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Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:31 pm
by mister
Go to ... ?f=27&t=10 to check out my most recent videos.
d5t wrote:Here is a simplified updated version of the rules:
  • No spam.
    No harassing.
    No trolling.
    No illegal intellectual property linking or "hinting" (MP3s, ANY illegal .hack media (you will be humiliated if you link to illegal .hack media), copyrighted media, etc). (THIS INCLUDES IN YOUR SIGNATURE, PRIVATE MESSAGES, AND ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MESSAGE BOARD. THERE ARE NO LOOP HOLES! YOU WILL BE BANNED!)
    No pornographic linking.
    No advertising a website to solicit visitors.
    No multiple usernames.
    No reviving dead threads (4 months of inactivity or more)