarinette [I Won't Lose Next Time!]
Saku & Klarinette [That Doesn't Scare Me]
Flugel, Cello & Klarinette [The Lazy Leader's Assertion]
Sakaki & Flugel [Changing Sales Tactics]

- Saika's Room
Mimiru & Blackrose [Little Difference]
Blackrose & Mistral [By Appointment Only]
Mistral & Mireille [Similar Parents and Kids]
Blackrose, Mistral & Natsume [The Secret to Love]
Blackrose & Rena [Shuffle?]
Rena & Mireille [Girls Are Pragmatic]
Rena & Ouka [Relationship With Master]
Pi & Atoli [The Enemy Appears]
Atoli & Alkaid [A Straightforward Approach]

**** = these cannot be viewed at all, as they force the psp to shutdown crash-toli style >_<

-> Other
https://i.imgur.com/1OIwQrF.jpg - %sMB of free space? the install size is 860mb so thats prolly what it should say.
https://i.imgur.com/qP1oTml.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/PnR3ven.jpg - the server symbols are mixed up now
https://i.imgur.com/g96FhGI.jpg - this tutorial text should be updated to change "Magic" to "Magician's" (or the reverse should happen)
https://i.imgur.com/8hkrLHv.jpg - "1 Time 3 Minute"? "16 Body"??
https://i.imgur.com/5bAFGxK.jpg - this should be "Relic" not "Ruined"
https://i.imgur.com/IsVV9cQ.jpg - I believe this should say "Chrono Chip" instead of Cores
https://i.imgur.com/rvtjPxo.jpg - neat! noticed these got shortened! most fit pretty nicely now although I guess there are some odd ones outta bounds yet.
https://i.imgur.com/nHy2JI6.jpg - speaking of outta bounds
https://i.imgur.com/hLCkYHe.jpg - now it should stop?
https://i.imgur.com/8O4xJEY.jpg - should be "Celestial" not "Azure"
https://i.imgur.com/AcFmupU.jpg - we're trying to select a knight not an era
https://i.imgur.com/NwieRK5.jpg - not that it matters much but is it supposed to be simply "Pun Enthusiast' or "Bad Pun Enthusiast"?
https://i.imgur.com/n8BSjKZ.jpg - maybe cut this skills name short to just "Biting Fang" or abbreviate the latter chunk to "ASC"?
https://i.imgur.com/G7HB8CK.jpg - theres no space between Title & Obtained here either!
https://i.imgur.com/HWRljUH.jpg - Broom/Bloom
https://i.imgur.com/S7wRYuC.jpg - quite the overflowing skill name!
https://i.imgur.com/IME3g0C.jpg - should be "Warring" not "Battle". ya even actually have it as "Warring" in the database entry so~
https://i.imgur.com/w8C0KuL.jpg - suggest renaming these to Beginner's Text, Intermediate Text, and Master's Text so they fit and tie-in with what they were called in the G.U. games localization
https://i.imgur.com/7etOsK4.jpg - Piko/Peaco
https://i.imgur.com/CCPhg3x.jpg - got a stray katakana and @ here
https://i.imgur.com/e5K4AGW.jpg - should "The start town" be "The starting town" ?
https://i.imgur.com/oHvfyQ5.jpg - セ@ shows up again
https://i.imgur.com/FrjaVdW.jpg - looks like this abilities description got cut off!
https://i.imgur.com/bssAEGb.jpg - out the what?
https://i.imgur.com/aYYbgGy.jpg - Tin Plate Mainspring/Fern
https://i.imgur.com/YqMWGB1.jpg - this doesn't come across very clearly
https://i.imgur.com/PNy7CWV.jpg - in the Database, Twilight Brigade is abbreviated as "Twi. Brigade" doing the same here may make it fit better
https://i.imgur.com/TF5DtPn.jpg - couple of things running outta space here
https://i.imgur.com/7D7d9dX.jpg - セ@ strikes the f-skit menu for a third time!
https://i.imgur.com/ELnPtqP.jpg - this sounds kinda rigid. hows about "Here, you can use Virus Cores to copy and activate 1 UPC ability to Tokio."
https://i.imgur.com/IlFTIGW.jpg - could there be anyway to abbreviate the beasts name o.o?
https://i.imgur.com/5sM5n2b.jpg - for every character that gets or upgrades this ability when ranking up it always ends up outta space
https://i.imgur.com/oRjCgTN.jpg - I did it! but that oughta be "obtained"!
https://i.imgur.com/AALpiaQ.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/yrbixOT.jpg - here we gots "Non-Existence" / "The Anti-existance" while the Mail that unlocks this episodes titled "Anti-Existence". which it be?
https://i.imgur.com/EKjz5fd.jpg - think this oughta be titled "Special Person"
https://i.imgur.com/PncZByx.jpg - another in a long line of *thing(no space here)obtained*. basically any wallpaper/title/link card background get prompt'll look like this
https://i.imgur.com/1wLOgdK.jpg - looks like the "Moment Medal" is being called "Setsuna's Medal" in this popup
https://i.imgur.com/bHjyoYu.jpg - an in this one "Surging Wave Medal" is called "Surging Waves Medal"
https://i.imgur.com/nXOHwWv.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/aDNNyxq.jpg - these skill names are much to loooooooong
https://i.imgur.com/zu9GaWD.jpg - here's another odd titling thing. in both the Mail and Title related to this episode are called "Prisoners of Charon #1"
https://i.imgur.com/T268rjF.jpg - Harald is misspelled here
https://i.imgur.com/PeSW5ns.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/UPnfRhs.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/z49ZWjR.jpg - sooo is this facility the "Admin. Account", "Management Register", or "Account Management" o.o?
https://i.imgur.com/wgmd5Ea.jpg - how come this is the only Suite Room that doesn't say in the black space at the bottom?
https://i.imgur.com/WHhsvU6.jpg - the Mail for this episode titles in "World Ended by a Wave" which sounds much better than what this says
https://i.imgur.com/9dQIlSD.jpg - similarly, the Mail for this ones "Birth of a New Palace Emperor"
also the Cervan-Beater, Cow Killer, I Bear Your Poko-tan, Evac Medic, Gerango Hunter Titles all say they're from the "Lawless Fort" while the Mail calls in "Outlaw Fort". the former is accurate of that quests name in G.U. so in this case the Mail should have its subject updated
oh and the "Pun Enthusiast" Title says its from "Guerrilla Live" while in the Mail its "Guerilla Live"

