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.hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:22 am
by thedudewhosadude
Hey there! I'm...absolutely stunned my account still exists from so long ago! I couldn't find my old avatar, and it looks like the vast majority of my posts were purged, but I'm good for that!

Anyway, I recently got a random itch to dig through my //ENEMY collection and found that with a couple of ebay purchases I could actually complete it! With that finally done after 15 years...I kinda want to make multiple complete sets. No idea why.

To that end, I've got some questions:

1 - We're like 120% sure 3P2 doesn't exist, yeah? I asked this on Reddit and a person confirmed it was skipped on accident but just seeking a second on that.
2 - What happened to make the Epidemic expansion so rare? Was it just a very limited print? That's the one set that's nearly impossible to find a booster box for. There's reliably a $5 single booster pack on Amazon with $4 shipping but...sheesh.
3 - Were there any "error" cards? I know there were some typographical errors, but I don't think they were fixed (like Corbenik being phase 5) in future prints (or were there only one print of each expansion?)
4 - In all of my cards, I have one Kite (1S110) that's not a foil. My understanding is the Starter cards were...well, exclusive to the starters, and as a result, always foil. Are there a number of non-foil starters, or where did this come from?
5 - Breakout didn't have any foils or Starter Decks...right?
6 - Recently I've seen "sample" cards for .hack//ENEMY pop up on ebay. I feel like I've seen them before, but I can't find much out about them. My guess is these might have been for trade shows or as pre-release cards? They have squared off corners instead of rounded, and the backs have just a flat red background stating "sample deck" on it. Any other information about these? Is it known how many cards make up the "sample deck...set" or what they are?
7 - Outside of the known collections (Contagion, Distortion, Epidemic, Isolation, Breakout, Tournament, Promo, GIFT) I only know of 3 cards - the tournament schedule card, the all-black "test" card, and the giant Helba 2.0 card (ID'd as 4M1). Are there any others?
8 - Speaking of the oversized Helba card, any ideas on how one would go about displaying that? I'd love to find a way to merge it into the binder with the other cards but it's just a beast!
9 - Any hidden gem sites I should know about? I'm aware of Hill's Wholesale Gaming, spielmixac on German eBay, and InMint (well, at least for a couple booster packs). I found what is most certainly a scam website claiming to have a buttload of //GIFT sets available and decided to give it a whirl with the credit card, so we'll see if my identity gets stolen or if I've found a gold mine for //GIFT (with the former most likely).
10 - If I were to get an even wilder hair and decide to make a graded set, any recommendations for what company to go with? Never done the grading process before but my understanding is it's a very expensive and pointless effort to try to make a perfect 10 set, of any cards.
11 - I bought some booster boxes off Amazon. They were still sealed and everything, but all of the packs were slightly bowed inwards - it's pretty noticeable to me. Any ideas on how to fix these cards?
12 - By any chance are you willing to part with any of your rares, xtra rares, promos, tournament, GIFT, or other (see 6 and 7) cards? I'd like to buy them off you! For //GIFT, if you've also got the deck box, divider, cards, and certificate of authenticity, all the better! PM me about it (mods, I'm hoping this is cool - if not, please let me know how I might go about this proper).

That should be about it! Any and all information you could give would be greatly appreciated!

Re: .hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:03 pm
by Sizzdaddy
1- Correct. They skipped it on accident. It doesn't exist.

2- I was able to purchase all my epidemic in complete sets through a website that's no longer active. So my guess would be that perhaps they sold complete sets to vendors and therefore did not create as much as they did with the other sets.

3- They did not reprint any cards to my knowledge other than Mia. The original cards that were available in Contagion and Distortion read that you could assign multiple monsters to fight Mia. However some players understanding of this rule abused the sole purpose of what it was supposed to be designed to do and they would continue to assign additional after additional monsters to fight her till she was fighting all the monsters. They fixed it with the epidemic printing where they changed her card to say that you could assign up to two monsters to fight her which was its intended purpose.

4- Unless you some how landed one that was designed for a sample deck then I would just say you got one that didn't get the foil treated to it. All Kites should be foil as far as I know.

5- Correct

6- I've seen postings of them but don't own any personally. So I don't know how many they actually made. My guess is that they were created for in house testing and vendors to try the game out before deciding to stock their shelves with the merchandise. I would assume they reached the public after the game production ended and decipher folded.

7- Not to my knowledge. Can't say I've seen the "black" card either.

8- Perhaps just use a regular notebook clear sleeve to display it in your binders?

9- There's another store with postings on eBay stationed out of Florida called comic consignment or something of that nature I believe. Sells lots of singles.

10- No idea about this at all. Sorry.

11- Books on top for a long time doesn't work anymore? Lol In all honesty I've never really had to work around this issue since I'm yet to run into it.

12- I do have cards but the ones I have I'm sure you already own by the sounds of it.

