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Post by kate3456 »

hi i have two .hack books but i haven't read legend of the twlight or watch the amine.

i have volume 1 to 6 of .hack //roots.

but i don't have volume 2 to 4.
kate. :)
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Re: hi

Post by TheSorrow »

First of all, you don't have to make a poll everytime you make a new topic, you can just ignore that part and post the topic with the rest of the information. I say it because you seem to fill the poll with irrelevant information to your topic, and your topics would look better without such unrelated poll.

Now, you posted this in the Legend of the Twilight Bracelet section, and yet claim to have never read the manga or watched the anime, and proceeded to talk about Roots instead. This makes your topic as an off-topic. If you want to talk about Roots, you can do so in the Roots section. And for discussions like this, it would be better for you just to reply to already-existing topics and give your opinion on them as a reply, not make a whole new topic about something that the others members will have nothing to talk about on it.

Before you make more topics, i invite you to read other topics from other members, and try to participate in them by replying things that would be relevant to the discussion in progress. Making new random topics about what .Hack material you have with nothing more to discuss won't get you anywhere.