-> Link Play
https://i.imgur.com/Kni58Oo.jpg - feel like the "○" should be changed to a "-"
https://i.imgur.com/6pGFpNW.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/chZma9w.jpg - "Flow" or "Follow"? also should Cross Rengeki and UC Finisher swap positions in the second pic to match their positions in the first?
https://i.imgur.com/VMDSjIR.jpg - bit of texts flowing outta its box here
https://i.imgur.com/mfyQzVB.jpg - think the second part'd be better described as "lives lost" or something
https://i.imgur.com/Jk65bCq.jpg - even more outta box text!
https://i.imgur.com/VspIwm6.jpg / https://i.imgur.com/XWarp3s.jpg - found a couple more bugged out monster names in Normal / Hard of Link Play. I'm almost positive those numbers should not be displaying

The time for screencaps has passed. We're going on a deep dive into terminology inconsistencies. Some of which I've called out earlier, an a bunch of new ones!

-> Abilities
Max HP Petit+: Increases the max HP limit.
Max HP Up Increases HP to max.
Max HP Up 2 Increases HP to max.
Max HP Up 3 Increases HP to max.
Max HP Up 4: Increases the max HP limit.
Max HP Up 5: Increases the max HP limit.
- Up/2/3 have a different description from Petit+/4/5. I feel the latter ones more descriptive. I also think the "Max" part of their names should be cut since the "Attack" & "Defense" abilities don't have "Max" in their names. Should "Max HP Petit+" be changed to "Petit HP Up" to make it uniform with other "Petit" abilities? None of them aside from "Max SP Petit+" have a "+" in their names.

