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Newbie - Another Birth volume 3

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:32 am
by Phantom Hacker
Hi All,

Am just getting into the Hack series. Don't know how I ever missed out on it before as I am having a blast attempting to do everything in order. So far I have read A.I Buster 1 and watched Sign - now am into the first game and having a great time with it.

I am trying to acquire a copy of the third volume of Another Birth - Outbreak but it's damn expensive/hard to find. I have second hand copies of the other three. Does anyone have one they could bear to part with for a reasonable price? I am based in the UK.

Anyway thought it was worth asking. Now back to Infection :D

Re: Newbie - Another Birth volume 3

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:00 pm
by SSJScygoku
Phantom Hacker wrote:
Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:32 am
Hi All,
^(@-@) howdy fellow dothacker~

:D Wonderful to hear you are having fun with .hack though how are you for the other games in the Quadrilogy?

Not sure if anyone will have a spare copy they plan on getting rid of, best bet is to check ebay for bundle listings that include copies of volume 3 unless someone just happens to be selling a cheap one on there or amazon. Also when shops open back up you should search 2nd hand ones that may have copies in n_n I did do a quick search for it with one at $15 but only ships to the US.

:/ The same issue is happening with .hack//LINK volume 3, .hack//G.U. novel 3 and .hack//G.U.+ manga 3 which are hard to find/expensive

Good luck with .hack//INFECTION~ d(^_^)

Re: Newbie - Another Birth volume 3

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:45 am
by Phantom Hacker
Thanks for the reply! I am very lucky with the first four games as I bought them as a set for less than $100 US, felt like a very good deal. The discs were a bit scratchy but all seem to work. I saw a Youtube video by pelvic gamer which got me into the franchise. I also have the second collection on PS4... but still have yet to buy a ps4, I'm a bit of an oldskool gamer, still use my PS3 mainly :))

Yeah I'll take a look around the second hand shops when they re-open although I have a feeling that it's a needle in a haystack for that book. I'll keep scouring EBAY too - 15 USD is actually a good price which I am happy to pay. Am sure I will find one eventually,

As for the other manga and novels, I have AI Buster 1 and 2 and the three legend of the Twilight mangas. I heard everything else isn't vital to the canon. so I probably won't bother as they sound like acquiring some is going to break my bank account :p Although I would love to read an English translation of the two Epitaph Of The Twilight Novels... I know I am not alone in this!

Thanks again and see you in the world :)

Re: Newbie - Another Birth volume 3

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 3:58 pm
by SSJScygoku
^_^ No problem and nice that you have one of the most difficult hurdles for the .hack series already~ xD Getting Quarantine for a good price is quite the feat nowadays but wow that was one super heck of a deal~ ?-? What was the video of, i'm assuming gameplay of INFECTION?
No matter, so long as you have Last Recode you can always play it eventually whenever you get a PS4 or download the game on Steam as its always on sale~

d(^_^) I wish you luck on your search, who knows what you'll find as normally folk would overlook the old titles thinking they aren't rare or occasionally pop up in shops~ xD I'll keep an eye out in any shops I visit once they open up but only ones in Glasgow may sell them lol
Its a nice price but if only they shipped here, there was some US sellers that wanted £28 but then like £14 shipping ^^'

Story wise you might want to pick up .hack//CELL as its not a retelling of a story you've covered before like with the GU/GU+ novel/manga they released or X-Fourth @.@ I don't believe the two volumes are pricey and if you act fast you can acquire most of the manga for cheap and then be on the lookout for the pricey ones in shops/online xD
I know there is some translations online but thats for Japanese only things like the .hack//Bullet, New Novel (from .hack//Fanbooks), Quantum and Versus manga and one or two other things if I recall @.@

:D I'm sure I will see you around, though you'll find most of the community active on the discord if you are interested~

Re: Newbie - Another Birth volume 3

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 2:01 am
by Phantom Hacker
Thank for the super helpful advice!

Yeah I did luck out on the original Hack games. Still a bit worried some discs may skip but so far so good on the first one :p

The pelvic gamer video was Her enthusiasm was what got me into the series.

Gonna look into .hack//CELL right now thanks!

Will let you know how I fare on my searches and will join the discord for sure!

Re: Newbie - Another Birth volume 3

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:46 am
by SSJScygoku
:D Glad to be of help~

If they do mess up there are ways to clean the discs to hopefully get them to work or ask in e.g. CEX or somewhere similar.

Didn't recognise the name but I've seen this reviewer before atleast, can't recall what the video was of before unless it was an older .hack one xD

d(^_^) with luck you will come across the manga when the shops open,I wouldn't imagine too many folk will know its gotten harder to find unless they follow discord or have been looking recently. I shall see you there, i'm normally in the Collections section (under Merchandise and Products) @.@