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.Hacky Fan Music

Post by Tron » Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:45 am

I am going to post most of my .hack// fan music. Some are older, some are newer. Some kinda sorta try to make them sound like Fukuda's songs, some not. Well, I hope you guy enjoy.

Maiden of the Silver Tears
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/129 ... ly-excited

Harald Fan Theme

Durga Fida Sharma [Genius] Fan Theme
https://soundcloud.com/kharaxel/hack-fa ... durga-fida

Skeith Fan Theme
https://soundcloud.com/kharaxel/hack-fa ... skeith-the

Morganna Mode Gone - That Which Flows Through The World -
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/121 ... t-of-these

Geist = The Ghost of... -
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/121 ... -this-time

Macha - The Temptress
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/121 ... -for-macha

Chigusa [Atoli] - Piano -
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/121 ... y-bit-just

A Mischevious Cat's Wicked Smirk [Phantom Sakubo Battle]
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/121 ... usic-enjoy

.hack//Link ReScore - Ovan's Truth

Six Ringing Peaks of Al-Fadel
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/112 ... round-from

The Twilight Seeker [Ovan]
http://fabulousahoy.tumblr.com/post/110 ... ch-ive-all

.hack//G.U. Trilogy ReScore - The Truth [Kinda Unfinished]
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2bb51 ... -wip_music

Woof. That's all. Well, all that I've ever bothered to upload, since I do have couple more but for now let's leave it at this.

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Re: .Hacky Fan Music

Post by Xu Yuan » Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:41 pm

There is a distinct lack of .hack// fan music... on YouTube and just last week I was searching for some and then you come along with !14! of them! I'll discuss them one by one.

- Harald is my favorite character in dot hack and his official themes are always whimsical with a bit of mystical tone and a pervading melancholy. (since in Terminal Disk Emma's theme is sort of high jacked for his own) Grandpa's Violin to me will forever be Harald's Theme since it makes a lot more sense, (Harald has three unique themes in //SIGN despite being on screen for a very short period of time, shows great attention to the character) I don't recall the name of the Roots theme that played when Haseo found Harald, but it fit well, a bit darker in tone, but hey it is a more broken AI Harald. Harald's Theme is remixed in //G.U. to sound more triumphant and at peace than it had in the original Quadrilogy which fits with the "theme" of the atmosphere (This same sense can be found in Hulle Granz where the verse of the Epitaph is sung in a praising style in //Link it is sung in a dirge-esque style to differentiate the feelings of //The World's overall atmosphere.)

Now your theme for Harald is quite a bit darker than I'm used to. I'd say the dark tone also fits Harald as the strings are haunting and mysterious and the slow bell ringing hints at his connection with the Cursed Wave a very intense track and I think it fits the character rather well. This sort of makes me think of an AI Harald that could have showed up in //LINK outside the timelines.

- That you made a theme for Genius shows that you're no casual fan! Genius was a small character (on screen) in a game that nearly everyone outside of Japan never got a chance to play. (I do sort of feel it was a missed opportunity to not have Genius be Wiseman/Yata's player though since the ages would have lined up decently well and may have explained his penchant for playing dark skinned characters)

Your theme for Genius is actually very close to the his official theme's tonality. It has that same kind of danger to it, except yours goes a step farther and actually throws in some Indian instruments and sound cues which lends it an air of authenticity. Well done!

- Skeith's theme is an iconic piece of dot hack music and is easily one of the most memorable of the Phase themes and his original theme is filled with a constant sense of dread as that simulated scream that goes from high to low pitch and the drums mimicking the beating of a heart until the orchestral track kicks in and right after that the bells start while an eerie mid-pitched electronic sound starts to play. Skeith's theme is one of the best the series has produced in terms of outright atmosphere. G.U's Skeith theme plays on the original a bit, as you are controlling Skeith there is more of a feeling of being in control and the verse of the Epitaph that sneaks in helps to accentuate this "in control" sense and since this theme is mostly used while fighting AIDA you can hear a slight bit of their leitmotif throughout. Again, as with much of G.U. the theme seems to be of "triumph" of the past.

Your theme takes the basic sense, it keeps the bells mostly intact and it seems clearly meant for a fight with Skeith rather than in control of Skeith or it assisting the party in any way. I like the choral parts included as they sound very similar in tone to the simulated scream and you kept the electronic drum in the background to presumably mimic the simulated heart beat from the original, even though its rhythm in this sounds like it varies. All in all, it works quite well and would fit as a remix for fighting him.

- Morganna is a very tricky character to pin a theme down for. //SIGN originally does by including a very Eastern, almost Hindu-like theme to her (that shows up in the show for one scene and only for 30 or so seconds) and later (in the Soundtrack, her other theme "Morganna - Tolerance" is actually played much earlier in the series) her second theme is a violin version of her main theme. I find her normal theme to be very powerful and overbearing which makes proper sense to her character.

