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Brave Frontier

Post by zerokoolpsx » Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:06 am


Does anyone play it on their mobile? Its F2P, has spheres which are the closest thing to equipment in the game. There are types that have modify your unit stats. Started 2 months ago. Me and a few of my co-workers are playing it a lot.
It has arena which is automated. You can't control your units sadly. but you can change your squad setup prior to entering an arena match.
Raid Battle and Chat isn't implemented yet. I know Brave Frontier Japan has it. They also got imps that raise a certain stat permanently so types don't matter too much.
They got daily events and special events for certain units. Like one was the Inferno Showdown and you needed a mono-fire team to enter it. An exclusive fire unit was one of the rewards once your rank reach the highest rank.
The latest patch added this:

New Agni region
Town Facility Upgrades
Player max level cap has been raised to 250
Player Cost Increase
Max Keys increase
New Story character to capture.

Its very similiar to Puzzle and Dragons, but minus the puzzle.
My player ID is 9589905796 and I'm on Brave Frontier Global. Please post if your gonna send a friend request so I know who you are, otherwise I'm not gonna accept.

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