Help with finding a wallpaper.

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Help with finding a wallpaper.

Post by Absent Wish » Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:30 pm

Hey everyone. I'm trying to beat this game to perfection right now. I've done all the quests and completed each subquest.
I've maxed out my Ryu Books of 1000. Everyone is maxed out with max affections but I can't seem to find a certain wallpaper.

Usually, you get wallpapers from the Ryu Books but I can't seem to find # 021.
Can anyone help?

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Re: Help with finding a wallpaper.

Post by N3IWVC » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:37 pm

From the walkthrough by zer0 on
First, watch the last Online Jack Episodes available in Volume 3 (Episode 6).

Then look in the forums for a post about a character named "Kazobaloo".

Then go near Canard's guild in Dol Donna. You'll see him. Talk to him :3

Afterwards, check the forums again. (For another post).

Then go to Lumina Cloth, and go behind the arena, to meet him.

Then, go back to the forums AGAIN.

Afterwards, go to Mac Anu, in the alley behind the weapons shop in the
Mercenary District.

He'll then give you wallpaper #21 and the password "Nurse Carnival".

That password has no purpose in Volume 2.

We're trying to see if it's a Japanese exclusive for an offline competition,
or if it's just something for Volume 3.

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Re: Help with finding a wallpaper.

Post by TheSorrow » Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:22 pm

Just a few clarifications and extra notes, as it seems like Zer0 made that guide with the japanese Reminisce version and hasn't updated it >3>

The character you're looking for is called "Kazubolo". You'll easily find him in the places mentioned, and you'll definetly know when you find him. He's in areas not frequented by any other PCs, and he has unique looks, very different to the other characters you've seen before.

If you suddenly can't seem to find him, like...he's supposed to appear in Mac Anu, but he isn't there, then try to look for him again in the last area you found him at (Lumina Cloth, in this case), and continue. This happened to me when i did it, i don't know why but the game acted like if i hadn't talked to him in that all i did was talk to him again and then continued. So yeah, just so you know what to do in case it happens to you as well.

As of the password...Its purpose was indeed some offline Japanese contest thing, so you can just ignore it.

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