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Delta salty unruly ...

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:29 am
by mister
Well I'm shocked to see you here. I come here for the grunty food.

I usually come here for codes to my action replay version max but, since that doesn't seem to be to certain attention spans attention, I'm just here for the grunty food.

The grunty food. And nothing else. :?

Re: Delta salty unruly ...

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:35 pm
by Helbaworshipper
I apologize that we do not have codes for an action replay version max.

However, I do not know of how many members know of these codes. Perhaps you can look at a site you trust for these codes? I'm not certain where one would start looking for them.

Re: Delta salty unruly ...

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:03 am
by mister
I know a couple of people were around when g.u. Was at the peak of its popularity . From what I gather, there was a community of modders working together under the banner of like their main guy , MasterZed. They used this site along time ago and did things in dot hack that I couldn't know where to start trying to do. If only we could do some kind of modded content revival. All my codes are free to anyone that asks.

I want to clarify , I already have the codes posted on supercheats and neoseeker ; the codes on gamefaqs are the same. I even posses some modded equipment codes and three character mod codes from modder narcku on YouTube , as seen in the link :

Just to clarify again , the link only displays the three character mods and one modded weapon for haseo.The codes I have contain three modded doppelgänger weapons, a modded doppelgänger accessory , and modded doppelgänger armor. The three character mods are skin overlays for characters used in original gameplay . The first one turns third form haseo's color scheme white , the second turns shino into aina. The third one turns sakubo into Asta. The modded weapon haseo uses in the link is referred to as angered spikes, essentially a dual sword version of broad legged , as seen in the gu trilogy movie if I'm not mistaken . There's two pastebin links with the codes to get the doppelganger equipment (in Antares's inventory , basically you trade him for them) and the codes to mod that equipment and more, I'll post that along with the sources of all the codes I know to be available at this time. Whoever needs help clarifying what the codes do can just ask me.

The modded equipment mods are also done through method of substitution using the doppelgänger equipment as a base. You can get the codes to put the doppelgänger equipment in Antares's inventory slots from one of the pastebin links I'll post here.

Speaking of the character mods on neoseeker , gamefaqs , and supercheats ; some of them don't work properly. Specifically speaking of ovan , taihaku , Sirius , sakaki , sophora , hiragi and gabi all don't have battle animations. Just a warning. ... eplay/ps2/ ... faqs/47893 ... codes2.htm

[Please edit your post if you wish to post right after a post.]

Shino as a second party member:Y17C U3Y1 AUFGC 146Y 24UX 1ENHV

The two pastebin links are how you get Antares to have the doppelgänger equipment and the other one is how to change the doppelgänger equipment into the specially modded equipment . They also contain the skin overlays that I was talking about. Now some one can see what I'm missing in comparison to them and hopefully post what I haven't had access to.

Another important note before using these codes, I thought I might copy and paste a warning I gave to another user seeking codes. Here it is...

"Yes but I must warn you of the use of the character mod codes. They are very restricting as to what you can do in the story line while using them. I'm told from the advice of a fellow modder much more versed than I that the character mod codes are meant to be used post game.

Also pertaining to the spell casting characters , the skill trigger menu is disabled. If you try and change it the game will freeze. This is also the case when picking up key items such as symbol fragments.(as any modded character).

Another case of a freezing game would be when using a character that doesn't have a profile picture and going to the menu to check your status. Some characters even cause the game to freeze from opening the menu at all , specifically speaking of ovan.

Speaking of the menu , modded characters have two item menus. The first menu is haseo's inventory, these items are infinite and cannot be traded. The second item menu can only be accessed when switching back and forth party members in the items menu ; it consists of tradable items in the specific characters inventory and are finite. All the items you pick up go to the second menu .

Next your generally going to want to want to avoid changing a modded characters equipment . The game will freeze in most cases . Zelkova is a special case . If you have to change your characters equipment , do it as haseo in party equipment .

Your going to want to avoid saving as a modded character. If you have to ,save on a different memory card than your main haseo save. Too many modded characters on one save file can result in corrupted data after a while. Then you'll need to erase your memory data if you end up with total corruption ; after you wipe your probably going to be looking for somewhere to start, that's where your main save will be handy to load , even as a modded character , so keep them separate .

Lastly playing as a modded character and starting a new game will leave you without a lot of things so having a main save file to play off of as a modded character helps too. Also the max gp codes also give you max and infinite gp.

Before you start playing your going to want to change your skill trigger to the correct skills if your the battle type character . Your also going to want to acquire adequate healing items either as haseo before playing as a modded character or as the modded character itself. It's kinda cool to have healing tonics and elven drops from trading with zelkova . Then if you do it as haseo , you'll have infinite of them when you load your haseo save as a modded character."

My conclusion is this , similar to game shark , the master code is supposed to be put in first in order for any codes to work. If this is literally your first time using the armax I'm a good consultant , at least as far as gu vol 3 goes. If your well versed in using the armax for this game , you could give me your codes in return for this post I overclocked on.

Re: Delta salty unruly ...

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:51 pm
by Helbaworshipper
I understand as a member from the 2000's. However, the members mentioned haven't been seen in awhile. If you do want to revive the community, there may still be people here. Good luck and thank you for offering your codes.

Re: Delta salty unruly ...

Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:00 am
by mister
Does anyone know how I can make this post popular? There are literally no codes on the net besides what I've posted, so anything anyone else has would be great.