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Street Fighter V

Post by zaseo » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:10 pm

I have the Steam version. Finally the next chapter in the Street Fighter series.

Game shall start off with 16 characters and then add more as time goes on. Stuff in the game is going to be unlocked League of Legends styles. In game currency for any characters added after the first 16 and alternate costumes. There is also DLC costumes and an option to buy characters if you don't feel like earning in game.

V Trigger, V Skills, and V Reversals are mechanics for this game. Also some new things as far as gameplay balance has been done. Overrall the game is easier to play (compare to SF4) but hard to master.

The story is set Between SF4 and 3. Going explain the order of the canon games and in many cases newer games overwrites older ones.

Timeline goes like this

Street Fighter 1
Street Fighter Zero2(Alpha 2)
Street Fighter Zero3(Alpha 3)
Super Street Fighter II X — Grand Master Challenge(Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo)
Street Fighter 4 -> Super Street Fighter 4 -> SSF4 Arcade Edition -> Ultra Street Fighter 4 (all are canon)
Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact Giant Attack
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Fight for the Future

The first Street Fighter Zero(Alpha), Street Fighter 2 games before Super Turbo, and Street Fighter 3 The New Generation got retcon and are not canon. EX is a non canon series.

It story of this game is going to feel in the gaps between 4 and 3. I think Ryu is finally going to overcome the Satsui no Hado in this game. Judging from the opening he may still be influenced by it. Nash returns after being "dead" since Alpha 3. We see what Shadaloo does before Street Fighter 3 and what shall become of this. Later when Urien is added we shall likely see Shadaloo vs Illuminati. There is suppose to be a big story mode update that comes out sometime in the summer.

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