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Android/iOS/Other mobile Games

Post by AZURE-KITE » Thu May 16, 2013 8:04 pm

Recently I've been buying some games for my phone, they're really fun and well... they can even get to their PS3/Xbox360 Counterparts. What I'm playing now is Dead Space "I'm seeing sh*t... I'm seeing sh*t that's not real..."
It's cool and I might say: "I don't really need a PS3 nor an Xbox 360... I finally saw the true potential behind phones and tablets...
Now I say: do any of you play any games on your phone? If you do please say so and I might check them out! I might do reviews on games and record them so you all can see before playing/buying a game. Or even just to help yourselves(walkthroughs) as for now here's a short punctuation for dead space on android:

Graphics: 4,8★
Gameplay in general:4,2★
Genre: Action, shooters, suspense
Overall rating: 4,5★
I'm not a fan of shooting games but this is just awesome, really worth the while, could give you all more feedback but I'm lacking the brains now... Will edit eventually to bring you more games. Post your games and opinions! I'd like to see them too and also, if you have any cool games that I or the others should play go ahead and tell it! I'm open minded

Also playing:
Final fantasy III remake

Will play in a future:
Nova 3
Asphalt 7
Batman: The dark knight rises
The amazing spiderman

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