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Batlle System

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 4:08 pm
Phase 1: Choose a Skill Card. This card decides how many cards you will draw in the compile phase along with what skill you'll use in battle.
  • The Sword - Ap Corv. Increases your strength in various ways depending on the card.
  • The Broken Sword - Dek Corv. Decreases enemy strength in various ways depending on the card.
  • The Heart - Repth. Restores health in various ways depending on the card.
  • The Card - Reshuffle. Deals you a new hand before Phase 2 begins.
  • The Power Up - Ignores "Class Bonus" during battle phase.
  • The Explosion - Does damage instantly based on the card.
Phase 2: Choose your Support Units. These add to your power value.
    • NOTE: Only cards with the same class as your Skill Card will be counted. Other cards will be thrown away. (i.e. If you pick a Wavemaster (blue) card for your Skill Card, only Wavemaster cards chosen during phase 2 will be added to your attack power. Any Heavy Blade (red) or Twin Blade (green) cards chosen will be thrown out.)
Phase 3: Compile attack power. This is where you get your pre-battle attack power.
  • Support Units - Any qualified support units chosen will now be added to your attack power. Each one will offer you 1 bonus point for a total of 4.
  • Draw - You'll draw cards depending on the Skill Card you chose. If any are qualified, they'll be added to your attack power. This is how you get the 5th (and final) bonus point.
    • NOTE: In the event you run out of cards before your draw is over, you'll be shifted to Raw Power. This value shows up gray. This, I think, is a sudden death type of battle. Both players will get to attack, highest value going first. If the stronger player doesn't kill the other after their turn, the other player gets to counter attack and attempt to kill the stronger value.
Phase 4: Attack. This is where you get class bonus and support bonus damage added.
  • Class Bonus: This is rock-paper-scissors. Heavy Blades overpower Twin Blades out run Wavemasters out skill Heavy Blades. ((I'm not sure how much the bonus is, but it's a few hundred attack points I think. Enough to make a difference if it's a close fight.))
  • Support Bonus: This is where you add support unit bonus points. 10% for each Support Unit used. The maximum here is 1.5x Attack Power.
  • Combat: The Attack Power of each PC is weighed, the lower value subtracted from the larger and the remaining amount dealt as damage to the weaker player. If the weaker player runs out of HP at this point, the game is over. If not, your hand is filled and you return to phase 1.



That's all I got. I'm not entirely sure about the Sudden Death bit but it seems similar to when you battle bosses.
If you have any info to add let me know and I'll string it up.
Best of luck out there.

Re: Batlle System

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:27 pm
by Tsukaseo
TenshiNoYami wrote: [*]The Power Up - No idea. It doesn't seem to do anything and the subtext says something about 1.0 so I'm thinking it has no effect yet.[/list]
If I remember correctly there are two of these. One with a person in it and an up arrow, and the other is an explosion by itself.
The explosion deals direct damage to the enemy depending on the level of the skill, and the other thing ignores the weapon rock/paper/scissors system (for good of bad, I think.)

Re: Batlle System

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:19 am
Thanks again~