Guilty Dragon: Story (English) UPDATED FEB. 19, 2013

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Re: Guilty Dragon: Story Chapter 1 (English Translation)

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Chapter 1: “The Black-Clad PC”

- Area 1
Cocole: By the way, did you know?
Recently rumours have spread that there's a black-clad PC going on a PC hunting spree.

Player: ...?

Navi-ko: I do not believe I know.
My master is ignorant of the circumstances surrounding this.

- Area 2
Cocole: I heard that whatever this PC attacks has its character information deleted!
How frightening!

Naviko: It's a dangerous world, isn't it?

- Area 3
Cocole: If he were to come after my Rabbit Girl character to delete it...
Oh dear, the tension is mounting!

Naviko: You said “oh dear”... Auntie.

Cocole: Navi-ko? ^_^

Naviko: Nevermind.

- Area 4
Naviko: Align all the fragments of the secret document and get the equipment.

- Area 5
Naviko: To obtain a fragment of the secret document...

Naviko: ...pick it up during a quest...

Naviko: ...or obtain it from player in a duel.

Naviko: There are at least these two ways.

- Area 6
Cocole: What could the legendary secret document be? A wand would be good for me.

Navi-ko: It's best if you don't encourage my master!

Player: !?

Cocole: You're unexpectedly dark...

- Area 7
Cocole: How's your WP? You can't move if you're out of WP.

Naviko: Your WP will recharge one point every three minutes.

- Area 8
Naviko: When you want to restore WP, you can do so quickly by using a WP Pot.

- Area 9
Cocole: Huh? Someone's here.

Mysterious Female PC: Well, hello. ^^

Cocole: Hello.

Mysterious Female PC: Judging by your look, I wonder, are you beginners?

Cocole: Well, I guess you could say that.

Mysterious Female PC: I see. ^^ We can go on so many adventures, so let's have some fun, okay? ^^

- Area 10
Cocole: Scellus Temple... so far away.

Player: !?

Cocole: Something seems strange... A black-clad PC!? Someone's attacking!

Black-Clad PC: Oooooooooh... aaaaaah...

Elemia: What was that guy!? An event character!? I never heard about this!

Cocole: I'm going to go help!

- Area 11
Elemia: Thanks for getting out of there. I'll always be grateful.

Elemia: Huh? My right hand won't move!?

Cocole: There's a rumour that if you're attacked by the Black-Clad PC, your character
data messes up...
I wonder if that's true.

Navi-ko: There's a recovery lake north of here, Lil Lake. We should go recover there.

Cocole: Since we've already come this far, I'll keep going with you. Isn't that great!?

You nodded graciously.

Elemia: We're very grateful...

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Re: Guilty Dragon: Story (English) UPDATED FEB. 19, 2013

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Hm. Guess I don't have think about it anymore. Very nice.

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