The "I beat Volume 2!" thread

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Re: The "I beat Volume 2!" thread

Post by little_man »

Zer0 wrote:Congratulations! Now we can fight about when Volume 3 will come out.

What did you think about the final scene?  Wasn't it creepy when Ovan just came out of nowhere? It scared me to death.
Give me a couple of days.. then I will comment about this.
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Post by jowyz »

Well, i was shocked initally when i played the JAP version,  when Ovan just popped out behind Haseo. Atoli was like seeing a ghost.......

Actually,  the Ovan fight wasn't difficult for me, cause i brought Pi and Atoli with me when i confronted him, and they were spamming their skills on him, so i got plenty of chances for Rengeki, though Ovan's tri-edge attack hurts alot, it was about 700-1000.

Level was 100, time about 50 hours, inlcusive of all the side quests + Ryu Books.
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Post by The*true*Terror Of Death »

Zer0 wrote:Remember people. Take it slow. Don't Zoom through the game.
thnk you zero... nobody seems to get that its always "i beat it before you..." or such crap..... i didnt read spoilers cause im playing it myself right now but i think at the end either   ovan or sakaki end up faceing judgement cause i know ovan has a hand in wats goin on....
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Post by evll33t »

i finally beat the game i'm so tired now i'm going to go rest *faints*.
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Post by Bulletcatcher »

I've beaten the story line at around 18 hours.

I liked the ending, though I already saw the Japanese version a long time ago. The voice acting for that last scene was pretty nice, in my opinion. xD
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Post by mr.classybear »

About 23 hous, but i also unlocked everyone exept Sakubo's lost weapons.
Beat Ovan with Atoli and Endrance at lvl 86.

Edit: I just got sakubo's ^.^
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Post by Panthers »

I beat it in around 29 hours, I totally forgot to unlock the weapons, and to beat my doppleganger. lol! I was so enthralled with the story I wanted to see experience more! I'm so bad.. ^^;; The ending suprised me. It was worth it with how they did it! :D
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Post by Lysergic »

I beat it, 100 hours and level 96
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Post by Krest »

34 hours 34 minutes and two nights without sleep.

Would have finished sooner but I enjoyed unlocking weapons too much.
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Post by altimit »

29 hours 13 min, although 2 hours of that was idle (for Crimson VS, and working on my keyword database). So about 27 hours. But I don't do the optional stuff until I beat the volume. I'm just weird like that.

Oh, and I'm level 92. Got my arse kicked at level 86. Although  osmond is harder than any of the other Avatar battles.

Now I am going to go pass out after being up all night ;)
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Post by coolmanx2 »

i believe i was level 86 when i beat the game, i used kuan and enderance as my party members. the avatar battle was easier then the non avatar battle
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Post by Akuri »

just beat it. it took 27 some odd hours i was around 87. i still have to unlock the rest of the lost weapons and some other things. i was lucky to beat the boss with almost no life left and him around 700. just barley did an awakening.
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Post by Jimbob »

Just beat it. Had a hell of hard time because my controllers X button decided to break during the last Avatar battle so I only barely managed to do it. Now I need a new controller.
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Post by Kyero Fox »

haseo0015 wrote:about 19 hours...

finished with Haseo (Duh), Atoli and Matsu.

Haseo = LVL 92
Atoli = LVL 91
Matsu = LVL 92

awesome game, the first time against Ovan, i was lvl 84 and got him down to about 750 or so. then raised to the 90 lvls and won easily. but the Avatar battle was easy!

-_- I still havent beaten douple.
you can get Matsu in Vol 2? Sweet hes my fav male character next to endrance.
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Post by little_man »

I'm back....
Game time 21 hours and 36 minutes.
1st try in lv.83 no result (to beat ovan)
2nd try in lv.95 simple and easy.
How I lv. up so fast.... enter to a area +10 of your level and fight a lot with the monsters....
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Post by Midnight »

Clock Time: 35:53:16 (as listed on the first 'clear data' save)
Character Level: 100 (I went on a leveling spree...mistake in hindsight, everything at the end was too easy)

I just finished beating everything else like the Own Sin and stuff.
All that's left to do is fill out the Ryu books and finish the NPC quests like Chim Kicker and Mecha Grunty.
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Post by Dark Blade »

I'll keep it simple.

80+ hours (dont remember game is still running atm lol)

All characters lvl 100. Yes ALL of them. Maxed out all characters affection. ETC ... or in other words did it all, Even beat the gaspared crimson Vs match (yes i cared enough to do that), and got all 3 dopp weapons.
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Post by DataDrainZ »

Anyone know if one of the movies you get is the vol.2 trailer with Shinjitsu no Yukue?
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