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.hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:14 am
by databug
hay guys Databug here

just though of a interesting thing.
i feel it is about time we do some combing through the original series and hunt for the Easter Eggs and Secrets, and list them here, i have sent a message to CC to find out some hints. and if this starts turning out some fruitful things, i will email Mike from Game Trailers and get a Popfiction Video Made.

any one keen post a comment and if you know of any EE or S feel free to post as well so we can strike them off the list.

Conditions. when you find something post detailed instructions on how to find it, and we will confirm the E and post screen shots.


Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:28 pm
by Lindz
Okies I'll post all the stuff I know about. I'm pretty sure all this is pretty well known by most who've played the games but whatevers! I'll leave it up ta someone else to sort out which is a "secret" and which is "easter eggs".

In each game on servers other than Delta you can look up at the sky in some areas an see stuff flying around up there related to bonus dungeons. However Quarantine's has no dungeon relation. Instead its sky high thing is in relation to around when the game takes place, namely Christmas! In snowy fields such as Ω Bursting Passed Over Holy Ground you can enter first person an look around to see Santa?! His sleigh being puled by a pair of Grunties with antlers lol. Here's a screenshot I took not to long ago: Someone with better quality capture stuff could surely get a much better look.

Each server has a designated color!
Δ (Delta): Red | Θ (Theta): Blue | Λ (Lambda): Green | Σ (Sigma): Yellow | Ω: Light Blue
You can see the server name in said color in the upper right part of the screen when entering a server/area.

All Grunties have horns. Not physically on their bodies, but if you take a look at their shadows...

When you make it into the Top 5 of the Hero of Zeit ranking, the "Hero of Zeit Ranking" post on the board actually updates to include you and your time! This might go unnoticed by many because "new" isn't displayed on the board after this change takes place (cause its a post edit instead of a new post I guess).

The banner ad in the web news changes with each game.
Infection: Tail Concerto
Mutation: Tail Concerto 2
Outbreak: Silent Bomber
Quarantine: Silent Bomber (different image)

Similarly, the Login screen changes with each game.

The rare Wavemaster weapon Silent Bomber is an obvious shoutout to Silent Bomber. It grants a summon called "Stuck?" which makes no sense to me but the summon itself is unique and I guess maybe a reference to? Find the Christmas Card item at Ω Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet then trade it to the Silent Bomber named PC Jutah.

The following items found in Outbreak are all meant to be traded to PCs with Tail Concerto connections for rare equipment. The items themselves may be references but I never played that game, so idk.

Σ Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears - 3 Floor Tower - trade to: Alicia
Σ Barking Hot-Blooded 500 Lohan - Magnolia Miso - trade to: Flare
Σ Unusual Ghostly Remnant - Doll Amulet - trade to: Stare
Σ Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield - Scent of Gero - trade to: Fool
Σ Tested Morphean Alchemy - Field's Deed - trade to: Waffle
Σ Entwined Prejudiced Chaos - Rouge Fragment - trade to: Cyan
Σ Abrasive False Tragedy - Maiden's Plot - trade to: Teria

Equipping the Cats Blade, Cats Hat, Cats Mail, Cats Gloves, and Cats Boots to any Twin Blade grants 'em a summon called "Meooow" and I guess is a reference to Tail Concerto. Cats Blades can be found in Infection, but the rest of the set is found in Outbreak.

This ones another Outbreak item but oddly its traded to a Silent Bomber character named PC.
Σ Greedy Gambler's Drift - Boxed Lunch - trade to: Benoit

Prolly since the 8th Tail Concerto character named PC was taken since Infection.
Δ Hideous Organ Market Scaffold - Ice Bar - trade to: Panta

The item "BL Yokohama" found in the Mutation dungeon Λ Bottomless Soul Kaleidoscope seems ta be a reference to Blue Light Yokohama which is either a song or a restuarant or both!

The rare Wavemaster weapon "Yoshida (26)" (gotten from the Boxed Lunch trade above) could be a reference to the Yoshida Fire Festival which starts on August 26th. Could also be a clue as to when the events of Liminality Vol.3 takes place.

The "Bent Glasses" found in the Mutation dungeon Λ Lightless Sacred Remains could be referencing the fate of Yuki's glasses (main girl of Liminality Vol.2).

And the "Risky Coffee" item found in Quarantine dungeon Ω Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel is an obvious call out to scene in Liminality Vol.4 where Yuki sets off an alarm while on a coffee run.

