Some weapon questions and ect....

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Some weapon questions and ect....

Post by Medinus » Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:01 pm

Well, just today I beat .hack // infection, I killed skieth, got the last bit of goblin armour (wich I sold accidentaly O-O..) and data drained the Hyaakusosn (or somthing) for the Parasite dragon, I was expected this weapon to be awsome, but my Dante's Blades are better.

Anyay, I was just wondering what are the best possible weapons you can get in vol 1 of .hack? When I go buy no. 2 I wanna be prepared and stuff, y'know? Right now my people have...

Kite - Dantes Blades (I think his best weapon is Hells Gates in vol. 1..?)
BlackRose - Cure Blade (I think her best is dryad sword?)
Elk - Groovy Stick (I think it's stardust rod)

In my last save I had awsome weapons with my BlackRose, she had a weapon better then Dryad Sword and other stuff. Anyway, Can anyone tell me were to get the best weapons and stuff in vol 1? Should I just throw all my weapons in springs of myst 'till they get really strong...?

Oh and, is there any charictars I should use is Vol 2? 'Cus in vol 1 it always seemed to be Mistral/Elk and Blackrose, is it differn't better charictars this time?


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Re: Some weapon questions and ect....

Post by mike10522 » Mon Oct 01, 2007 9:42 pm

i just got the wepons my self here it is

hells gates up grades into dante's so dante's is better.

kites best wepon Hyaakusosn is the wepon and u get it from the dragon u had it the other way around

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