Your theme also fits with the Eastern Mysticism as the wind instruments are used in such ways and that eerie vibe from the background fits perfectly with Morganna as she is portrayed in the games (which is my one complaint with the games, I loved Morganna as a character in //SIGN but none of that is shown *on screen* in the games proper. I think //XXXX works better for the Corbenik battle because of the small amount of character and lines given to Morganna and all around Morganna comes across as more consistent in //XXXX than the games themselves) . It comes across as a force of nature that is actively working against you at every turn. Quick question though, is that picture from Legend of the Twilight's Bracelet anime? It's been years since I've actually seen the anime.

- Geist's theme normally sounds similar to Shicksal because the player is meant to think for a long time that Geist is just a member of Schicksal so his theme also represents this.

Your theme fits better with the confused intellect of Jyotaro Amagi with some slight references to his official theme and the electronic sounds in the background really gives him presence and I like how that fades as the theme changes in the end before accentuating in intensity before coming to an end. The piano gives it a haunting theme all around, well done!

- Macha's Theme is a difficult one to match up to, the raw emotion that Chikayo Fukuda managed to include in her Phase 6 - Macha track is iconic to the series and where much of the weight of the scene comes from. G.U. accentuates this if you've played the original games you know that the one controlling Macha is who Elk became and that same sort of tragic tone is played throughout to an even greater effect I would argue.

Your theme would work best for a Macha disconnected from the player and characters, as it has a very similar theme to an ordinary phase song, which is unique in and of itself. It has the bells and a dark oppressive atmosphere while not quite as hypnotically rhythmic as a normal Phase song (which isn't necessarily a good thing in some cases for the phase songs) it is still as powerful of presenting an atmosphere.

- ...Does Atoli not actually have a theme in G.U.? I did a quick look after not pulling anything up from my own memory and I couldn't find anything, there's "Troublesome Girl" but that's not really Atoli's Theme as it is just a playful theme, I guess her theme's are tied into Haseo's own then, makes sense I suppose. Her Link theme is pretty close in theme to your own, not as melancholy, and perhaps a little too gentle, but it works. I'm still just surprised they didn't make any theme for Atoli in G.U. proper outside of her Epitaph theme.

In any event your Chigusa - Atoli theme is quite fantastic and I would say it has an official sound to it for the G.U. era, there's a good amount of Piano and the theme goes from quiet and cheerful to somber and containing more than a hint of sadness which fits Atoli's character perfectly. This is definitely one of the best as per matching a character's personality and making it sound almost official.

- Having heard a bit of Guilty Dragon's themes I'm not really sure what I'm in for here since the "Phantom" mention implies it's part of Guilty Dragon.

What a powerful theme, with slight hints back to Twin Prayer it is a fast paced, very battle oriented (as you'd expect) theme. Good work.

- Ovan's Truth. Hmm, without the original scoring I can't quite compare it. It didn't sound out of place though and sounded similar in tone to his Link theme.

- The official songs for the other Novel Lost Grounds (Al-Fadel, Library, Shining City, one other I can't recall...) are now on YouTube. I thought they were fantastic and a real shame they weren't put into any of the games. Chikayo Fukuda did an amazing job on what is technically "songs for hardcore fans"

Your version of Al-Fadel does invoke that feeling of enormous significance and the ominous male choral tones suits the location's sense of purpose and the use of the wind instruments invokes a mysterious vibe about the entire adventure.

- Ovan's battle themes in the original games... I don't even think are unique to him. I could be wrong maybe they don't really stand out?

The use of piano again suits the G.U. Era and the more mechanical sounds are close approximations of the same score used in Arena battles, The use of violin works well to display emotion and the understated electronic sounds that echo through the background give it a concentrated tension. Very well composed.

- Without the original I can't really say whether this works better or not. Again for what it's worth it definitely sounded like it fit well.

Well, I hope that's some helpful comments. So far I've really liked every piece in one way or another and I look forward to hearing what else you produce.

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Re: .Hacky Fan Music

Post by Tron » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:57 pm

I will respond to everything fully later, but for now:
Thank you. I don't get nearly enough of this kind of thoughts on my music (actually, do I ever?).
So thank you. Glad you enjoyed them in some way.

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Re: .Hacky Fan Music

Post by Xu Yuan » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:40 pm

I always found it a little strange that some characters had themes and other, just as important characters, didn't. In the original games this was dealt with in extra CD's (except for Wiseman, who is never given a theme. I guess maybe it can be extrapolated that Serpent of Lore would double for it?) G.U. though has a distinct lack of character themes, there are some which are very prominent like Ovan's, but then there's non-existent like the secondary main character Atoli. Then other characters like ?Negimaru? are given a theme of their own, as well as Matsu and Zelkova. Sure they both join the team, but they're not exactly that major in the grand scheme of things. Silabus also lacks a theme which is surprising considering he's your first party member.

A fair amount of inconsistency on their part.

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