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"The World" petition

Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 3:56 pm
by Zeicule
Okay guys, i know fragment was a big disapointment to us US gamers. But in my opinion, always has and always will be, that fragment was just a beta test to see how people would react to an online .dot hack. I've been wondering for a long time if they're ever going to do an online .dot hack, so i was thinking about making this a petition thread. The whole game system should be based around the anime with macros and whatnot, but I honestly have a 100% geruntee that it would succeed. I mean every .dot hack fan with a PC reading this thread is gonna want it. It should have as much customization as EQ tho, because we dont want 10,000 balmungs walking around lol. Maybe if we post enough support for this, the developers might pay enough attention and pick up on this idea. I've seen many petitions on the net, but maybe if we started one on a site with as high of credentials as this one, they might actually listen and see how much money they could make off of this. IF they do this i'd b willing to bet that they could beat out WOW. I would quit every other MMO just to have a chance to play in mac anu as my blademaster. Well, everyone post ideas and supports here [/b]