Max SP Petit+: Increases the max SP limit.
Max SP Up: Increases SP to max.
Max SP Up 2: Increases SP to max.
Max SP Up 3: Increases SP to max.
Max SP Up 4: Increases the max SP limit.
Max SP Up 5: Increases the max SP limit.
- What I said for the HP stuff? Same deal here.

Attack Petit Up: Increases physical and magical attack.
Attack Up: Increases physical and magical attack.
Attack Up 2: Increases physical and magical attack.
Attack Up 3: Increases physical and magical attack.
Attack Up 4: Increases physical and magical attack.
Attack Power Up 5: Increases physical and magical attack.
- Whys the last one add "Power" into its name?

SP Petit Consumption Reduction: Reduces the amount of SP consumed when you use a skill.
SP Consumption Reduction: Reduces the amount of SP consumed when you use a skill.
SP Consumption Reduction 2: Reduces the amount of SP consumed when you use a skill.
SP Consumption Reduction 3: Reduces the amount of SP consumed when you use a skill.
- These names are far too long to fit within any screen/border/whatever they're displayed in. I'd suggest something like "SP Cost Reduction".

Petit Grit Your Teeth: Protects against weakness in combat once in one area (Small HP Recovery
Grit Your Teeth: Protects against weakness in combat once in one area (Small HP Recovery
- The description isn't very descriptive, and the descriptions don't fully fit within the window/border/etc. "Auto-Revives with 10% HP once per area." for the Petit version and "Auto-Revives with 20% HP once per area." for the normal version would work.

Feelings in a Shield: Physical and magical defense increases as affection grows.
Feelings in a Shield 2: Physical and magical defense increases as degree of affection grows.
Feelings in a Blade: Physical and magical attack increases as degree of affection grows.
Feelings in a Blade 2: Physical and magical attack increases as degree of affection grows.
- Seems the first ones missing the "degree of" part.

Petit Q-Break: It becomes easier to break the enemy.
Q-Break: It becomes easier to break the enemy.
Q-Break 2: It becomes easier to break the enemy.
Q-Break 3: It becomes easier to break the enemy.
- Feel like the end of these could be "enemies shield."

D-Combat: When you take damage from an enemy, restore a certain amount of SP.
D-Combat 2: When you take damage from an enemy, restore a certain amount of SP.
- Dun understand what "D-Combat" means. Damage Combat? Should it be "D-Convert" instead? Since its converting damage taken to SP? Also the description'd prolly read better as "Restores a percentage of SP when you take damage from an enemy."

Petit Sleep Attack: You have a chance to cause a sleep effect when you hit with a normal att
Sleep Attack: You have a chance to cause a sleep effect when you hit with a normal att
Sleep Attack 2: You have a chance to cause a sleep effect when you hit with a normal att
Sleep Attack 3: You have a chance to cause a sleep effect when you hit with a normal att
Petit Confusion Attack: You have a chance to cause a confusion effect when you hit with a normal
Confusion Attack: You have a chance to cause a confusion effect when you hit with a normal
Confusion Attack 2: You have a chance to cause a confusion effect when you hit with a normal
Confusion Attack 3: You have a chance to cause a confusion effect when you hit with a normal
Petit Poison Attack: You have a chance to cause a poison effect when you hit with a normal a
Poison Attack: You have a chance to cause a poison effect when you hit with a normal a
Poison Attack 2: You have a chance to cause a poison effect when you hit with a normal a
Poison Attack 3: You have a chance to cause a poison effect when you hit with a normal a
Part of the Training: You have a chance to cause poison or confusion effect when you hit wit
Revolving Fang and Full Moon: Perform a circular sweeping attack by pressing the Circle Button while i
- Each of these descriptions are too long to be fully displayed & readable. Granted its not hard ta guess what they say (save for the last one) but still.

Max HP Petit+
Max SP Petit+
Attack Petit Up
Defense Petit Up
SP Petit Consumption Reduction
Petit Q-Trigger
Petit I-Boost
Petit Grit Your Teeth
Petit Q-Break
Petit HP Drain
Petit SP Drain
Petit Sleep Attack
Petit Confusion Attack
Petit Poison Attack
Petit Treasure Hunter
- Most of the Petit series begins with the Petit at the start of the name. Should the few that don't be changed to that format? ex: "Petit HP Up", "Petit SP Up", "Petit Attack Up", "Petit Defense Up", "Petit SP Cost Reduction".

