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Sign Phantoms - Help

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:16 am
by TwilightSouL
Hey all.

I haven't played .hack for a very long time, but I am back to finish what I've started a couple years ago. So I dusted off my PS2 and boot up Mutation.
Only thing left to clear the game was to kill the last boss. Done. Then I moved to outbreak where I am now. In the meantime I was reading some walkthroughs online and found out about the extra sign scenes. I wanted to trigger these events but since I probably didn't see all the flashback in mutation (I don't remember), I am assuming I won't be able to re-see them in outbreak or even see the "new" phantom locations on outbreak?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Sign Phantoms - Help

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:47 pm
by Helbaworshipper
You have to see all of the "cathedral" scenes to get to see the phantoms in Outbreak. You can see them by loading your mutation save file and entering the cathedral, most likely.