The "I got .hack//G.U. Volume 2 Reminisce" Thread

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Post by shio »

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well i dont have mine yet my sis got it for me and she wont be in till friday or saturday. I would already have it but our gamestop dont open till memorial day and wal mart didnt have it lol.
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all who play, play untill azure kite jumps out and dd's u. then i will become STRONGER!
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Post by AdeptReinforce »

heh, i got vol.1 2 weeks ago and vol.2 like 3 days ago....i can now call myself a .hack addict <3

now i'm gonna have to find .hack//root sub :S

and buy .hack//sign subbed, i'm gonna go broke ><
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Post by Confyzone »

just got my copy yesterday, it wsa the last at a best buy.....i really didn't wanna spend nemore money on the cred card, but hell how can you pass up the last copy of volume 2.....i made a promise to myself to get all 3 of these ones since i didn't get any of the last 4
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I got my copy on sunday but i started playing in on wednesday after finishing evreything in vol1 (sidequests,affection,ryubooks etc...) TYVM for your guide zero ^^ now all i have to say is that it freakin awesome!!! the first thing i did after finishing the first quest was getting all of doppelgangers weapons...and it worked.i got the sycthe at level 52 ^^ im now on the part where i have to fight that freak hiiragi...^^ plus they made rengeki better and finally counterattack is hangeki..i kinda get confused whenever i hear counterattack say "rengeki!" ^_^ thats all i have to say...Now to play vol2 till i fall asleep!
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Post by Ax »

Hey all, IDK if I know anyone on anymore, the old crew has been washed away, But anyway, I got G.U. yesterday, the 25 or 26, damn its past midnight, confused myself, But anyway, I just to the part where endurance saves the day for bourenux or wahtever the spelling is, so just thought I'd tell everyone...

p.s., sorry to anyone I knew for way back when, wiped my comp and the link went away...
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Post by ReiMehari »

To all those who just got it, enjoy!
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Post by atoli-chan »

I got it <3
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Post by Balmung2 »

I'm baaacckk...
Ok, I've been back on and off for the past few months, but anyways...

I got vol. 2 :). I have to say, I loved the story of IMOQ much more, but the story isn't bad in G.U., and I love, LOVE the gameplay in this one....I just don't like the lack of variety in fields, and a few other things. Also, I am excited that they will be adding new things, like dungeons, bike, and changes to battle etc...Elkaids for :p.
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Post by Hsumi »

I don't actually own any of the .hack games. A friend of mine does, and I borrow them from him.
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Finally bought it 2 weeks ago

Post by Wave Rider »

I finnally bought it 2 weeks ago and just started to play it last weekend. :D I wish I didn't have to work for a living so I could play the game till 2:30 AM every day like I did today! :lol: Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys the game and story at least as much as I am. ;)
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Post by Xreborn »

I got it the day it came out just never posted until now :D
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Post by the man »

I got it 300 years ago hahahahaha :lol: , yes I am GOD
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Post by Tenma6 »

I got the game :P

it's imported from america (i live in europe)
now all i need is some swap magic and then i can enjoy the game.... at last :P
I've waited so long for this moment that has yet to come in a few days 8)
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Re: The "I got .hack//G.U. Volume 2 Reminisce" Thread

Post by Yashimiku »

I Bet The Game Maybe A Week Ago.
Got All The Wallpaper, Everything.

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Re: The "I got .hack//G.U. Volume 2 Reminisce" Thread

Post by kjm »

i got it!!!
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Re: The "I got .hack//G.U. Volume 2 Reminisce" Thread

Post by prettyboy_psychotic »

i have school that day more than likely, so i'll have to wait, but my mom might buy it for me on the way home from her work, i'll just have to pay her back. I am SOO hooked on .Hack, and i got my best friend into it too, we even started making plans for a US version of Fragment, but that'll take a while, we're only 17 ya know!
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Re: The "I got .hack//G.U. Volume 2 Reminisce" Thread

Post by Alkaid_loves_Haseo »

I agree. I got it the first day and beat it in a week(school week) so I want the third one. NOW! Lol. :D
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Re: The "I got .hack//G.U. Volume 2 Reminisce" Thread

Post by prettyboy_psychotic »

Alkaid_loves_Haseo wrote:I agree. I got it the first day and beat it in a week(school week) so I want the third one. NOW! Lol. :D
i beat it in like three days! ((Not bragging at all, jk)) lol, i had so much fun

I'm going to end up turning into a hermit for like a week when Vol 3 comes out
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