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Official Discord Chatroom

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:10 pm
by Erroneous
Hello dothackers!

With Last Recode coming to America/Europe later this year as a gateway series for the upcoming .hack// titles, the fandom and community are coming out of the woodwork greatly, and new people are becoming interested.

In the past, here at dothackers we used to held many chatroom services such as IRC and later on Skype, basically whatever was commonly used for the current time period. This time is no different and Discord seems to be the most preferred platform.


What is Discord? It's like any other messenger service, a free to use text-based chat room with the option for voice chatting.


This image shows off what you'd expect to see once you've joined our chatroom. The far left shows the various "servers" you've joined. To the right of that shows the current server you are viewing and the various "channels" that are open for discussion. Some may require additional permissions set by the admin/mods of that server for you to see or be able to post in. The center is the meat and potatoes of the conversation based on what channel of discussion you clicked on. And the far right is the list of users who are currently online/offline in that server. When a server exceeds 100 users, the list of offline users disappears and the full list can be seen only by the server admin.

Why Discord? There are other various chatroom services out there, some popular some not. But Discord offers a lot of resources we need, and new resources being developed that we would want i.e. screen sharing for when Last Recode releases. Another important feature is that you can use Discord ANYWHERE from ANY device. Everything from your PC, Mac, tablet, iOS phone, Android phone, consoles, any web browser through installing the app or visiting the URL address from any web browser. We can host various chatroom's for various topics that anyone can click on and join in.


Currently, I've discovered and joined at least 7 different Discord servers related to .hack or a fan project related to .hack, and these communities are spread far and thin. Rather building another one to spread the fanbase even further, I've decided to make Discord to be official sponsored by Dothack Network's massive 330 members strong community. Later on Discord will be releasing "categories" to the channels, and when that happens I can create a haven exclusively for on Dothack Network's Discord. But until then the main channels will be your place discussion related to new/old series in the franchise and other topics of interests.

Invite link >

Thank you and enjoy!

Re: Official Discord Chatroom

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 9:28 am
by Erroneous
Join our Dothack Discord here

We talk about fan projects, we play .hack//Fragment on the new 24/7 lobby server, we obviously talk about dothack, collecting merch, sharing art, host a weekly trivia game, and much more!

If you don't know what Discord is, it is a chatroom program you can run in any web browser, or install on your PC, and a downloadable app on your phone. You can choose to register or login as a guest.

Join us! we are 2000+ members strong!