The rare weapon "Bom-Ba-Ye" could be a shout out to an old japanese wrestler. Obtainable by Data Draining a "Mu Guardian" in any of the games. Δ Hideous Someone's Giant is an early place ya can find one.

Simple lists of TC / SB named PCs~
TC: Alicia, Stare, Flare, Fool, Teria, Waffle, Cyan, Panta
SB: Jutah, Annri, Benoit, John, Micino, Tim

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:08 pm
by Sadivinedevil
I recently just played through the original series again and while there are a lot of Easter eggs, and I mean a lot, there isn't any rumor or legend surrounding all 4 games, as far as I know there isn't any creepy pastas as well.

The 4 SIGN scenes in Delta Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground during Mutation
The 9 SIGN Character Phantoms in Outbreak, Talk to them 7 or 8 times each to unlock all characters on Phantom Desktop image.

If you raise both Blackrose and Terajima Ryoko's Affection to 1000 in Quarantine they will both take you out on a date to a dungeon, where they bicker and fight and blame you for everything.

Grunty races can be unlocked by raising all 3 types of grunties on each server. You can win the first, second, and third place prizes 3 times in a row before being given useless items.
When a certain grunty is raised in each level it will have Aromatic grass, Cat Tail Grass in the Japanese version, for trade, as well as Gold and Silver Grunties. Giving the Aromatic grass to Mia or Elk will raise their affection by 100.

Mia is not available when you are about to take on any of the Phase dungeons in Infection and Mutation, not to sure about Cubia's dungeon though, She is not available at all in Outbreak and in Quarantine she becomes available after she is resurrected in Omega Hidden Darkside Holy Ground, after the final Phase is beaten. Thus she never fights a Phase with you.
Mia's Starting Sword is called the 8 Phase Sword, in the Japanese version it is the Black Cat's Blade, reference to Tail concerto, CC2's first game.

In Outbreak there is the Cat's armor set. When all of these are Equipped along with the Cat's Blades allows you to summon a cat summon, forgot the name, which is a reference to Tail Concerto.
In Quarantine you can trade with Jutah for a wavemaster wand that is called Silent Bomber, CC2's second game (.hack is the third game, series). Silent bomber has a spell called Stuck.

The Characters from Tail Concerto and Silent Bomber make cameo's as the main trading characters in the root towns.
Tail Concerto
Panta, Fool, Alicia, Flare, Waffle
Silent Bomber
Annari, John, Benoit, Jutah
There is probably 1 or 2 more, but I don't remember

There are a lot of secret keywords strewn about the ads for the games and in Liminality. The Gott Statue's of these dungeons contain items that you can trade with the trade characters to get super rare items, these dungeons are also full of Data Bugs. One of these dungeons has a scene with Bear from SIGN and Elk and Bear will give you his sword.

Each Liminality Disc has a secret section. Infection and Mutation's is pressing Left then right when the cursor is over the extras icon. Outbreak is similar to Quarantine's, but I don't remember how it's done, and Quarantine is simply found by entering the extra's menu and selecting the icon to the right of Gift.
These sections have background information pertaining to the lore that is set in the first series, obviously does not make up for the changes that took place over the series as it has expanded, so it is probably not that cannon anymore.

Sorry if there are any repeats I started before Lindz and am posting after

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:08 pm
by Goldtaills
Not sure if this counts but I found this statue in Lambda(?) Collapsed Pagan Remains.

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:59 pm
by SSJScygoku
Goldtaills wrote:Not sure if this counts but I found this statue in Lambda(?) Collapsed Pagan Remains.
xD I don't recall ever coming across that, nice find!

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 12:21 pm
by Goldtaills
SSJScygoku wrote:
Goldtaills wrote:Not sure if this counts but I found this statue in Lambda(?) Collapsed Pagan Remains.
xD I don't recall ever coming across that, nice find!
Thanks! X3 Me and my friend were laughing pretty hard about this when we came across it, I wonder if the game makers have context for this easter egg.

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:32 pm
by GMO
Goldtaills wrote:Image
Not sure if this counts but I found this statue in Lambda(?) Collapsed Pagan Remains.
Lol i have come across rhis as well in the Goblin tag quests. There is also a rock with an ass stixking out and nothing on the other side.

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:40 pm
by GMO
I ran across some statue that was vomiting

Re: .hack// Easter Egg and Secret Hunt.

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:37 am
by databug
These are all very interesting, I am about to dig out my PS2 and start these games back up as there is no PS4 remaster for these yet... Which is a shame.