.hack//Quantum I(introduction)

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.hack//Quantum I(introduction)

Post by Bryce » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:48 pm


I didn't see anything about this manga here so here we are with this topic. As its name indicates, .hack//Quantum I(introduction) is a prologue to .hack//Quantum. Yeah, for once, we are not going to see the same story. We can see the first steps of Sakuya in The World, how she met Tobias and how she persuaded Mary to play.

The good news is you can legally read this manga online here (in japanese) : http://www.comic-gekkin.com/works/hackquantum/
The bad news is chapter 3 is only accessible from a DOCOMO phone.

They already release 4 chapters, and 5th is due to 9/5.

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