Guilty Dragon (Game Script Translation)

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Guilty Dragon (Game Script Translation)

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Guilty Dragon Script
Translated by Kazetrigger

Welcome to the English fan translation of the Guilty Dragon game. I'll post translations of game dialogue here to help people follow along with the game. However, if this game gets a North American release date, I will stop translating. Check back for updates:

Act 1

Chapter 1: Black PC
Area 1
Cocole: By the way, did you know?
Lately there have been rumors of a black player-character that's been hunting down other PCs.

Player: ...?

Navi-ko: I guess you don't know.
You're not very knowledgeable about this area, Master.

Area 2
Cocole: The character information of the PCs that were hunted down had even been removed!
How scary!

Navi-ko: What a dangerous world!

Area 3
Cocole: I wonder if he's deleted characters with bunny ears. Oh dear, the tension is mounting!

Navi-ko: Did you just say “oh dear”? ...Grandma.

Cocole: What was that, Navi-ko?

Navi-ko: Nothing.

Area 4
Navi-ko: Piece together all the scroll fragments, and you will acquire the equipment.

Area 5
Navi-ko: In order to obtain a scroll fragment...
Navi-ko: You must pick them up in quests,
Navi-ko: Or by taking them from players in duels.
Navi-ko: Those are at least two of the ways.

Area 6
Cocole: What could this legendary scroll be?
I think a staff would be nice.

Navi-ko: I don't think you need a weapon, Master!

Player: ?!

Cocole: You're surprisingly dull, aren't you?

Area 7
Cocole: Is your WP holding up?
You can't go any further if your WP expires.

Navi-ko: You recover 1 WP every 3 minutes.

Area 8
Navi-ko: If you want to immediately recover WP, you can restore them with a WP Pot.

Area 9
Cocole: Huh? Someone's there.

Mysterious Female PC: Well, hello there.

Cocole: Hello.

Mysterious Female PC: By the way you're dressed, I'd say you're a beginner in The World, right?

Cocole: I suppose I could say the same for you.

Mysterious Female PC: Oh really?
There are lots of adventures to go on, so please have fun playing the game, okay?

Area 10
Cocole: Sucellus Temple, so... far... away...

Player: ?!

Cocole: Something's strange about this...
The Black PC?!
He's attacking!

Black PC: Rooooaaaaaarrrrr...

Elemia: What is that guy?! An event character?!
I never heard about this!

Cocole: I'm going to help!

Area 11
Elemia: Thank you so much for helping.
How can I make it up to you?

Elemia: Huh? My right hand doesn't work?!

Cocole: There was a rumor, that the character data becomes corrupt when attacked by the Black PC... I thought it might be true for a minute.

Navi-ko: The recovery lake, Rill Lake, is north of here.
Why don't you try recovering there?

Cocole: Well, since I've come this far, I might as well keep going.
Is that alright?

You nod in agreement.

Elemia: I'm so grateful.
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