-> Wallpaper
Format as follows
wallpaper description ~ mail name ~ title description
Non-Existence ~ Anti-Existence ~ The Anti-existence
Charon's Prisoners #1 ~ Prisoners of Charon #1 ~ n/a
Help My Brother! ~ Helping Your Old Broth(?) ~ n/a (personally feel the wallpaper versions best)
In a Dream ~ In a Dream ~ In A Dream
Kazumi's Error ~ Kazumi's Mistake ~ n/a
Ovan's Wish ~ Ovans' Wish ~ n/a
Immature Choice #1 ~ Midori's Choice #1 ~ n/a
Immature Choice #2 ~ Midori's Choice #2 ~ Midori's Choice #2

-> Music
17: Grassy Plateau = Green Highland
19: Large Fortress = Great Stronghold
20: Large Wetlands = Major Marshland
21: Volcano Civilization = Volcano City
23: Link Play Dungeon = Organization?
24: Link Play Join Area = Lobby?
50: Harold = Harald
68: Nuke Live = Guerilla Live?
72: Skeleton Plain = "bone-field" (mail from balmung)? "White Plain" (database)? "Bone Prairie" (title)? 4 terms for the Epitaph of Twilight event Area's abit much~

-> Titles
Format as follows:
name on the list ~ name in the description space
Note: names on the list are what is actually displayed when "equipped" on Tokio
Note 2: a bunch of them retain their list name in the description box, so those are only written in once