Re: .hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:01 pm
by thedudewhosadude
Awesome man, thanks for the thorough reply! I forgot all about the Mia brouhaha and what a mess that was!

I'll take a pic of the non-foil Kite when I get off work. I was gonna lose my crap if ENEMY pulled a FFTCG and have -every- card in foil and non-foil variety.

As for the black card, I often see this one paired with the tournament schedule card. It's got the proper back, but the front is just entirely black. No frame, no ID number,

As for the books...I just dug through 4 booster boxes, I don't have nearly enough books for that!

As for my collection, its complete, but I'm still putting together additional sets so I'm on the lookout for any extras others are happy to part with.

Re: .hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:53 pm
by Sizzdaddy
Here's what I have posted on a discord page. I also sell complete sets (4× copies) of common and uncommon for all sets excluding Epedemic.

Axe Bomber x2, Jester's Wand, Stormer Spear, Data Drain x2, Juk Wipe x2, Fire Witch x2, Halloween, Hammer Shark x2, Hell Hound, Mantis, Red Scissors x2, Black Rose, Enemy, Phantom Wing, Squilla Demon

Fire Helm x2, Fishskin x2, Great Elite, Holy Tree Mail, Fateful Encounter, Mere Memories, Death Crane, Grand Electric x2, Ironball Titan, Statue Menu or x2, Varias Gomora, Summon Goblin, Terror of Death, PVP, Armor Shogun, Lamia Hunter

Bear's Sword x6, Crim's Spear x2, Helba's Staff x5, Mimiru's Sword x4, Priest's Stole x6 Sora's Blades x6, Yeah Piros x4, Dark Lord x6, Flame Maiden x5, Flamer x2, Gob Machine x3, Long Lived x3, Lich x9, Lich Lord x7, Madam Niagara x5, Org Napylon x7, Star Viking x4, Wood Maiden x8, Chatting Snaring Twins x7, Cracked Worst Milestone x5, Soaring Sky Madness Compass x2, Tested Quicksilver Valkyrie x3 Turbulent Distrusting Ice Wall x8, Busted x6, End of The World x7, Escape Plan x8, Lookout x5, Breaking in, Virus Upload, Dawn Wanderer x2

Salu 2.0 x2, Kite's Bracelet x3, Phoenix's Fire x3, Spear Core MK3 x5, Subaru's Axe x2, Tsukasa's Wand x3, Astro King x2, Aurora Feather x2, Cubia Core D x5, Evil Horn, Gladiator Column x3, King Worm x2, Miasma Wyvern x5, Magatumkuro x3, Mugai Wyvern x3, Necrotic Eye, Nega Guardian x3, Neptune Medusa x4, Ochimusha Column x2, Pazuzu x4, Rainbow Tail x2, Skull Devilgon x2, Sled Dog King x3, Spin Figure x3, Kite 2.0

Promos and Level ups-
Ginkan, Mu Guardian x2, Gate Hacking x3 Other Servers x3, Kaochin x2, Angolmore x7

Re: .hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 6:25 am
by thedudewhosadude
Ooh that's fantastic! Thanks for the post! I'll message you with what I'm interested in currently - I need to catalogue all my cards right now and only really have the foils accurately counted for. I'll also see what I've got in terms of Epidemic Commons/Uncommons, if you're looking to finish up your sets.

So here's the "black card". It' Unfortunately the seller I got it from has them curled a bit, and it seems like you can see the marks of a roller or two on them. When I find them on eBay, they're usually paired with the Tournament Schedule Foil card.

And here's the normal starter Kite versus a non-foil one. The only difference I noticed is the non-foil Kite appears to have a different copyright date...but now seeing it on my computer at full-size, there's a Δ at the end of the copyright too :o And the descriptions are also slightly different! I am going to die if there's a whole other set of super-duper-EXTRA rare non-foil starter cards to collect


EDIT: Yep, here's the two Mia's to compare:


Re: .hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:55 am
by Waren
I am still trying to complete my ENEMY Colleciton.

I only need three more cards!

2X120 Marlo
3X93 Black Rose 2.0
5P1 Astro Prince

Can you guys help me, someone selling this cards, or does know where to get these?

Thank you

BTW I have sooooo much spare cards and I am willing to sell them for a cheap amount of money. I also want to help you to get yours cards.
I do not have a complete list of my spares, but if you need something, just contact me.

Re: .hack//ENEMY obsessed (Questions and offers!)

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:32 am
by SSJScygoku
Waren wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:55 am
2X120 Marlo
3X93 Black Rose 2.0
5P1 Astro Prince
Usually the Xtra rare cards pop up on ebay as does the Astro Prince promo cards,here is:
Marlo: ... SwH1FdddXr
Astro Prince: ... troprince/

You would need to keep checking ebay every so often to find Blackrose or if somebody here has a spare ^_^