High Strategy and Keyword Analysis

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High Strategy and Keyword Analysis

Post by Silverbel » Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:38 pm

Hi all, I hate to blow into this board like a hurricane and disrupt the quiet groove goin' down here but there is, like,

- NO - useful information here!

So, I thought I'd make some!
And maybe get the information that -I- want in return.
I don't have the Keywords data that I've been searching for all this time. So maybe if I post some of my data, tricks and research,
someone will be kind enough to lend a hand <3 aw

Maybe just link me to some god-list that I have been totally unable to find. =(

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Re: High Strategy and Keyword Analysis, POST ONE

Post by Silverbel » Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:59 pm

K here's the things you really NEED to know about .Hack//Infection that come in handy.

1. You can collect the chests just inside the dungeon in Delta: Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field, over and over.

Just enter and leave the dungeon and you can gather all kinds of easy resources. This can smooth over your trading, help you pay for expensive armors and weapons, etc.
You can also clear the two portals on the second floor down and it will count as an All-Portals-Clear! How awesome is that. =D It's even possible to exit and re-enter the dungeon multiple times with Orca, gathering treasure and EXP, before you enter the room with the Gott Statue - you only get the cutscene AFTER you go in that room.

2. Trade people items they want, and don't trade for items they want unless you really must.

If it's a Wavemaster, trade them wands and light armor. Don't bother trying to trade for their wands and light armor, it's a waste of effort.
For Twin Blade and Long Arms, trade them Medium Armors and the correct weapons.
And the Blademasters, Heavy Blades, and Heavy Axes all use Heavy armors as well as the appropriate weapons.

When you trade a character a matched weapon or armor, it is valued for more, much more. It makes it very easy to get good items, especially if you trade quite a bit. But be wary trying to take items of their type - they will over-value these items and it becomes difficult to trade for them. Ex. Trying to get the Adian's Rod from Cossack Leader (A Wavemaster) takes a lot of trade value.

3. If you want to be rich, TRADE DON'T SELL.

When you sell anything you lose half your item value. If you trade instead, this gives you even more item value if you trade wisely. You may - note - may, need to buy potions and ressurects etc. Especially when fighting some bosses. But don't buy weapons or armor or magic. Most traders have MUCH better magic, you can trade your items for full value to them, and after you buy them, they will be restocked. This only goes for magic scrolls and supplies though. And know your trade item values! Check to see how much you can sell it for. Double that, is the base value that all the NPCs trade for as well. (But you'll get a bonus if you trade them an item that matches their class)

4. You can exit and re-enter junk rooms to get more junk to collect.
If you're trying to gather, say, Burning Oil (WHYYY!?!?) or making an emergency restock of Health Drinks, Antidotes and Restoratives (oh. ok, cool with me) just exit and enter a room with breakables. The breakables will reappear, letting you quickly gather as much as you want.Also, some breakables are better than others...

5. Abilities can be more important than item level.
This goes for both base stats and inherent skills. A weak boots that contains the skill Ap Corv (Mountain boots) can be worth wearing an extended time compared to other boots that have a less useful bonus. Shore up your weaknesses in this manner. The rare body armor Kagayuzen, may only be a low level, but it raises Magic Attack... so --why-- ever give your Wavemaster anything else? Have a reason other than level for your equipment choices.

6. (//INFECTION) The first really annoying status effect requires antidotes. The second requires Restoratives. Then later you need antidotes again.
Stock up or equip your teammates properly. It will make your life a lot easier. Buying the right items, just getting plenty, giving them to teammates (despite protests) or equipping your Heavy Armor partners (spoilerfree) with matching anti-status shoes, can save a headache.

7. You can run a dungeon more than once, and as long as it's not a plot dungeon, the Gott statue will have more, new items.
If someone said they got a specific item from a dungeon, and you don't, it doesn't mean it can't be had.
You may need to try again. DVD keywords, plot dungeons, and other special dungeons can only be collected once.

8. The ICE BAR is needed in .Hack//MUTATION to get a rare item.
If you find this item labeled "You're a winner!"... don't just trade it to some yokel.

9. Mia likes the rare item, Aromatic Grass. A fine grunty may have it. Elk talks about Aromatic Grass but actually doesn't want it.
Now you know who to give it to. It's only worth the same as a fortune wire, and has no purpose. Make the SMART move.

10. Some Part C Keywords will set the area, but to get to certain cool areas, you need to set a Part B keyword, and then set Part C to neutral.
Melody works for this. Also, it is possible to set the weather in Part A and the zone in Part B and experience a totally different, cool area.
Enjoy exploring...

EDIT: (minor cleanup)

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