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Post by Admilu » Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:17 am

Thoughts I might open a section for tips. I recently got .Hack//Infection and could use all the help I can get. Not that it's too hard... But tips are nice nonetheless. I'll start I suppose.

-I always take someone with high physical attacks and a wave master, that way the wave master can heal and help if there's a physical resistant monster and the person with strong physical can help out in normal fights.
-If you're fighting two monsters that have resurrect spells, get one down to "Protect Break Ok" and data drain then take out the other

They were both rather obvious I suppose but... well it gives an idea of what to do?

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Re: Tips

Post by zerokoolpsx » Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:55 am

At least 1 wavemaster and whoever else. If you're rolling in dough, you can bring anyone you want. I took along blademasters or any other melee class vs physical immune monsters. Hopefully Kite has spells to attack with. Of course this is not recommended as it'll prolong the fight and also use up items. I just do it for **** and giggles. Get used to ordering your party to use skills vs magic immune monsters and magic vs physical immune monsters with the square button. It's always a good idea to carry the equipment that have Dek Vorv for lower physical tolerance and Dek Vorma for lower magical tolerance. Scrolls will work too, but make sure you're stocked. It works wonders for those physical/magical immune monsters. Eliminate the mobs that can resurrect first via Data drain as a priority until it's just one left. The last monster can't resurrect them self. I also debated if it was more efficient to do normal attacks or the skills associated with your twinblade. I went with normal attacks because during the animation of your attack, you can't use items or heal. I've gotten killed this way several times while fighting. Monsters hit hard. Hopefully you set one or both of your party members to first aid. I just attack normally, and don't really use skills as much late game for Kite anyway. I went skills often with my other party members.

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Re: Tips

Post by AzureKaito » Mon May 03, 2010 1:47 pm

I've just beat it for the second time, and the way i did it made it really easy:

-First half of the game it was heavy blade and wave master, and always playing dungeons 5 level over, in a pair of hours after i began (4 counting all the events from the begining) i was already lvl 20. I advnced in the story till i got to the second server.
-Second half, My party was Sanjuro (any heavy blade will work), and Natsume (or the long arm, don't remember her name). and equiped my party with diferent element, healing and buff spells so i didn't need a wave master.

On the other hand, trade and drain data a lot so you get nice equipement. Like that you can end the game at level 33/34 in less than 15 hours XP

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