Enemy Hunter
True Enemy Hunter ~ New Enemy Hunter
Extreme Enemy Hunter ~ Adept Enemy Hunter
New PKK ~ Beginner PKK
Enemy of a PK ~ Enemy of PKs
Terror of Death
PK Stopper
Bearer of Order ~ Supporter of Order
Adventurer's Gaurdian Angel ~ Guardian of Adventurers
Cervan-Beater ~ Cervantes Beater
Cow Killer ~ Kaochin Killer
I Bear Your Poko-tan ~ Defeated Pokotan
Evac Medic ~ One Who Buries Ibaku
Gerango Hunter
Gabi's Best Friend ~ Gabi's Sworn Friend
Untrained Samurai ~ Incompetent Samurai
Useless Daimyo ~ Useless Feudal Lord
Dying General ~ Commander-in-Chief of Dying
Chicken Rascal ~ Chicken
Death Wish ~ Eager To Let Die
Death Bringer ~ One Who Spreads Death
Sonic Slide
XR Master ~ Cross Rengeki Master
New Guild Leader ~ Puny Guild Leader
Small Guild Leader
Medium Guild Leader
Large Guild Leader
Leader of the Twilight Knights ~ Twilight Knights' Leader
Result Ace
Result Master
Novice Adventurer
I Love Treasure
Treasure Love
Mimiru Stormtrooper ~ Mimiru's Troopers
R-Digitize ~ Real Digitalizer
Silver Knights ~ Knights of Love
Last Orleans
Cobalt Gale Squad ~ Fierce Gale Squad
Love Strike Squad ~ Battle Passion Squad
Treasure Hunters
Brave Heart ~ Brave Hearts
Guardian of Order
Twin Gigas ~ Twin Geeks
Knights-Errant ~ Errant Knights
Neohackers ~ Neo-hackers
Paw Mania ~ Paw Enthusiast
Leading Stars
Remedial Teacher ~ Teacher's Special Education
Girls Bravo
Magnificent Twin Dragons ~ Dragon Blossom's Splendor
Death Bringer ~ Bringer of Death (this was already used as a title name...)
Soul of Peace
Twilight Shine
Saku and Her Amusing Minions ~ Fun With Queen Saku
Bo and Friends
Beautiful Rose Blade Corps ~ Lovely Rose Specimen
Blade of Dawn ~ Vanguard of Dawn
Twin Star Destroyer ~ Turning Creation
Seeker of Twilight ~ Searcher of the Twilight
Cheerful Kids
Chronomaster ~ Chrono Master
Hell Debuggers
Charming Benten Troupe ~ Beautiful Goddess Troupe
Wrath of the Beast ~ Wrath of Beast
Apprentice Twin Blade ~ Apprentice Knight
Full-Fledged Twin Blade ~ Fully Fledged Knight
Twin Blade Gale ~ Swift Knight
Twin Blade Skill ~ Skilled Knight
Time-Travelling Twin Blade ~ Knight Who Goes Beyond The Past
High-Aiming Twin Blade ~ Knight Who Aims For The Sky
Time-Connecting Twin Blade ~ Knight Who Links Time
Soaring Twin Blade ~ Soaring Knight
World-Ruling Twin Blade ~ Knight Who Rules The World
Rich Kid
Bonbon Prince ~ Young Prince
Good Talker ~ Good at Chatting
Ace Salesman ~ Shrewed Salesman
Legendary Catch ~ Legendary Talker
Man-Eater ~ Man-Admirer
Super-Man-Eater ~ Super Man-Admirer
Mega-Super-Men-Eater ~ Ultra Man-Admirer
Ladies-Man ~ Woman-Admirer
Super-Ladies-Man ~ Super Woman-Admirer
Mega-Super-Ladies-Man ~ Ultra Woman-Admirer
Fledgling Merchant ~ Novice Shopkeeper
Notorious Peddler ~ Famous Peddler
God of Commerce
Fashionable★Kid ~ Fashion Apprentice
Fashionable★Star ~ Fashion Star
Fashionable★Charisma ~ Fashion Icon
Wallpaper Squad ~ I Want To Collect Wallpaper
Wallpaper Collectors ~ Wallpaper Collector
Wallpaper Guru ~ Wallpaper Collection Master
BGM Lover ~ I Love BGM
BGM Collector
Walking BGM Encyclopedia ~ Walking BGM Encyclopediaセ@
Pun Enthusiast ~ Bad Pun Enthusiast
Hero Formed of a Bond ~ Bond-forming Hero
Fog-Clearing Hero ~ Fog-banishing Hero
Flower Admiring Warrior ~ Flower-loving Warrior
Visitors of Zero ~ Client Zero
Twilight Blessing ~ Blessed by Twilight
Beaten Shop Apprentice ~ Professional Victim Apprentice
Guest of Canard
Master En FC Membership ~ Master En Fan Club Member
Cat Lover
Novice PKK
Dark Novice ~ Dark Newcomer
Friend of Chaos
Saniwa ~ Judge of The World
Beginning of the Tower Climber ~ Beginner Champion
Link of the Tower Climber ~ Connection Champion
End of the Tower Climber ~ End Champion
Fledgling Player ~ Young Player
Up-and-Coming Player ~ Grown-up Player
Veteran Player

- I dun got the final 3 Titles cause they're related to having a buncha Link Cards. I do wonder what they're called however!! I assume they were translated soooo lemme know? Some of the "list" names I like better such as XR Master, while some of the "description" names I like better such as Incompetent Samurai. And some... I don't feel work either way such as Link of the Tower Climber ~ Connection Champion (??). Not gonna display bias by pointing out each an every one I like more, or noting all the ones I think sound strange. This is a hefty list which could use some cleanup as a whole. But like the wallpaper/music stuff I imagine an would agree that these are low priority changes.

An with this I think there's nothing left in the v1.0.2 fanslation patch to cover here! To outsiders looking in who haven't played through it yet, this list may look huge and imposing an may leave ya questioning the translation? Well lemme just say that the stuff listed heres a tiny tiny fraction of the overall game! Hundreds (thousands?!) of lines of story text, item descriptions, etc. read perfectly well an get the point of thing across just fine! Alot of really good work was done here which shouldn't be disregarded ^_^!
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Re: .hack//LINK Unofficial Fan Translation Project

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It's been a while.

So I noticed that the last patch was posted a while back and I decided to try it out but when I patched it, I noticed that some text that was enligsh actually went back to Japanese and some text that was Japanese didn't change to English. Mainly the emails among others.

Did I do something wrong?
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Re: .hack//LINK Unofficial Fan Translation Project

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Maybe you should use APK Mod for that
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