Hacking .hack//Infection (Adding more Monster Variety!)

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Re: Hacking .hack//Infection (How to make Skeith spawn anywhere)

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Xu Yuan wrote: Sat Apr 13, 2024 1:07 am
basic wrote: Fri Apr 12, 2024 10:39 pm dang i showed up too late, all the links were removed..... does anyone still have a premade save download they could send? or instructions to make the edit myself on cheat engine? i tried to just input the numbers above with my limited knowledge but nada, i'm hoping i'm just missing out on some crucial info that was in those screenshots or something but lemme know please; i'd really like to do a wave master only run
Hello Basic, I'm sorry I missed this post and your PM. If you're looking to change Kite's class this is very easy with PCSX2's built-in debugger, whereas Cheat Engine can be a little... temperamental with addresses.

00A46F30 - Kite's Class
00 - Twin Blade
01 - Blademaster
02 - Heavy Blade
03 - Long Arm
04 - Heavy Axeman
05 - Wavemaster

If you need any further assistance, do let me know.

man you were right cheat engine was the culprit thank you sm; few quick follow up questions if you don't mind!

right now i have the wavemaster class and weapon showing, is there a way to get the class animation too? not too important since the way kite is holding the stave is honestly pretty cool but definitely curious to see how wavemaster stance suits him if it's interchangeable

and i saw you wrote these above:

20A2FA24 - Second Item in the Weapons Category.
20A2FA20 - Kite's Reserve Weapon.
20A4F628 - The name and model of Kite's weapon

wasn't completely sure what these were either maybe that's just because i don't have items though for it to even display, correct me if i'm wrong but are these: (?)

20A2FA24: what weapons appear below your equipped weapon in equipment page(?)
20A2FA20: the default weapon place holder(?)
20A4F628: what kite is currently using(?)

not too important but i know some of the staves are cooler looking than others so i was wondering if it would also be possible to change just the
visual look of weapons too without altering stats?

thank you again! wasn't expecting such a quick response; and sorry if i wasn't clear on anything here, missed some beauty sleep
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Re: Hacking .hack//Infection (How to make Skeith spawn anywhere)

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Great! Oh, a lot of those notes are just too old to be of real use, that first note is just Item Slot 2., the second one is what weapons appear at the time of the menu being opened in the Equip Change menu. It is very temperamental, and I don't recommend dealing with it. A4F628... I have no idea what that actually is. I looked it up in memory and I don't recognize these values at all.

If you want to change the look of a weapon that requires some rom editing, since those changes won't be remembered by memory without a constant code forcing it.

But if you are interested in more advanced forms of modding, let me know. I made some tools a while back that can help with certain matters.
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Re: Hacking .hack//Infection (More Monster Variety!)

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So I was recently going through the code of .hack//Infection for a larger modding project I have planned. I really wanted to change how many monster types could be loaded in a field or a dungeon to give some more variety (by default its set to three!) After a bit of data scrounging I found where the values were being written, where they were being written from, and how to change them. It turned out it was a single byte.

I always had thought that the .hack// games were lacking some real model capacity behind the scenes, but it turns out that is far from the case. It was a choice, not a limitation, to set monster types to three for each field/dungeon floor. I've been playing around with it a bit, but you can really see a difference if you change this 03 to 18 (24 monster types). Fields suddenly become alive with a rich array of foes, instead of just three kinds. This also has the effect of making things more difficult as well, as high level monster types you weren't expecting could show up and surprise you.

If you are using PCSX2 it is as simple as going to 0042E8B4 - and changing 03 to any number you want up to 18.

If you want to make the change to an ISO it's at 014648B4.

I hope someone finds it useful as a way to give their next //Infection playthrough a bit greater variety.
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