The digital space philosophy chat room featuring the tachikoma

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The digital space philosophy chat room featuring the tachikoma

Post by mister » Fri Mar 25, 2016 11:31 am

:D welcome all ghost in the shell fans. A lot of the time the tachikoma featured in ghost in the shell stumble upon highly psuedo futuristic philosophical views. The point of this room is to role play as the tachikoma , and voice opinion supported by views or facts that co-relate to the topic in a deep and meaningful way from the perspective of a super computer brain wielded by the tachikoma . The first topic I would like to discuss is the individual eleven. Question being what leads an individual , here's the link.

On timely note I can't believe I'm posting on a Friday , all the people have plans and I'm stuck jumping to conclusions , this is just due to waiting literally hours for a reply I mean , don't people check unanswered posts? I mean how recent can I be? Hopefully a fan of the show will save me.

I can't be tasked to stay up all night waiting for you guys when there's important semi conscious reconasence to be had so for now I'll shut down and hope you spider robots out there can post here and see me in the morning , if you want to post a new topic post the tachikoma conversation it's in as well.

Well first of all this:
Another day goes by. All this effort , none of the payout. And what kills me is I know this is atleast interesting to me.Oh I'm so bored , if this silence from the community persists I may lose my mind. I might as well fill the void with new topics to post about , to google!
Then , watch out for the tank

The new venture brothers comes on at 12 tonight , who's gonna be up with me? Bad news guys I think red means stop was the last episode for a while , they are taking a hiatus.

New update : Kevin perrera and guests on vr technology

So it's April first happy holidayz

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